Style / Fashion Spots in Gunma Area

  • Oyado Tamaki
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Pref. Shibukawashi Ikahomachikaho 87-2
    This is an aesthetic salon in Ikaho Onsen in Oyado Tamaki, located about 15 minutes by taxi from JR Shibukawa Station in Gunma Prefecture. It is developing aesthetic for guests that combine the comfort of treatment by Western science and procedures, and the ideology rooted in the Orient spirit. The course has a wide range of massages such as facials, body care, whole body stress care and lymphatic massages. There is also a plan with an aesthetic course and accommodation, as well as a day plan.
  • Dekobokodou Kusatsu
    1 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Pref. Agatsumagunkusatsumachi Kusatsu Spring water 497-1
    This accessory shop is located approximately three minutes' walk from the entrance of a retro alley in Yubatake, also known as the symbol of Kusatsu Hot Springs. The store is decorated with antique furniture from Europe and filled with items from simple natural stone bracelets to miscellaneous goods and other accessories. There is also a free service which allows customers to discover their birthstones, according to their date of birth, star sign and Chinese Zodiac and the staff will give customers detailed explanations. The birthstones are popular souvenirs to take home or to give as presents.

    ・草津温泉の湯畑から西の河原公園に向かう道すがらにあるアクセサリーショップ。天然石やアクセサリーが所狭しとずらり並んでいます。株式会社タンザワという会社さんが運営されているようで、全国的に観光地に店舗を展開しているようでした。旅の思い出にアクセサリーを購入したり、お土産を購入したりできる店舗さんですね。 ・今回、店内をうろうろさせていただいて特に面白かったのは、指につけると色が変わる指輪。この色...

  • Kinu Koubou (Tomioka Silk Mill store)
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Pref. Tomiokashi Tomioka 34-1
    A silk shop and studio notable for its purple banner out front standing before the front gate to the Tomioka Silk Mill World Heritage Site. Selling silk stoles and silk cosmetics, the shop is easy to drop by after visiting the Tomioka Silk Mill. The shop’s most popular product is its Tomioka Silk Soap. Demonstrations are provided at the front of the shop so visitors can experience the cream foam the soap produces. Kinu Koubou also provides short classes on silk weaving using tabletop weaving loams; anyone age six and above can join a class. Make your very own silk coaster and a memory that will last a lifetime.
  • Yamagataya Souvenir Shop Manekiya Honpo
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Agatsuma-gun Kusatsumachi Kusatsu 393
    A shop specializing in Maneki-neko beckoning cats located along Sai-no-Kawara-dori Street in the Kusatsu Onsen Hot Spring Town in Kusatsu, Kusatsu Town, Agatsuma County. They sell a wide variety of beckoning cats including their Shiawase Koi koi Yattekoi (Happy Hey, Hey, Come Here) Cat which has many different styles of cats; such as spotted, black, striped, and others, as well as their Authors Series. They also sell other cat themed merchandise.
  • Mori no Lamp
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Agatsuma-gun Tsumagoimura
    A shop selling a variety of goods in Oninosensui, Kanbara, Tsumagoi Village, Agatsuma County. They sell handmade wooden items such as birdhouses, bird feeders, and nameplates for dog houses, alongside dog toys and leashes, gardening supplies, and healing goods such as incense.
  • Tomioka Silk Shop Kinu no Heroin
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Tomioka-shi Tomioka 1031-3
    Located along Shiomachi Street in Tomioka City, Tomioka City, this silk specialty store sells silk products centering on Tomioka silk, a local specialty, and offers a variety of brushes and cosmetics made from silk, such as "Amano no Bihada Brush," a facial brush made in collaboration with Kumano Brush, and "Amano no Kenju," a soap containing pure domestic silk. The shop is also close to the Tomioka Silk Mill and sells confectionery and goods featuring Gunma-chan, Gunma's local character, making it an easy place to visit during sightseeing.
  • Iriyama
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Tomioka-shi Tomioka 1040
    A clothing store located along Miyamotocho-dori Street in Tomioka, Tomioka City. This long-standing store has been beloved by locals for over 100 years since its founding in 1901. With a focus on everyday wear they offer a wide variety of clothing including underclothes, socks, athletic supporters, waistcloths, trousers, and more.
  • UNIQLO Maebashi Minami Interchange
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Maebashi-shi Kamesatomachi 2008
  • Kyoto
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Ota-shi Iidacho 624
  • Nishio
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Maebashi-shi Hiyoshicho 3-1-15
  • WORKMAN Isesaki Showa
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Isesaki-shi Miyamaecho 66-banchi
  • WORKMAN Isesaki Sanno
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Isesaki-shi Imaicho
  • WORKMAN Isesaki Bypass
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Isesaki-shi Miyakomachi 3424-1
  • WORKMAN Maebashi Nishikatakai
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Maebashi-shi Nishikatakaimachi 5-chome 24-banchi 12
  • WORKMAN Mae Bridge Sadori
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Maebashi-shi Kamisadorimachi 500-3
  • WORKMAN # WORKMAN Joshi Maebashi Minami Mall
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Maebashi-shi Niibori Machi 1046
  • WORKMAN Maebashi Ogo
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Maebashi-shi Higoshimachi 904
  • WORKMAN Takasaki Takazeki
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Takasaki-shi Takazekimachi Kita Oki 363-1
  • WORKMAN Takasaki Sugaya
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Takasaki-shi Sugayamachi 20-310
  • WORKMAN Annaka
    Style / Fashion
    Gunma Annaka Ichihara-shi 3-chome 5-ban 7-go

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Gunma prefecture is synonymous with onsen. Natural hot spring water sources throughout the prefecture have given rise to a series of small onsen towns, each set among luscious mountains. At Kusatsu, Ikaho, and Minakami, traditional indoor and outdoor bathing experiences are served hand in hand with irresistible onsen-themed food, including steam-cooked eggs and custard pudding.

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