Experience / Training / Vehicle Spots in Miyagi Area

  • Matsushima Shimameguri Kankosen cruises
    404 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Pref. Miyagigunmatsushimamachi Matsushima Chounai 85
    Matsushima Shimameguri Kankosen cruises offer scheduled trips on large ships, setting out from the Matsushima Coast, for 50-minute cruises in which passengers can enjoy viewing the Matsushima Islands, which have traditionally been ranked as one of the “Three Views of Japan.” For an additional charge, passengers can relax and enjoy the views from the luxury seats on the ship’s upper deck. Other island cruises using medium-sized and small-boats (for groups of at least 15 passengers and at least 12 passengers respectively) are also available; because these boats have a shallower draught than the larger Nio-maru, they are able to follow different routes, giving passengers a closer look at the Matsushima Islands.

    Many islands, small to large, in various shapes, some with caves, are there. In addition, there are many gulls and black-tailed gulls (in Japan black-tailed gull is called Umineko – sea cat – as its...

  • Loople Sendai
    358 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi ken Sendai-shi Aoba-ku
    The Loople Sendai bus brings passengers to tourist spots around central Sendai City, and it arrives every 20 minutes on weekdays and 15 minutes on weekends. Buying a day pass gives you unlimited bus access all day and also provides bonuses at various facilities along the bus line, making it a great option. The bus runs on a special schedule during the three-day Sendai Tanabata Festival and the Sendai Pageant of Starlight that takes place in December. Board at Stop #16 at the West Exit of JR Sendai Station.

    This bus has one thing going for it and that is that it stops close to the sights. However thats the only good thing as the bus is seriously overcrowded. Not only that but the number of departures is...

  • JA Miyagiwatari Yoshida Kanko Strawberry Farm
    4 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyagi Watari-gun Wataricho Nagatoro Inarimae 45-10
    This strawberry farm is located approximately five minutes from Joban Expressway Torinoumi parking area (smart interchange). Visitors can pick Tochiotome strawberries, which have a nicely matched high sugar content and moderate acidity, from mid-January to early June. JA Miyagiwatari, area is also known as the Shonan of Tohoku that makes the most of its warm climate to cultivate its strawberries. In addition to Tochiotome strawberries, it also cultivates Mouikko strawberries, which are characterized by their large size and juiciness. This farm is proud to produce the largest number of these strawberries in the Tohoku region. The farm has ground-level cultivation, which are easy for children to pick, as well as elevated cultivation, which can be easily picked while standing, so people of all ages, from children to adults, can enjoy harvesting the strawberries.


  • Zao Blueberry Farm
    4 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Katta-gun
    This blueberry farm is located along National Route 457, in Nanokahara Togattaonsen, Zao, Katta District. The eight farmlands cover a total area of approximately 13. 22 hectares and contain 20,000 blueberry bushes of around 60 varieties. In addition to enjoying blueberry picking from early July to mid-August, visitors can buy jams and juices made with the pesticide-free blueberries. They can also enjoy blueberry sweets and bread at the rest house.

    夫婦二人で2千円、食べ放題エリアに。 受付で「入口付近ばかり食べられる、奥に行ってくれ」と軽いジャブ。 摘んで食べ始める・・・蜘蛛の巣、芋虫、蟻が群がりボディーブロー。 それでも食べられる物を探し・・・不味い、甘くない、吐き出すレベルもありノックアウト。 二千円払うなら、どこぞのスーパーで買ってください。 ガソリン代の無駄。 時期的に悪かったのかもしれないのを差し引いても(実が成っていてそれは...

    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyagi Pref. Watarigunyamamotochou Yamadera Sakurada 47
    "A nine-minute walk from JR Yamashita Station, this strawberry farm is located in Yamamoto Town, Miyagi Prefecture, one of the main strawberry-producing areas in Tohoku. You can eat as much as you like for 30 minutes in a greenhouse full of openness that produces ""MIGAKI-ICHIGO"" strawberries, also called ""gems to eat"". The elevated cultivation allows you to pick strawberries in the standing position, and the large space allows even wheelchair users to participate without difficulty. It also offers a variety of options that go with strawberries, including ""dipping your berries in condensed milk"", and is especially popular with families with children and couples. Strawberry picking is held from January to May; closed on Thursdays and Fridays."
  • New Matsushima Sightseeing Ship
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Miyagi-gun Matsushimamachi Matsushima Chonai 98-1 Matsushimakaigan Rest House Nai
    A sightseeing cruise from which you can enjoy the beauty of Matsushima, an area considered to be one of the three most picturesque in Japan, from the sea. Tours leave a five minute walk from Matsushima-Kaigan Station on the JR Senseki Line. The standard Matsushima Bay excursion course leaves from Matsushima's Chuo Pier and goes on a short, 50 minute trip among the island's in Matsushima Bay, giving riders the chance to experience up close the power of the naturally formed islands. Also recommended is the Ranran Plan, which includes a boat tour; a visit to the Kanrantei tea room, which belonged to Matsushima-loving samurai lord Date Masamune; a matcha powdered green tea experience; and handmade Sasa kamaboko steamed fish paste making experience. There are also a variety of seasonal event cruises such as fireworks show cruises in summer and wintertime oyster hotpot cruises.
  • Oku-Matsusima Pleasure Boat
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Pref. Higashimatsushimashi Miyato Kawahara 5-1
    A 14 minute drive from the Naruse-Okumatsushima interchange. This sightseeing cruise service operates from a dock situated along the Oku-matsushima Park Line and is operated by the Okumatsushima Public Corporation. Located east of Matsushima, considered one of Japan's three most picturesque areas, the scenery of Okumatsushima is not outdone by its more famous sibling. A course which tours the Saga Valley, counted as one of Japan's three most beautiful valley areas, takes approximately 60 minutes and can accommodate up to around 20 passengers. Tours can be booked for groups as small as three people. In the event of stormy weather, the company offers an alternate, roughly 45 minute course around the bay area. Saga Valley is characterized by its striking, majestic scenery, such as huge, rough-hewn crags.
  • Kyukamura Kesennuma-Ohshima
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Pref. Kesennumashi Sotobatake 16
    This hotel is located on Kesennuma's Oshima Island about five minutes by shuttle bus from Uranohama Port. The spacious white-toned lobby-lounge is comfortable, soothing, and exudes a sense of cleanliness. They have a lunch service with lots of gourmet Kesennuma delicacies like abalone and Sendai beef, as well as a large public bath where guests can hear the surf. Both are available to non-staying guests as well. Their shop features an array of items from a long-standing Kesennuma dealer and customers enjoy shopping for items like nori, kombu, and camellia oil. They hold participatory programs as well.
  • Ichigo Land Kouchan Strawberry Farm
    1 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyagi Watari-gun Wataricho Nagatoro Nishiyachi 116
    "This strawberry farm cultivates Mouikko strawberries, which are Miyagi's original variety of strawberry, so named because of how their large size and refreshing sweetness makes people reach out for ""just one more"". The Mouikko strawberries are cultivated in multiple houses, which focus on elevated cultivation that allows people to harvest them while standing. The direct sale store on the farm sells strawberries from Kouchan Strawberry Farm, as well as local Watari strawberries. Customers can also buy them as souvenirs. Reservations are not necessary, but the farm may be closed when the number of strawberries available for picking decreases, so it is recommended that visitors phone ahead to check the situation."


  • Marubun Matsushima Steamship
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Miyagi-gun Matsushimamachi Matsushima Chonai 98-1
    A sightseeing pleasure cruise from which boarders can view the beauty of the islands of Matsushima, considered one of the three most beautiful scenic areas in Japan. The boat leaves a seven minute walk from Matsushima-Kaigan Station on the JR Senseki Line. Particularly recommended is the 50 minute one way Basho Course connecting Shiogama and Matsushima, which serves as a means of transportation while also enabling visitors to view major islands in the bay like Nio Island and Senganjima Island, whose picturesque scenery inspired the great haiku poet Matsuo Basho. As the boat is able to travel in shallow waters just two meters deep, it can get quite close to the islands, giving riders the chance to see their beauty up close. There are four other courses, including one which goes on a round trip tour of the bay's islands.
  • National Hanayama Youth Outdoor Learning Center
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Pref. Kuriharashi Hanayama Honsawanumayama 61-1
    30 kilometers from the Wakayanagi-Kannari Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway. Located in Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture, this national youth outdoor learning center was established in 1978 as part of an event celebrating 100 years since the establishment of the national school system. Surrounded by abundant natural beauty, the center offers a variety of nature activity programs such as seasonal adventure activities and environmental learning activities. Facilities include a square where camp bonfires can be held, and outdoor cooking area, and a lodging building. The center is used for nursery school and school classes and also holds nature activities and training courses for all ages, including family and children's events, and youth association activities.
  • Takiniwa no Seki Komasho
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Miyagi Kami-gun Kamimachi Kanohara Yamashita 3
    This soba restaurant is located in a renovated kominka (old Japanese folk house) in Yamashita, Kanohara, Kami Town, Kami County. It serves handmade soba noodles, tempura made with wild plants and other seasonal ingredients, and more. The restaurant also offers soba making classes taught by its staff. It also offers visitors the chance to experience life in a rural community by staying overnight at the restaurant. A reservation is required for both programs.
  • Nihachiya Bussanten
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Miyagi-gun Matsushimamachi Matsushima Chonai 80
    This specialty kokeshi doll store is located along National Route 45, in Chonai Matsushima, Matsushima-cho, Miyagi District. The store creates and sells Naohide Matsushima kokeshi, which feature Japanese camellia patterns. The store also has a kokeshi painting experience workshop, where visitors can create their own original kokeshi dolls.
  • Osato Town Development Center “Hanryogura”
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Kurokawa-gun Osatocho Nakamura
    This facility offering a variety of hands-on experiences is located on Prefectural Route 9 in Babasawa, Nakamura, Osato Town, Kurokawa County. The facility develops and manufactures processed products made with specialties of the region. It also offers a hands-on experience program that includes making udon noodles with Jew’s mallow, a specialty of the town, as well as making miso paste by hand (reservation required).
  • Hyakuyo no Sato Nanatsumori Pottery Experience Center
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Kurokawa-gun Taiwacho Miyatoko Takayama 120
    This hands-on pottery studio is located in Takayama, Miyatoko, Taiwa Town, Kurokawa County. It offers two types of pottery experiences in which participants can create their own unique work of pottery. In the hand building course, participants form a shape from clay and fire it in a kiln. In the painting course, participants paint an unglazed pottery vessel. A reservation is recommended for both programs.
  • Yusa Kajitsu Kobo
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyagi Osaki-shi Narukonsen Yakiishimata 41
    A fruit farm in NarukoOnsenYakiishimata, Osaki City. Here they grow blueberries without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Their blueberry picking garden opens from early July to mid-August and with prior reservation you can enjoy all you can eat blueberry picking.
  • Matsushima Kamaboko Honpo Main Shop
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Pref. Miyagigunmatsushimamachi Matsushima Chounai 120
    A shop which serves kamaboko seasoned fish paste, a Matsushima specialty. The shop makes and sells sasa kamaboko and other kamaboko varieties. The shop's first floor was remodeled in April 2012 and in this space, customers can watch kamaboko being made, eat this tasty treat, and relax. Customers can eat mu, a type of kamaboko made with tofu, fresh fried in oil in the restaurant's demonstration space. Large, eye-catching sasa kamaboko are cooked in the broiling space and served to customers fresh off the grill.
  • Zao Heartland
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Pref. Kattagunzaoumachi Togattaonsen Nanokahara 201
    A petting zoo-style farm inside the Zao Dairy Center. Over 100 cows and many other animals are raised on the farm's spacious, 100 hectare grounds. Visitors can play with rabbits, goats, and sheep. The farm also holds a variety of food making classes which you can join in on with an advance reservation. You can choose to make cheese or ice cream which can be enjoyed on the spot, or butter or sausage to take home. The farm also sells local dairy products like special milk from cows raised at the foot of Mt. Zao. The farm has several restaurants, many of whose dishes are made with cheese and other dairy products.
  • Sendai Castle Virtual Reality GO
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Sendai-shi Aoba-ku Sendai Shiro Honmaru Ato
  • delicious farm
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Osaki-shi Kashimadai Kimatsuka Furudate 1

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Lying along the northeastern coast of Japan, Miyagi prefecture is home to lashings of natural parks, oysters, and hot springs. While the bustling city of Sendai offers some simple city entertainment, it’s the Matsushima islands that deserve the most attention, having boosted the prefecture’s reputation as one of Japan’s most scenic views.

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