Style / Fashion Spots in Tottori Area

  • Tamayura (Mizuki Shigeru Road Shop)
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Sakaiminato-shi Honmachi 19 Mizuki Shigeru Road
    A store specializing in energy stones on the Mizuki Shigeru Road, which stretches 800 meters from Sakaiminato station. The road is a leading tourist spot in the city, and the store is in a renovated traditional Japanese kominka house with a settled ambiance. This shop has a variety of eye agate stones considered to be powerful talismans for inviting good luck and repelling misfortune. They also sell stone accessories made with the Izumo-style magatama curved beads used for certain imperial ceremonies. They are only the also shop to sell Kitaro charms, a unique Sakaiminato item that makes the perfect souvenir for your Tottori trip. The shop is popular with tourists of various ages.
  • Mujara
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Pref. Sakaiminatoshi Taishoumachi 62-1
    Mujara is a souvenir store located on the Mizuki Shigeru Road tourist attraction. In the old private house-style store, visitors will find a whole range of ghostly goods such as mugs, amulets, and key holders inspired by Mizuki Shigeru’s manga series, GeGeGe no Kitaro. The shop has an area popular with customers where they can create original souvenirs including Kitaro picture drawings and ghost cans. The ghost cans packed with various things with a picture printed on the outside is popular with customers as a souvenir. Mujara also sells official ema (wooden plaques on which people write their prayers and wishes) for the Youkai Shrine (ghost shrine) next door. The nearest station is Sakaiminato Station.
  • Yokai Gamaguchi
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Sakaiminato-shi Matsugae Cho 14
  • Yokai Shop Ge Ge Ge
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Sakaiminato-shi Taishomachi 67
  • Kitaro no Sato Watanabe
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Sakaiminato-shi Matsugae Cho 61
    "This shop, located a 10-minute walk from JR Sakaiminato Station, primarily sells products personally made by hand by the owner. The shop is filled with high quality accessories and ornaments, including denim pouches adorned with handmade appliques; an abundant variety of netsuke sash toggles featuring Kitaro, Nezumi-Otoko, Medama-Oyaji, and other characters from Shigeru Mitsuki's hit ""GeGeGe no Kitaro;"" surfing Kitaro T-shirts; yokai monster cellphone straps; Nurikabe bags, and more. The unique, handmade textures and candy-like colors make the shop's products a delight just to look at. The shop's madeleines, branded with an image of Kitaro, are its most popular product."
  • Ichigatsu to Rokugatsu
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Sakaiminato-shi Hinodecho 48
    This cafe and gallery shop is situated along a street off of Mizuki Shigeru Road. Identifiable by its white and blue exterior, the shop carries implements and clothing to make your day more comfortable, and picture books and independent publications regarding everyday life topics. All of the shop's items and books about travel, food, and other lifestyle topics were personally chosen by the husband and wife owners, who boast a spectacular sense of style. You can also relax and enjoy a book you bought on the first floor in the second floor cafe area. The cafe's popular Itadaki is a rice dish also called nonoko meshi which is one of the Yumigahama area's most well-known local cuisines. The Itadaki no Ohiru Gohan combo comes with soup and Ebisu-cha tea and is the perfect thing to enjoy while taking a break from walking around Sakaiminato.
  • GU Yonago Yonehara
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Yonago-shi Yonehara 6-chome 7-12
    Tottori Yonago-shi Odanicho 28
  • DokiDoki Yonago
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Yonago-shi Yonehara 5-409-1
  • WORKMAN Tottori Yasunaga
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Tottori-shi Yasunaga 202-banchi 1
  • WORKMAN Plus Tottori Kumoyama
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Tottori-shi Kumoyama 208-7
  • WORKMAN # WORKMAN Joshi Tottori Furumi
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Tottori-shi Furumi 576
  • WORKMAN Kurayoshi
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Kurayoshi-shi Seidanicho 2-chome 88-banchi
  • WORKMAN Yonago Nihongi
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Yonago-shi Nihongi 1084-banchi 4
  • WORKMANPlus Yonago Ryomitsuyanagi
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Yonago-shi Ryomitsuyanagi 874-banchi
  • ABC-MART AEON MALL Tottori-kita
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Tottori-shi Okute 3482F
  • ABC-MART Trinity Mall
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Tottori-shi Minami Kuma 519 Trinity-Mall A Zone
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Saihaku-gun Hiezuson Hiezu 1319-1 AEON MALL Hiezu Nishi 1F
  • Shimamura Tohaku
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Tohaku-gun Kotouracho
  • Shimamura Tottori
    Style / Fashion
    Tottori Tottori-shi

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Tottori prefecture is Japanese seasonal diversity at its best: Huge sand dunes cover the north coast, making for the perfect summer beach trip complete with the unexpected addition of camels; November brings the delectable snow crab, while winter around Mount Daisen, the Chugoku region’s highest mountain, promises snow sports and magical views.

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