Style / Fashion Spots in Miyagi Area

  • Pheasant Sendai Store
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Shibata-gun Kawasakimachi Kawauchi Nanamagari Yama 176-9
    This leather goods dealer is located in Nanamagariyama, Kawauchi, Kawasaki Town, Shibata County. It sells leather products made by hand with domestic high-grade real leather at the attached factory. The shop even accepts orders for bespoke and customized products. The shop also offers leatherworking experiences from Friday to Sunday in which participants can make leather items such as coin purses (reservation required).
  • Rokou
    4 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Pref. Sendaishi Aoba-ku Ichibanchou 4-5-18 In the east market
    This scent specialist is about three minutes’ walk from Sendai Mitsukoshi department store They offer various kinds of incense, such as Sendai Shikiko, a popular souvenir, themed with four seasons of the city, as well as other seasonal incense.

    仙台へ遊びに行くと必ず寄らせて頂いてます。 店内に入った瞬間から香りの渦に包まれて多幸感に満たされます。 美人店主の控え目な接客もあり、ゆっくり選ばせて頂いております、勿論質問には完璧にお応えいただいてもらってます。 最高の仙台土産を是非

  • 3DAYS
    3 Reviews
    Miyagi Pref. Sendaishi Aoba-ku Honchou 2-9-171F
    “3DAYS” is the only agent in Japan dealing in the silver jewelry brand representing California “EXEX” and is a shop full of fun sundries such as original items and bags as well as interior and antique items. The shop also accepts catalog orders for other than over-the-counter products, and can also offer advice for gifts and interior consultation. It is a four minute walk from the Hirose-dori Station on the Namboku subway line.


  • ABC-MART (ABC Mart) S-PAL Sendai
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Sendai-shi Aoba-ku Chuo 1-1-1S- PAL Sendai Higashidate 4F
  • LoFt SENDAI ( Sendai LOFT )
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Sendai Aoba Chuo 1
  • Jullia Olger AEON MALL Natori
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Natori-shi Morisekinoshita 5-3-1 AEON MALL Natori 1F
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Sendai-shi Izumi-ku Kuromatsu 1-9-4
  • WORKMAN Hasamacho
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Tome-shi Hasamacho Sanuma Eai 1-chome 9-8
  • WORKMAN Plus Sendai Tomizawa
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Sendai-shi Taihaku-ku Tomizawa 65
  • WORKMANPlus Iwanuma
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Iwanuma-shi Sakura 3-chome 12-ban 27-go
  • WORKMAN Sendai Tomiya
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Tomiya-shi Takanomori 2-chome 1-ban 3-go
  • WORKMAN Plus Shiogama
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Shiogama Funairi 1-chome 6-ban 9-go
  • WORKMAN Natori Tako
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Natori-shi Tako Hara 270-1
  • WORKMAN Shiroishi
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Shiroishi-shi Fukuokafukaya Jizodo 53-1
  • WORKMAN Ogawara
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Shibata-gun Ogawaramachi Shinhigashi 25-27
  • WORKMAN Ishinomaki Hebita
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Ishinomaki-shi Hebita Shimo Nakazone 37-7
  • WORKMANPlus Kesennuma Shishiori
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Kesennuma-shi Nakaminatocho 10-5
  • WORKMAN Kesennuma
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Kesennuma-shi Nagaisomaebayashi 52-3
  • WORKMANPlus Minamisendai
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Sendai-shi Taihaku-ku Higashi-nakada 2-chome 2-20
  • WORKMANPlus Sendai Nishi Taga
    Style / Fashion
    Miyagi Sendai-shi Taihaku-ku Nishi Taga 4-10-5

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Lying along the northeastern coast of Japan, Miyagi prefecture is home to lashings of natural parks, oysters, and hot springs. While the bustling city of Sendai offers some simple city entertainment, it’s the Matsushima islands that deserve the most attention, having boosted the prefecture’s reputation as one of Japan’s most scenic views.

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