Style / Fashion Spots in Kanagawa Area

  • Snoopy Town Shop Yokohama Minato Mirai
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Yokohamashi Nishi-ku Minatomirai 2-3-4 Minato Mirai Tokyu Square 42nd Floor
    This is a Snoopy specialty shop inside AT! In Queen’s Square Yokohama. This is one of the largest Snoopy Town Shops in Japan. The store is decorated with Snoopy figure over 1 meter tall. In addition to Snoopy goods they have plenty of Charlie Brown and other Peanuts character goods. The sailor Snoopy is only available in Yokohama, and is a popular souvenir.
  • Kitamura Motomachi Main Shop
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Yokohama-shi Naka-ku Motomachi 4-178
    This shop makes and sells bags and other accessories. Located a five-minute walk from Ishikawacho Station and seven minutes from Motomachi-Chukagai Station, the shop can be reached by heading northeast on Motomachi-dori Street from the Motomachi Intersection. The longstanding shop was established in 1882. Situated in 4-Chome, the main shop sells women's bags and other women's products. The shop releases a variety of new items, from clothing to shoes, gloves, and wallets, for every season each year. One of the great things about the shop is its highly diverse selection, from items useable in business contexts to items for everyday use.
  • Genbei Nagae Store
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Miuragunhayamamachi Nagae 855
    This is a beach sandal specialist in Hayama. They offer a range of sizes from child to adult, with 10 colors each for sandal and strap making 100 possible combinations. At a reasonable price of just 1,026 yen a pair, one can have fun making their own original beach sandals.
  • Gembeisshiki
    2 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Miuragunhayamamachi Isshiki 1464


    Style / Fashion
    Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture Shichirigahama 1-1-1WEEKENDHOUSEALLEY1F
    This surf shop is right on Shichirigahama Beach. Based on the concept of “lifestyle creation,” there is a huge variety of select seasonal goods and clothing from Japan and abroad in the sunshine-lit store. There is also a café corner, and in the summer one can enjoy a beer or smoothie on the terrace.
  • Deep Blue Fiction
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Kamakurashi Onarimachi 5-28
    This is a lifestyle shop of the “WanderKitchen project” group, intended to show the character of the Kamakura and Shonan areas. Featuring select, one-of-a-kind items of secondhand clothing and secondhand furniture.
  • pieni-krone
    2 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Kamakurashi Onarimachi 5-61-C
    This is a Scandinavian goods specialty store, based on the concept of having more fun at home. The goods imported from Finland, Sweden, and Denmark cover many areas from sundries to foodstuffs to furniture. It is especially attractive for its wide range of items ranging from popular motifs like “Moomin” to more simple ones.


  • RAKU
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Kamakurashi Joumyouji 2-2-2
    This utensil and general goods store is located in the backstreets off of Kanazawa-kaido Highway, home to Joumyouji, Houkokuji and Sugimotodera Temples. In the calm exterior surrounded by greenery, they offer a range of bowls, lacquerware and glasses including mainly Shigarakiyaki ware, as well as Iga, Mino, and Imari. They also hold events appropriate to the season, and there are many regular customers. Popular items include earthenware pots for stewing and rice cooking, and glass flower vases that make great gifts.
    Style / Fashion
    Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture Ogigayatsu 1-1-4
    This is a select shop for stationary focusing on fountain pens, as well as letter writing and sundries. The items are writing goods carefully chosen by the owner from Japan and abroad. Fountain pens can create a unique feel depending on the shade of the ink, and popular options are inks like sepia or rose tone which have a more classic feel. There is also a writing room available for having fun while writing your own postcards.
  • Kamakura Kururi
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Kamakurashi Komachi 2-9-3
    This shop located among the stores on Komachi-dori Street in Kamakura specialized in tenugui (a thin Japanese hand towel made of cotton) and furoshiki (traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods). The shop regularly carries more than 300 types of tenugui and more than 200 types of furoshiki. Not only are there traditional designs, there are also modern new designs created by artists, making these popular souvenirs among both men and women, old and young alike. The shop also features Japanese-style accessories besides the fabrics that the shop manager has selected such as small pouches made from tenugui.
  • Kamakura Hanpukin
    2 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Kamakurashi Komachi 2-8-4
    A shop which sells lifestyle goods and accessories made with canvas in elegant designs and subdued colors befitting the ancient capital of Kamakura. Canvas offers unique characteristics and charms over other materials like leather and nylon, and the shop’s main focus are bags which make use of these traits. The shop’s accessories, which come in beige, kaki, and other subdued colors which work well with Japanese stylings, are also popular.

    プレゼント用に鞄を買いに行きました 悩んでいたところ親身に相談にのって頂き、とても助かりました! 別館にはベルトをオーダーで作れるので、自分用に購入 革とバックルと糸の色を選んで、自分のウエストに合わせてその場で作ってくれるので、出来上がりに満足でした! 友人にもオススメしました

  • MON SAC (Monsakku) Shonan Mall Fill
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Fujisawashi Tsujidoushinmachi 4-1-1 Shonan Mall Fill 2F
  • Hashisenmonten waraku Hachiman gumae
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Kamakurashi Yukinoshita 1-9-27
  • okeba gallery & shop (Okeba Gallery and Shop)
    7 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Chigasakishi Kagawa 7-10-7

    鎌倉から向かったので、大船と茅ケ崎で乗り換えて、たどりつくまで1時間ほどかかりました。(最寄りの香川駅からは徒歩10分弱) レストランあるみたいだから、呑めるんじゃない?くらいで訪れたのですが、とーっても施設が充実していてびっくり。 しかも、外観も内装もお洒落。とても絵になります。 クラフトビール目当てで行ったのですが、とても美味しい。 お酒だけではなく、ヴィンテージ家具や雑貨を扱うお店があ...

    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Yokohamashi Naka-ku Kaigandori 1-1
    An apparel shop located in 1-Chome, Kaigandori, Naka Ward, Yokohama City. It sells items under the brand “Blue Blue” crafted by Koshi Seirin of “Hollywood Ranch Market”. In this shop made up of old buildings of the port, you will find mugs, keyholders and other limited-time goods available for sale.
  • Chikazawa Lace Motomachi Main Store
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Yokohamashi Naka-ku Motomachi 3-119
    Founded in 1901 in 3-Chome, Motomachi, Naka Ward, Yokohama City, this shop deals exclusively in lace. Utilizing their know-how cultured over the course of many years, they develop high-quality lace products using raw materials meticulously selected from around the world. Various products, such as handkerchiefs, pouches, other small items, bags, and tableware, are sold here.
  • Enoden Goods Kamakura Shop
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Kamakurashi Onarimachi 1-12 Tonoichi Kamakura Enoden Kamakura Station premises
    This shop specializes in Enoden goods, located in “Kotonoichi Kamakura”, a concourse within the Enoden Kamakura Station building in Onari-machi, Kamakura City. They sell Enoden original plastic railway figures, and various goods on the theme of Enoden train cars. Adjacently located you’ll find a specialty store selling “Kamakura ham”, “Kamakura croquettes”, and “Hato shortbread”, as well as a convenience store.
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Kamakurashi Hase 1-1-3
  • Hiyori Hakone-Yumoto Main Shop
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Ashigarashimogunhakonemachi Yumoto 702-1
    An oil-blotting paper specialty shop located right next to Hakone-Yumoto Station easily identifiable by its red sunshade curtain. Inside, the shop is filled with blotting papers, from standards to papers designed especially for men, and the shop also sells products in special local area-only packages. The shop’s blotting papers made with natural washi Japanese paper are prepared via a process requiring more than 10 steps and which involves no chemical processing whatsoever; these papers exhibit superb absorbency and leave skin feeling particularly smooth. Shoppers will also find papers imbued with silk proteins and perfumed papers, and the shop is a popular destination for souvenir-seekers.
  • Seasonal Goods Oriori
    Style / Fashion
    Kanagawa Pref. Ashigarashimogunhakonemachi Yumoto 694
    This shop carries many Japanese-style miscellaneous goods including seasonal items made with fabric from kimono. They have a complete line of cloth accessories such as purses, tenugui hand towels and book covers depicting seasonal motifs, and the staff change the designs every three months. The designs reflective of Hakone including Mt. Fuji, kamaboko (processed fish paste), and onsen manju (hot spring dumplings) are popular. They carry small articles such as Japanese-style accessories and chopsticks, making it a popular place to purchase items not only for personal use but also for friends and family members. The closest station is Hakone-Yumoto Station.

Kanagawa Areas


Kanagawa prefecture acts as an extension of the Tokyo metropolis that spills over into coastal towns, most notably Yokohama city, heavily populated and known for its Chinatown and seaside attractions. Just the right distance for a day trip out of Tokyo, Kanagawa is home to some of Tokyo’s most accessible beaches, including around Kamakura, best known for its Big Buddha. Visitors can also travel a little farther afield for a weekend at Hakone onsen town.

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