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Experience / Training / Vehicle Spots in Iwate Area

  • Koiwai Farm
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Iwate Pref. Iwategunshizukuishichou Maruyachi 36-1
    A spacious, 3,000 hectare farm, one of the largest in Japan, located in the southern foot of Mt. Iwate. In addition to a horse riding facility and sheep field, the farm’s tourist area is dotted with attractions children and adults can enjoy. Many of the farm’s structures are historically important, and 21 of the farm’s buildings, including the office and storehouse, built between the Meiji and early Showa periods, were designated Important Cultural Properties in 2017. Visitors who take part in the guided Cultural Property Tour can view some of these Cultural Properties.
  • Sappa Ship Adventure
    Travel / Tourism
    Iwate Pref. Shimoheiguntanohatamura Tsukue 142-3
    An exciting boat ride offered at in Tsukue, Tanohata Village, Shimohei County. Riders board the Sappa-sen, a small shore boat once used for sea urchin fishing, to enjoy a fun cruise. One of the cruise’s greatest attractions is the small boat’s ability to enter caverns and get right up to the jagged shore of the area, something normal pleasure boats cannot mimic. The sight of the cliffs of the Kitayamazaki Coast towering 200 meters directly overhead from this small vessel is truly stunning.
  • Miyako Jodogahama Boat Cruise
    Travel / Tourism
    Iwate Pref. Miyakoshi Hitachihamachou 32-69
    This very popular pleasure cruise will take you around Miyako Bay in about 40 minutes. You’ll be able to enjoy some of the best sights in Sanriku Geopark, not to mention several famous sights such as National Scenic Beauty Jodogahama Beach, the Natural Monuments Rosoku-iwa Rock, the Shiofukiana blowhole, Hidejima Island, and others. You can even feed the black-tailed gulls as you take in the scenery.
  • Tategamori Ark Farm
    9 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Iwate Pref. Ichinosekishi Fujisawachoukinomi Kinuisawayama 9-15
    This is a sustainable farm that stretches out to the south of Mt. Kenjo. The animals mostly run wild and the farm sells its own-brand Mukashi Tamago Eggs and Tategamori Kogen Buta Pork as well as processed products such as ham and sausages. The farm also has a flower garden and a herb garden and the many different kinds of flowers such as lavender and tulips, depending on the season, are popular with tourists. The farm also holds events so that visitors can get to know the animals and interactive classes for children.

    いつも美味しくいただいている土日休日限定の自然食ビュッフェが平日にもいただけるようになりました! 食事の内容は、館ヶ森高原豚と牧場で作っている無農薬野菜、放し飼い鶏の 昔たまご を使ったものになっています。

  • Geibi Gorge Boat Trip
    Travel / Tourism
    Iwate Prefecture Ichinoseki City Nagasaka cho 467
    The boarding site for the Geibikei Gorge Boat Trip is located in the city of Ichinoseki in Iwate Prefecture. The 90-minute trip allows you to enjoy the gorge fully and view the scenery that changes with the seasons, including wisteria blossoms in May and autumn leaves in the fall. In the winter, customers can make reservations to ride down the river in so-called kotatsu boats, in which guests sit at heated tables while eating Kinagashi Nabe, a hot pot dish of meat, tofu, and other ingredients cooked in miso broth.
  • Sanriku Railway
    29 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Iwate Pref. Miyakoshi Sakaechou 4
    This tourism railway is located in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture. It runs through the Sanriku Coast and is made up of the Kita-Rias and Minami-Rias lines. The Kita-Rias Line goes from Miyako Station in Miyako City to Kuji Station in Kuji City, and the Minami-Rias Line goes from Sakari Station in Ofunato City to Kamaishi Station in Kamaishi City. In addition, it is known for their kotatsu train, with horigotatsu (heated dug-out seating) installed in the train cars, that they operate during the winter.

    It was sad but good rail travel from KAMAISHI to SAKARI. A station staff explained 3.11 earthquake to us. We never forget the day 3.11. We will watch over the progression of the restoration of the...

  • Urumi Kogei
    Travel / Tourism
    Iwate Pref. Moriokashi Chuoudori 2-9-23
    This crafts facility is located in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. They sell craftworks, Joboji Nuri lacquerware with characteristically beautiful colors. They also produce bowls and chopsticks, and Western tableware such as forks and tea cups. In addition, you can attend an experience classroom to paint a bowl using synthetic lacquer with a prior reservation, and tours of the facility are also available.
  • Kyukamura Iwate Amihari Onsen
    Travel / Tourism
    Iwate Pref. Iwategunshizukuishichou Nagayama Komatsukura 14-3
    This lodging facility is located in Shizukuishi-cho, Iwate County. In Towada Hachimantai National Park at the foot of Mt. Iwate, you can enjoy the Amihari Onsen no Yu, a famous hot spring with a 1,300-year history. It can also be used for day-trip bathing. In addition, the facilities meet the various needs of guests including conference rooms, souvenir shops selling specialty products and a large hall. It also operates skiing and camp areas.
  • Iwate Prefecture Kennan Seishonen no Ie
    Travel / Tourism
    Iwate Pref. Isawagunkanegasakichou Nagasawa Shimodate 49-1
    Located in the Kanagasaki-cho area of Isawa County, Iwate Prefecture, this accommodation experience facility can also be used by groups. It holds a variety of hands-on and outdoor activities such as outdoor cooking, campfires and indoor orienteering. In addition, creative experiences such as enameling and board baking are also available. Local residents often use the facility, as they can experience various activities in nature.
  • Kitakami Tenshochi Horse-Drawn Carriage
    Travel / Tourism
    Iwate Pref. Kitakamishi Tachibana
    This charged sightseeing carriage operates from around April to May during the Sakura Festival held annually in Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture. It goes about 20 minutes among the cherry blossom trees that were chosen as one of Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots. In addition, many tourists visit during the Sakura Festival because there are cherry blossoms lit up at night, food stalls and events.
  • Iwate Kenmin no Mori
    Travel / Tourism
    Iwate Pref. Hachimantaishi Matsuoyoriki 1-515-5
    This forest park is in Yoriki, Matsuo, Hachimantai City to the north of Mt. Iwate. Covering about 360 hectares, it offers facilities such as a campground, walking paths, recreational areas, and a woodworking center. Their Forest Learning Center is constructed with timber from the prefectural. It has a large wooden playscape, an observation room, and an exhibition area with displays on the forest. They also hold handicraft programs,.
  • Chiba Farm
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Iwate Ichinoseki-shi Kawasakicho Usuginu Shimomaki 93
    A tourist farm where strawberry picking is the main activity. They grow large Yayoihime and Sachinoka strawberries–with their nice sweet and sour balance–in large vinyl greenhouses. In addition to soil plantings, there are also hydroponic beds where you can harvest strawberries without bending over. Visitors pay the entry fee and enjoy all-you-can-eat strawberries without a time limit. They also sell strawberries to bring with you as gifts.
  • Murone Kogen Fureai Farm
    Travel / Tourism
    Iwate Ichinoseki-shi Daitocho Ohara Yamaguchi 51-139
    This tourism ranch is located at the foot of Mount Murone. The animals raised here are mainly horses, ponies and sheep. Customers that make an advance reservation can experience horse riding and horse leading. The ranch has a restaurant where visitors can enjoy Genghis Khan dishes made with tender lamb meat, as well as local chicken from Iwate. Also at the restaurant, visitors can enjoy local alcohols such as Iwate beer and Muronege Apple Wine with their meal.
  • Kamisuki-kan
    Travel / Tourism
    Iwate Ichinoseki-shi Higashiyamacho Nagasaka Cho 390
    A Tozan-washi Japanese paper shop with a long history. Its origins go back over 800 years to Fujiwara Clan fugitives in Hiraizumi, Oshu that were defeated by the Kamakura forces. The handmade washi is made with paper mulberry processed with a special technique, making it more durable than other Japanese paper. They sell stationery, postcards, envelopes, and colored paper made with washi. Their paper making workshops are open to everyone, and once the paper you make has dried they'll have it delivered to your home.
  • Seashell Art
    Travel / Tourism
    Iwate Shimohei-gun Tanohata Mura Kitayama 129-10 Kitayamazaki Visitor Center
    This workshop can be conveniently accessed by a sightseeing share taxi from Tanohata Station. A reservation is required. The workshop takes place in Kitayamazaki Visitor Center and the beaches in the town, and allows visitors to make items using shells and stones. In approximately 30 minutes to an hour, visitors can make one of seven different types of item, such as an original photo stand or cellphone strap. The workshop uses stones smoothed by the waves as its blank canvas, each being completely unique. Visitors can glue the one-of-a-kind shells to a message board to make their own unique creations, limited only by their imagination.
  • Strawberry House Takahashi
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Iwate Hanamaki-shi Ishidoriyacho Godaido 9-84
    This strawberry farm is located approximately an eight-minute drive from JR Shin-Hanamaki Station. The sweet and juicy strawberries are carefully grown in the greenhouses using electrolyzed water agricultural methods. The farm cultivates a variety of strawberries, including Tochiotome, Sagahonoka and Akihime strawberries. The farm is open for strawberry picking from around December to July, with an unlimited-time all-you-can-eat. The farm closes for the day when there are no more strawberries left to pick. The greenhouses are fully accessible, and visitors can enjoy picking the strawberries even from a wheelchair.
  • "Iwate Experience Community Center Hiraniwa Kogen Experience Center ""Mori no Kodamakan"""
    Travel / Tourism
    Iwate Iwate-gun Kuzumakimachi Ekari 1-95-55
    This community center is located approximately a 40-minute drivefrom Kunohe Interchange on the Hachinohe Expressway, via National Route 340. The hands-on learning facility, Furusato no Monozukuri, has a huge variety of experience workshops where visitors can learn about the bounty of Hiraniwa Highland's rich nature. Visitors can enjoy a number of activities, such as the plant and wild grape dyeing experience, where visitors can use refreshing colors to dye a handkerchief, or the October-limited wild grape harvesting experience. A reservation is required. There are also experience workshops that do not need a reservation, such as the flower pressing experience. At the restaurant in the hotel, visitors can enjoy a glass of wine with dishes which are made locally for local consumption, such as Kuzumakikogen homemade soba.
  • Ono Sangyo Design Center
    Travel / Tourism
    Iwate Kunohe-gun Hirono Cho Ono 58-12-30
    Located about a 20-minute drive from the Hachinohe Expressway’s Kunohe Interchange, this facility serves as a crafts base inside Ohno Campus located at the midpoint of National Route 395. There are workshops for woodworking products known by the name “Ohno Mokko” and sakiori (woven fabric produced from worn out cloth torn thinly and woven tightly) handed down in Ono, and there is also an exhibition and sales corner. In addition, there are 18 facilities such as accommodation facilities, bathing facilities, restaurants, a park golf course and petting zoo where you can experience learning, creating, playing and eating at any age.
  • Shiwa Vineyard
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Iwate Shiwa-gun Shiwacho Sahinai Ii Toyoda 59-1
    This vineyard is located about 30 minutes from the Shiwa Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway via National Route 456 and is one of many vineyards in Iwate Prefecture. Located among the range of broad, green hills in the Sahinai District of Shiwa Town, it welcomes visitors. It grows grapes in environmentally friendly ways and prioritizes production of a reliable product. The rows of vines are far apart enough to allow a wheelchair to pass through, and since they are inside a simple greenhouse, visitors can pick grapes even when it is raining. Between late August and early October, Shiwa Vineyard sells grapes by weight for visitors to take home. Visitors who make reservations may barbecue in specified places.
  • Sun Farm
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Iwate Morioka-shi Mukainakano Shinden 7 , Shiwa-gun Shiwacho Kitazawa Nakasawa 14 (Blueberry , Sakuranbo)
    This is a farm located in Morioka City. Handed down through 11 generations in Morioka for about 300 years. The farm grows fruit, such as cherries and berries, as well as rice and vegetables, and manufactures and sells processed foods. It has a cherry orchard in Mukainakanoshinden in the same city, and it operates cherry and berry orchards in Shiwa Town, Shiwa County. It holds cherry picking and blueberry picking events depending on the season.

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A northern Tohoku prefecture promising peace and quiet, Iwate is sparsely populated, replacing people with snow-capped mountains, history-rich sites, and fields of crops that are to thank for the region’s delicious local cuisine. Meander along the three-city Golden Route, where you’ll visit the grand Buddhist temples of Hiraizumi and the Tono folk villages before tasting the three famed noodle dishes of Morioka.

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