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Style / Fashion Spots in Okayama Area

  • BAISTONE (Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter Branch)
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Pref. Kurashikishi Honmachi 11-33
    Directly managed by Hampu (Canvas) producer, this “Kurashiki Hampu” (Kurashiki canvas) showroom is located in the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter of Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. The store space was renovated from an old residence and contains several items belonging to the “Kurashiki Hampu” brand, which was born in Kurashiki City, the location that produces about 70% of all domestic canvas. It is known for its excellent durability and breathability, and the bags and accessories grow on you the more you use them, making them popular as trip mementos or souvenirs for someone special. The shop offers semi-custom-made tote bags that allow you to choose from four shapes and 12 colors.
  • Life-Cups-Towels Gocha
    1 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Pref. Kurashikishi Honmachi 1-30
    Opened in 2010, Gocha is a café&shop where you can partake of some delicious tea, and purchase tea, hand towels, or tea cups. There is a rich selection of hand towels, from cute ones to orthodox-yet-elegant ones—enough options for anyone. It’s a great place to enjoy some green tea and relax after a fun day of shopping.


  • womb brocante
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Pref. Kurashikishi Kojimajino 1-10-19
  • Ushimado Olive Shop
    13 Reviews
    Okayama Pref. Setouchishi Ushimadochoushimado 412-1
    "This olive shop is located approximately a 20-minute drive from Oku Station on the JR Ako Line. The directly operated store of Ushimado Olive Garden, they offer various olive products such as edible olive oil and cosmetics with the theme of ""living with olives."" ""Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ushimado"" is their limited time only product sold from December to around March. Their ShikOlive Medicinal Skin Cream printed with a photograph of Ushimado Olive Garden is a cream popular for its smooth feeling and is a good item to commemorate coming to the garden."


  • Aoyama Clothing Tsuyama Innosho
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Tsuyama-shi Innosho 1001-banchi 6
  • Aoyama Clothing Soja
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Soja-shi Soja 3-chome 1-ban 46-go
  • Aoyama Clothing Shinkurashiki Tamashima
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Kurashiki-shi Shinkurashiki Ekimae 3-chome 8-banchi
  • Aoyama Clothing Okayama Daianji
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Okayama-shi Kita-ku Daianji Minamimachi 1-chome 1-ban 59-go
  • Aoyama Clothing Kurashiki Oki
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Kurashiki-shi Okishinmachi 61-banchi no 4
  • Aoyama Clothing Okayama Hirashima
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Okayama-shi Higashi-ku Higashihirajima 98-banchi no 1
  • Aoyama Clothing Kurashiki Head office
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Kurashiki-shi Bakurocho 403-ban 1
  • Aoyama Clothing Okayama Aoe Nishi
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Okayama-shi Minami-ku Shinbo 412-banchi
  • Aoyama Clothing Okayama Aoe
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Okayama-shi Kita-ku Aoe 1-chome 24-ban 10-go
  • Aoyama Clothing Higashi-okayama
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Okayama-shi Naka-ku Koshita 155-ban 1
  • Aoyama Clothing Tsuyama Interchange
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Tsuyama-shi Kawanabe 906-ban 8
  • CALAJA Kurashiki Oki
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Kurashiki-shi Oki 277-banchi no 2
  • Kimono Ka Na Mitsu
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Okayama-shi Kita-ku Daikuomotemachi 3-24
  • cutspaceHealing
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Kurashiki-shi Yoshioka 268-1
  • mens Datumo beard datumo Okayama danseisenmon blanc homme
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Pref. Okayamashi Kita-ku Saiwaichou 8-25 Okayama Excel Building 5F
  • Sanbeaute
    Style / Fashion
    Okayama Okayama-shi Kita-ku Nakasendo 2-33-25

Okayama Main Areas


Overshadowed by Hiroshima to the west and the Kansai region to the east, Okayama is an easy spot to miss but a nature-rich gem where the Seto Inland Sea laps at its toes and peach and grape farms complete its interior. One of Japan’s Three Great Gardens, Koraku-en in Okayama city is well worth a visit before progressing to Kurashiki, where preserved wooden Edo buildings line the picturesque canal.

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