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Experience / Training / Vehicle Spots in Kagoshima Area

  • Seahorse House
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Pref. Minamikyushushi Eichoubeppu 5202-2
    Japan’s only breeding farm specializing in seahorses open to the public. The facility breeds seahorses with the aim of preserving the ocean environment and here visitors can see seahorses swimming idly in large tanks. Seahorses are also seen as symbols of luck with love and marriage, marital harmony, and easy childbirth, and the facility sells relevant charms. The facility was also shown in a car commercial in 2016.
  • The retro sightseeing tram “Kagoden”
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Pref. Kagoshimashi Uearatachou 37-20
    A sightseeing tram which visits tourism destinations in Kagoshima City. The tram originally operated as an ordinary tram from 1912 to 1955 and was put back into service in 2012 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the tram system. The tram’s retro design is modeled after those used during Japan’s early modern Taisho period. The tram starts in front of Kagoshima-Chuo Station and travels a 70-minute circuit visiting such tourism sites as Tenmonkan-dori Street, the Kagoshima Station area, and the Kagoshima Aquarium. Tours are also sometimes provided on the tram by volunteers.
  • Kasasa Ebisu
    4 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Pref. Minamisatsumashi Kasasachoukataura 14847-1
    An activity-oriented hotel located in Kataura, Kasasa-cho, Minamisatsuma City which was designed by Eiji Mitooka, famous designer of the Seven Stars in Kyushu deluxe sleeping car train. The hotel is adjoined by a museum with a yacht collection which looks at the nature and ecology of Kasasa. The hotel also offers a full array of activity programs, including rock fishing and boat fishing, sea kayaking, and other sea sports; and sunset cruises. All of the guest rooms have an ocean view. Guests can also sip rare Ichidon shochu and stroll the grounds while searching for the numerous statues of the god Ebisu scattered about.


  • Orange Park Kushira
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Pref. Kanoyashi Kushirachouarisato 8078-6
    This orchard is located in the Arisato area of Kushira-cho, Kanoya City. It cultivates citrus fruits such as mandarin oranges, navels and sour pomelos. Open from October to late December, they sell fruit and offer all-you-can-eat mandarin orange picking.
  • Miyama Toyukan
    6 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Pref. Hiokishi Higashichikichoumiyama 1051
    This experience-type tourist facility is located in Hioki City, Kagoshima Prefecture. Pieces such as tableware and vases of Miyama's many pottery kilns are displayed and sold here. In addition, visitors can enjoy the pottery experience workshop while receiving guidance in creating pottery by hand or at a potter's wheel and in painting finished works. A reservation is required, due to the number of visitors, both domestic and international.

    Je n'avais jamais fait de poterie et c'est une activité que j'ai apprécié faire. Cependant ici l'envoie de vos oeuvres est obligatoire et payante, ce que je n'ai pas apprécié. Pour l'activité...

  • Minshuku Yugure Sho
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Kagoshima Pref. Izumigunnagashimachou Shimoyamadono 2650-65
  • Hoshi So
    8 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Kagoshima Oshima Yoroncho

    We verbleven 4 nachten in deze minshuku. Op Yoron was het lastig accomodatie te vinden. Het is een prachtig klein eiland met mooie bounty stranden. Het echtpaar was zeer vriendelijk, maar zij spreken...

  • Kirishima Shinwa no Sato Park
    65 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kagoshima Kirishima-shi

    View on top is amazing. Luge and small train are something always attracting young kids. Spend half a day here will be worthy of your time, especially those with small kids.

  • Onidukanozomudaken
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Pref. Kagoshimashi Gokabeppuchou 1134
  • Niibo Tourist Farm
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Kagoshima-shi Gokabeppucho Kami Kasagi 676
  • Kawaji Budo Farm
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Kagoshima-shi Inuzakocho 8936
  • Kanoya Nakorebibokujo
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Pref. Kanoyashi Aritakechou 1305-1
  • Funami Yama Bokujo
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Satsumasendai-shi Kamikoshikicho Kuwanoura
  • Ito Bokujo
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Kanoya-shi Asahibarucho 2989-1
  • Kitune ke Okabokujo
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Pref. Kirishimashi Fukuyamachoufukuyama 7552
  • Mizusakochikusantengahanabokujou
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Pref. Airashi Hiramatsu
  • Uwatokobokujo Ann Noie
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Pref. Airagunyusuichou Kawasoe 2439-27
  • Uchi Farm
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Hioki-shi Ijuincho Furujo 693
  • Kirebokujo
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Pref. Kagoshimashi Kirechou 10167
  • Wada Animal husbandry
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagoshima Izumi-shi

Kagoshima Main Areas


Over 100 active volcanoes across Kagoshima make it one of the Japan's most exciting prefectures. The prefectural capital, Kagoshima city, looks out to one of the prefecture’s most spectacular volcanoes, Sakurajima, an island of its own that can be visited and seen close up or admired from afar, with the promise of breathtaking sunsets complete with frequent puffs of smoke and ash. Down the Satsuma Peninsula, the most southerly part of mainland Japan, waterfalls, sand onsen, and fascinating history await, while Kagoshima's abundance of satsuma imo (sweet potato) provide a wholesome snack as well as one of Japan's favourite drinksーshochu.

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