Style / Fashion Spots in Hokkaido Area

  • Mingei Ezorisu
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Kushiro-shi Akancho Akankonsen 4-3-22
    This folk craft shop is in the Koun no Mori shopping street, about a ten-minute walk from the Akanko Onsen Bus Center. The natural log shop interior is packed with over 3,000 pieces of craft art on sale. They have wood carvings and crafts, Ainu patterned accessories, original folk art, and all sorts of things overflowing with the warmth of natural wood. It's almost like taking a walk through the woods! It's a great place to drop by and browse for the perfect souvenir after you relax at Akanko Onsen.
  • Otome no Kimono
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Hokkaido Otaru-shi Inaho 2-16-6
    This kimono rental shop is located five minutes' walk from Otaru Station. Customers can change into the beautiful kimonos in just 15 minutes. The shop is characteristic in that it features a wide range of clothing, including kimonos designed for walking around in, full dress kimonos, graduation kimonos and hakama, as well as long-sleeved kimonos and ninja costumes. There is a large selection of kimonos for men and children, as well, so customers can take a commemorative photo to remember their sightseeing visit to Otaru by. Reservations must be made in advance to use the kimono rental service.
  • Hands on Toy's Kinderlieb
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Otaru-shi Sumiyoshicho 4-4
    This European toy store is located just beside Marchen Intersection, which is always bustling with tourists. Inside the stone warehouse, customers can feel the history of Otaru and browse or buy toys that are appropriate for children from age 0. The store was named with the wish that children would decide which ones they wanted after playing with the toys, and this wish is realized by the play space on the second floor. Customers can play with toys made by famous brands such as BorneLund, NAEF and HABA free of charge for 30 minutes. There are also hammocks, a baby feeding area and a cafe available in the store.
  • RUSTIC Kihika
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Kamikawa-gun Bieicho Midori
    This craft store is located in the hill town of Biei. The store, surrounded by majestic views of the hills, sells handmade woven products produced in its own workshop. The store's most popular product, Kigi no Oka, uses several types of uncolored wood in a patchwork style to recreate the beautiful hills of Biei. Its main feature is that although the scenery in each piece looks the same, the colors of each individual artwork are all slightly different. Various other wooden creations are sold here, from small toys to large chairs, all of which incorporate the natural warmth of the materials they are made with.
  • Slope
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Kamikawa-gun Bieicho Asahi Dai7
    This interior shop is located in the beautiful hills of Biei, surrounded by fields and trees. It produces and sells original furniture that incorporates the natural warmth of natural wood. In addition to furniture such as stools and tables, the shop also accepts requests to make unique order-made kitchens and fittings. All of the furniture made by this shop is built to last, comfortably combining Japanese and Western styles. There are also many accessories for sale, such as vases, plaques, trays and fan stands.
  • Glass Forest in Furano
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Furano Rokugo Shigaichi 3
    "This glass exhibition and sales facility is in Furano City, Hokkaido. Apart from displaying and selling glass art, visitors can try their hand at making glass works. The ""Shibare glass"", created on the image of diamond dust, can only be purchased here. The shop also sells cookware such as tableware, soy sauce jugs, as well as a wide variety of items such as small interior goods in the shape of animals and vegetables, and accessories. Visitors can also experience making their own one of a kind item such as glass beads, sun catchers, and also enjoy glass blowing."
  • Handmade Bag Specialist Store Mizubasho
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Otarushi Sakaimachi 2-15
    Located 15 minutes walk from Otaru Station and adjacent to the Otaru City Historical Museum is Mizubasho, specializing in handmade bags. All the bags are made in workshops in Hokkaido. The handmade bag store stocks the Itagaki (saddle type bags and other leather accessories) series of bags typical of Hokkaido, original deer hide products, and leather mascots amongst other things. Also popular are smart phone cases which the store can make to suit any size. Bags made from stretchy and strong deer hide are perfect as a gift for oneself, or as a souvenir.
  • Otaru Roman Kan
    27 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Otarushi Sakaimachi 1-25
    This shop sells accessories and other items from the building which was built in 1908 and used as a bank. The atmosphere inside the shop has a retro feel to it with antique furniture about the place and the shop is packed full of natural stone accessories and other pretty little items made of glass. The shop sells Christmas items all year round such as little snowmen styled goods, and there are a lot of items which would make nice souvenirs from Otaru. There is also a nice little cafe perfect for taking a break from your sightseeing. The nearest station is Otaru Station.

    This is a popular accessory shop in a former bank. The building built in 1906 housed the Otaru branch of the 113th National Bank, the first bank based in Hokkaido headquartered in Hakodate. The 113th...

  • Itagaki Bags Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo Store
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Chuou-ku Kitagojounishi 7 Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo 1F within shopping arcade
    Itagaki is a leather goods store located in the shopping arcade of the Keio Plaza Hotel, Sapporo City, where visitors can purchase high-quality leather goods made by hand by skilled craftspeople. Itagaki’s vegetable-tanned leather bags and accessories are hard-wearing and long-lasting, with their own unique character, and have acquired a reputation as items that people become very fond of and continue to use for many years. With a comprehensive range of products that includes everything from ladies’ bags and briefcases through to wallets and business card holders, Itagaki products make great presents. The nearest station to the Itagaki Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo Store is Sapporo Station.
  • Ponshon Ningyo-kan
    2 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Kushiroshi Akanchouakankonsen 4-3-26
    The Ponshon Ningyo-kan sells Onedari Fox Dolls, which received the Minster of Transport’s Award (the highest award in the folk arts section of the Japan Federation of Gifts & Souvenirs Awards). Onedari Fox Dolls are cute wooden dolls in the shape of a Hokkaido Red Fox that can be positioned in a variety of different poses: standing up on their hind legs, lying down, or several dolls put together.

    We fell in love with this shop and the wood work. It’s original and so cute. Kind of the only shop not selling the same stuff as every other shop in this town.

  • Hokkaido craft shop Nanakamado
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Chuou-ku Minamisanjounishi 4
    This is a handmade bag specialty shop in Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade in the center of Sapporo. The store sells “Itagaki”, the representative leather craft of Hokkaido, and also deals in original deer leather products. Deer leather is light and soft and is characterized by its suppleness which is perfect for bags and wallets. On the first floor is the souvenir shop “Kobushiya”.
  • Otaru Taishou Glass Palace Tonbodamakan
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Otarushi Ironai 1-1-6
    One of the galleries located in the Otaru Taishou Glass Palace, a historic renovated warehouse. The gallery displays and sells tonbodama glass beads hand-crafted by glasswork artisans. In the second floor studio, you can try making your own glass beads and other glasswork crafts. Tonbodamakan offers a variety of glass crafting experiences, including glass blowing; glass hotworking, in which glass is heated to near-melting and shaped; and glass coldworking, in which cold glass is cut and shaved away to create a design.
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Otarushi Ironai 2-1-19
    Located 10 minutes on foot from JR Otaru Station, this studio sells glass and leather goods and offers hands on workshops in glass and leather work. At their shop, you can buy unique, quality leather goods, glass work, vases, and more at outlet prices. They offer three hands-on classes: making leather accessories, glass blowing, and glass frosting. Glass frosting involves using a sandblaster to frost the glass and make drawings. If you're artistically inclined, you can use a design of your own creation, and for those who prefer, they provide a pre-made drawing. In their leather work class, you can choose from leather varieties unique to Hokkaido like native shika deer.
  • Fragrance studio Phyton
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Otarushi Sakaimachi 4-3
    This shop in Otaru City produces original perfume and handmade aromatic candles. A gorgeous scent is drifts through the cozy retro-style shop from the candles and rows of perfumes like musk. They recommend their Scented Cube which lets you mix your favorite scents. Their faintly sweet Peach Green perfume is popular for promoting relaxation. They also make original perfumes to match their customers. The shop is always crowded with young couples and women shoppers.
  • G4 Space
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Hakodateshi Matsukazechou 6-18
    An official facility dedicated to Glay, a rock band from Hakodate, which was created out of a desire to make a space where fans would be free to drop by and enjoy themselves. Located inside the men's fashion select apparel shop Sodapop, stage clothing and instruments used by the band, nostalgic goods, and precious items from when the band first formed are on display, and visitors can enjoy watching videos of the band's live performances on a big screen. You can also purchase official merchandise here such as white Zura character goods only sold here.
  • Otaru Irodoriya
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Otarushi Sakaimachi 1-18
    Variety glass store in Otaru City that sells hand-made tomboy-dama glass beads and other colorful glass items. If you reserve in advance you can have hands on experiences with gel candles, glass engraving, and more. This classic Japanese shop was built in 1907 but has a modern grace about it.
  • OZIO Main Store
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Hakodate-shi Motomachi 29-14
  • Itagaki Akabira Main Store
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Akabira-shi Horokacho 113
  • UNIQLO Hakodate Showa Town Plaza
    Style / Fashion
    Hokkaido Hakodate-shi Showa 1-chome 29-6
  • SHIRO Sunagawa Main Store
    13 Reviews
    Hokkaido Sunagawa-shi Nishi 1 Jominami 5-1-4

    2年ぶりの訪問! いつも通り混んでおりました。駐車場も空いてなく…運良くすぐにあき、止めることが出来ました。 2階も混んでいて順番待ちでした! 買い物をしてテイクアウトで飲み物を買って帰りました!また行きます!

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Not just a prefecture but an island of its own, Hokkaido is the most northerly prefecture and island of the Japanese archipelago. Arriving in Hokkaido, which is rural and bursting with breathtaking nature, means entering a world where vast national parks, towering mountains, and natural hot springs can be found at every turn. Come December, these natural splendors freeze over and morph into a winter wonderland.

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