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Style / Fashion Spots in Nagasaki Area

  • Glass Road (glass load) 1571
    7 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Pref. Nagasakishi Minamiyamatemachi 2-11

    グラバー園に登っていく坂道の右側にあります。ワイングラスや切り子製品などや”ぽっぺん”(ぽっペンと音がなるガラスのおもちゃ)、ステンドグラスなどいろいろなガラス製品を置いてあります。店内は結構広く眺めて回るだけでも楽しめます。 私は、オランダ人の絵の入った冷酒グラスを買いました。お土産を求めるにはおすすめのショップです。

  • C.T.C China Trading Company
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Pref. Nagasakishi Shinchimachi 10-14
    A Chinese knickknack shop located in the Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown in Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture. The shop is overflowing with unique and colorful items. Purchased directly by the proprietor, shoppers can find a wide variety of Chinese goods here, including panda-themed items, tea utensils, tea leaves, dolls, and showy lanterns. The shop’s Chinese teas, made with flowers that “blossom” in hot water, are particularly popular. The shop also sells China dresses. This popular souvenir destination is visited by large numbers of tourists and students on school trips.
  • Nakanoya Hataten (Flag Shop)
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Pref. Nagasakishi Kajiyamachi 1-11
    This specialty dyeing store is located in Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture. It was established in 1921, and the large shop curtain at the entrance of the modern glass-fronted building leaves a big impression. In addition to large pieces, like fisherman’s flags, company flags and banners, they also dye hand towels and miscellaneous items. Hand towels dyed with seasonal patterns for New Years and seasonal festivals are popular choices for souvenirs and gifts. Colorful temari toys and Zodiac ornaments and other miscellaneous items are also popular, regardless of gender.
  • Nagasaki Zakka Tatematsuru
    10 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Pref. Nagasakishi Edomachi 2-19
    "This miscellaneous goods shop located in Edo-machi, Nagasaki City. It sells original miscellaneous goods such as the tenugui hand towel ""TatemaTenu"" series and ""Nagasaki de Itadakimasu"" series of bowls and chopstick rests. Their goods designed with motifs of historical figures and famous things from Nagasaki including castella-shaped chopstick rests and hand towels with Meganebashi Bridge patterns are very popular as souvenirs."

    Being a Kendo practitioner, i have been hunting Tenugui i could bring home and give to my fellow practitioners and sensei back in Denmark. First of:The designs are amazing and Tatematsuru-san seems...

  • Medical Beauty Salon Ririh
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Pref. Saseboshi Katsumichou 261-6
    "A beauty salon situated along National Route 35 in Katsuumi-cho, Sasebo City. In soothing, entirely private rooms modeled after a Balinese resort, customers can enjoy the largest beauty salon menu in the prefecture, including beauty treatments, yoga, hair removal, eyelash treatments, and Balinese massage. The facility also offers an ""advisor doctor system"" in which you can receive targeted advice for your skin from a skin fitness counselor."
  • Megane Super Nagasaki Chitose
    Nagasaki Nagasaki-shi Chitosemachi
  • Aoyama Clothing Nagasaki Main Store
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Nishisonogi-gun Togitsucho
  • Aoyama Clothing Shimabara
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Shimabara Minatomachi 68-banchi 2
  • Aoyama Clothing Across Plaza Isahaya
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Isahaya-shi Kuyamamachi 1271-banchi 2
  • Aoyama Clothing Sasebo Ono
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Sasebo-shi Tabarucho 18-ban 17-go
  • Aoyama Clothing Higashi-Nagasaki
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Nagasaki-shi Kakido 1-chome 1-ban 7-go
  • Aoyama Clothing Nagasaki Matsugae
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Nagasaki-shi Matsugaemachi 5-ban 28-go
  • Aoyama Clothing Sasebo Ekimae
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Sasebo-shi Shiomicho 1-ban 9-go
  • GATE ( Gate )
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Nagasaki Aburayamachi
  • MACHIYA COSME tefutefu
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Nagasaki-shi Suwamachi 8-1
  • KAKUcraft
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Nagasaki-shi Suwamachi 4-11
  • Shoes, bag repair shop FRANKIE WORKS (Frankie Works)
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Pref. Nagasakishi Maruyamamachi 7-10 Inao building 1F
  • Cut House LINKS
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Nishisonogi-gun Nagayocho Yoshimutago 2019-4 Well Town Nagayo
  • rifuru relaxation salon
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Pref. Tsushimashi Iduharamachimayashiki 655-3
  • Mimitubo jewelry &Zakka Amyu's House
    Style / Fashion
    Nagasaki Pref. Saseboshi Yoroduchou 2-9

Nagasaki Main Areas


This hidden corner of the country is rural Japan at its best, where underground activity is to thank for active volcanoes and bubbling natural hot springs along the Shimabara Peninsula as well as the crystal clear waters of the Goto Islands off the west coast. Less well known than Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park, Nagasaki commemorates its own past at the Nagasaki Peace Park, which sits alongside the charming Meganebashi stone bridge and a mix of religious buildings with beautiful architecture, such as the Zen Buddhist Sofukuji Temple, the Confucian Shrine, and the Oura Christian Church.

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