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Gourmet / Alcohol Spots in Hokkaido Area

  • Sapporo Beer Garden
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Higashi-ku Kitashichijouhigashi 9-2-10
    Sapporo Beer Garden is a complex of restaurants located to the east of Sapporo Station. There are five restaurants full of individuality with different tastes and atmospheres on the site where a historic red brick building stands. Among them, Kessel Hall has an enormous beer brewing cauldron (kessel) made in 1912, and you can enjoy draught beer directly from the brewery and “Genghis Khan” cuisine in a large space like a beer hall. In the Garden Grill, there is a fully private room complete with an exclusive terrace where you can relax and enjoy the private space.
  • Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Chuou-ku Kitagojounishi 2 Sapporo Esta 10F
    Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku is a food theme park for Sapporo ramen located on the 10th floor of the “Esta” complex in front of JR Sapporo Station. In the retro atmosphere reminiscent of the Showa period where the roots of Sapporo ramen lie, you can taste ramen from eight carefully selected top ramen restaurants, mainly from the Sapporo area. The final battle for the seat of Ramen King is determined by customer voting, and Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku is also in the spotlight as the Hall of Fame for Hokkaido ramen.
  • Sapporo Kanihonke Sapporo Ekimae Branch (in front of Sapporo Sation)
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Chuou-ku Kitasanjounishi 2-1-18
    Sapporo Kanihonke Sapporo Ekimae Branch is five minutes’ walk from the south exit of JR Sapporo Station. It’s a popular restaurant where you can enjoy cuisine using crab sourced directly from the fishing grounds. It features a diverse menu, which includes the signature boiled king crab and ranges from hotpots such as Kanisuki which allows you to try red king crab and snow crab at the same time and Crab Kaiseki, which allows you to fully enjoy crab. There are various spaces from private rooms that can be used by even one or two people to a hall that can be used by up to 60.
  • Hakodate Hikari no Yatai Daimon Yokocho
    190 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Hakodateshi Matsukazechou 7
    Daimon Yokocho Hakodate Hikari no Yatai is an alley located in the Daimon district in front of Hakodate Station. It is lined with 26 restaurants where diverse cuisine can be enjoyed, including ramen stores, seafood restaurants, sushi shops, and bars. Regular events are also held such as Daimon Bar offering one drink and one meal for a set price of 500 yen during certain times, and it can be seen bustling with many people. It is also a spot where you can enjoy contact with the locals with the many regular customers not to mention the staff.

    We found this small restaurant that seats only 16 persons. We had excellent crab shabu-shabu and went back again the next night to try their other dishes. The best crab fried rice I've ever tasted...

    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Hakodateshi Otemachi 5-22 Meiji-kan style street
    HAKODATE BEER HALL is a restaurant combined with the brewery for Hakodate Beer, which is carefully brewed using the underground water of Mt. Hakodate. You can enjoy a menu that utilizes seafood and fresh local ingredients that go well with freshly brewed beer. There is also an outstanding atmosphere with two live performances on the stage inside the restaurant every evening. Additionally, there is bar seating so that you can even go on your own without feeling any hesitation. Good access with a seven-minutes’ walk from Hakodate Station is one of its attractions.
  • Kita-no-Aisukurimu Yasan ice cream parlor
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Otarushi Ironai 1-2-18
    Kita-no-Aisukurimu Yasan is an ice cream parlor housed in a stone warehouse close to the Otaru Canal. In addition to the popular fresh caramel, there are plenty of unusual selections that are unique to Hokkaido such as squid ink and sea urchin. With the refreshing 6% milk fat content, the delicious taste is very popular.
  • Sushiko
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Otarushi Ironai 2-2-6
    In the Otaru area, where there are many sushi restaurants, Sushiko is popular with a reputation for reasonable and delicious food. It is housed in a 90-year old storehouse that has plenty of character. Set meals range from 1,000–3700 yen, and it is also easy to enjoy Otaru sushi from 100 yen for one hand-rolled piece. On the first floor, there are table and bar seats while there is a raised tatami-floor seating area that can accommodate 16 people on the second floor. It is also reassuring that prices are clearly stated with no market prices.
  • Otaru Soko No. 1
    114 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Otarushi Minatomachi 5-4
    Otaru Soko No. 1 is a brewery and pub located along the Otaru Canal with an atmosphere like a German beer pub. You can enjoy authentic German beer brewed by a German brau engineer with cuisine using local ingredients. Brewery tours are also available any time. Every Thursday and Saturday is “nomihodai” (all you can drink) for 2,200 yen (includes tax) for three hours during business hours.

    If you can, I'd highly recommend going during the Oktoberfest at the end of September. I had gone once during a regular Saturday, and it was fine. But the atmosphere during the OKTOBERFEST is...

  • Graubünden
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Abutagunkucchanchou Yamada 132-26
    Graubünden is a sandwich and cake store close to Niseko HIRAFU Ski Area. Inside the café, which has a country ambience, you can enjoy an array of more than 30 kinds of sandwiches and large pieces of cake with plenty of fruit and cream. The Graubünden Sandwich (900 yen) consisting of scrambled egg, bacon and cheese in French bread has continuously been a much-loved menu item since the cafe opened. Take out is also available.
    7 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Chitoseshi Shikotsukonsen
    LOG BEAR is a coffee shop and bar located close to the shopping street on the banks of Lake Shikotsu. The interior of the log house shop which is filled with the warmth of wood overflows with sunshine and has the atmosphere of actually being in the forest. During the day, it serves in-house roasted coffee and tea while in the evening you can enjoy authentic Scotch whisky. Also, it has two bed rooms so you can stay there.

    1 of only 2 places that stayed open during winter so we stepped in for afternoon tea. The coffee and tea was not bad but there’s a limited food menu. However the place has plenty of character and the...

  • Taisetsu Ji Beer Microbrewery
    81 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Asahikawashi Miyashitadori 11-1604-1
    Taisetsu Ji Beer Microbrewery is a restaurant housed in red brick warehouses built in the Meiji and Taisho periods. You can taste beer from a region of heavy snowfall that uses underground water from the Mt. Taisetsu range in elegant buildings designated as Registered Cultural Properties. Several kinds of freshly brewed beer are available, including a fruity ale and a pilsner that goes down smoothly. In addition to wine and cocktails, the restaurant offers cuisine that ranges from single dishes to a “Genghis Khan” barbeque using Hokkaido ingredients including from Asahikawa.

    Solid beer. Tried all five. The best was the kurodake. Black mountain. S but stronger at eight percent, the malts of the black wheat sprouts made a nice sweet finish and solid head to the beer. The...

  • Kunen Kobo YAMADORI
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Furanoshi Asahimachi 4-14
    Kunen Kobo YAMADORI is a restaurant in Furano. You can enjoy cuisine made with Furano ingredients. The famous local delicacy Furano Omelette Curry is popular with young and old, men and women alike. It also sells sausages and bacon made by hand using fresh ingredients produced locally in Furano.
  • Kita no Ajigokoro Take-chan
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Wakkanaishi Chuou 2-8-7
    Kita no Ajigokoro Take-chan is a seafood restaurant which is a five-minute walk from Wakkanai Station. You can enjoy sushi, the seafood-bowl and local dishes which include the very fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan and Okhotsk. A popular menu item is the fried North Pacific giant octopus, which is a Wakkanai specialty, and the shabu-shabu. There is a full course menu which allows you to enjoy produce from the local mountains and ocean together and can be ordered for one person or more.
  • Yakiniku Abashiri Beer Kan
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Abashirishi Minaminijounishi 4-1-2
    You can enjoy Wagyu beef and local beer at Yakiniku Abashiri Beer Kan, which is located seven minutes' walk from Abashiri Station. The New York style table seating is on the first floor while the Japanese style sunken kotatsu (a low table over a hole in the floor) seating is on the second floor, and it is a luxurious location to have dinner next to the Abashiri River lit up by the street lights. You can enjoy Abashiri Wagyu beef, the best in Hokkaido, together with Ryu-hyo Draft, which is Okhotsk Blue low-malt beer made with water from Okhotsk drift ice, and Abashiri Premium Beer.
  • Traditional Ainu Food Cafe Poronno
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Kushiroshi Akanchouakankonsen 4-7-8
    Traditional Ainu Food Café Poronno, which offers Ainu food and handcrafted items, is located in the Ainu Kotan in Lake Akan onsen town. You can enjoy traditional Ainu food making full use of the abundant local mountain and ocean produce as well as original dishes made with a modern twist. Popular menu items include the Ainu traditional preserved food Pocche-imo, which uses potatoes, the Yukku Set, which is a set meal including a deer stew, and other original food.
  • Onsen Kobo Akan
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Kushiroshi Akanchouakankonsen 1-4-29
    Onsen Kobo Akan is a cafe combined with a hot spring footbath in the Marimo no Sato shopping street. Its signature dish is the carbonara named “Zaribonara,” which uses Lake Akan’s hidden specialty Uchida-Zarigani (crayfish). Marimo pudding is also a popular item for its round shape and firm texture.
  • Asahikawa Ramen Village
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Asahikawashi Nagayamajuichijou 4-119-48
    This theme park which has assembled together the finest ramen shops from within the city of Asahikawa is approximately 20 minutes by car from JR Asahikawa Station. Current member stores include the eight restaurants of Aoba, Ittetsu-an Matsuda, Ishida, Tenkin, Santoka, Saijo, Koubo Kato and Baikoken. There are even restaurants offering miniature sizes of ramen, so visitors can easily enjoy taste testing at several places. It is also popular among tourists as a unique photo spot with a giant ramen bowl featuring chopsticks holding noodles that appear to be floating in the air.
  • Kita no Yatai
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Obihiroshi Nishichijouminami 10-7 North stand
    This is an alleyway of unique yatai (food stands) created by volunteers in town who wanted to help further community development in Tokachi-Obihiro. Located in the very center of town which is a five-minute walk from JR Obihiro Station, there are now nearly 20 shops offering food such as yakitori, Japanese food, and Italian cuisine. The volunteers have excelled about taking measures to deal with winter chill, and have given consideration to comfortable use of the venue throughout the year.
  • Michel Bras Toya Japon
    94 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Abuta-gun Toyakocho Shimizu 336
    This French restaurant is located on the 11th floor of the Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa, a high class resort hotel which famously served as the venue for the Hokkaido-Toyako G8 Summit in 2008. The restaurant was opened here in Toya as the first branch restaurant in the world to carry on the cuisine philosophy of Michel Bras, a master chef whose cooking is inspired by nature. Using tens of varieties of vegetables and herbs, Bras' vegetable-focused cuisine is made with exquisite attention to detail, from coloring, fragrance, and flavor, to dynamic presentation. The restaurant's cuisine has been dubbed pure bliss, and every effort has been put into it to aid guests in enjoying a stay of the finest quality.

    An absolutely amazing place to enjoy a fine meal. 2 Michelin Stars, and it lives up to that rating as a destination restaurant all onto itself - I would (and will) return here just to eat here again...

  • Restaurant Escale
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Akkeshi-gun Akkeshicho Suminoe 2-2
    This restaurant is part of Akkeshi Flavor Terminal Conchiglie, a roadside station on a hill north of Akkeshi Station. They serve a wide variety of Japanese and western dishes and from the second floor they have a great view of Akkeshi. It's famous as a place to enjoy fresh Akkeshi seafood including raw oysters. They also serve seasonal dishes like hair crab, Okhotsk Hokke Mackerel, and goosefish hotpot to emphasize the flavors of Akkeshi year-round.

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Not just a prefecture but an island of its own, Hokkaido is the most northerly prefecture and island of the Japanese archipelago. Arriving in Hokkaido, which is rural and bursting with breathtaking nature, means entering a world where vast national parks, towering mountains, and natural hot springs can be found at every turn. Come December, these natural splendors freeze over and morph into a winter wonderland.

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