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Experience / Training / Vehicle Spots in Fukui Area

  • Tojinbo Sightseeing Boat Cruises
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Pref. Sakaishi Mikunichouantou 64-1
    Tojinbo Sightseeing Boat Cruises offers boat trips to view the spectacular scenery of the Tojinbo cliffs from the ocean. Located in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture, the Tojinbo cliffs have been designated as a National Natural Monument; the precipitous cliffs with their distinctive rough surface extend for about 1 km along the coast. Some of the cliffs reach a height of 20 meters or more; watching the raging waves of the Sea of Japan crash against the cliffs is a magnificent sight. On a trip halfway round Oshima Island (which lies around 1.5 km off the coast), which takes around 30 minutes, passengers can view several rocks with unusual shapes that have been created by the action of natural forces, including Lion Rock, Battleship Rock, Folding Screen Rock, and Candle Rock. Places can be found on the boat trip for individual travelers (with a 15–20 minute wait).
  • Echizen Lacquerware Hall
    3 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Pref. Sabaeshi Nishibukurochou 40-1-2
    The Echizen Lacquerware Hall is a craftsman’s workshop where you can get a look at historical materials and the manufacturing process, from lumber to decoration. It is a valuable place where you can hear directly from a traditional craftsman of Echizen lacquerware. The museum shop features over 1,000 items that you can buy for a reasonable price only possible here, a production region for lacquered products.

    本館の展示やショップもよかったですが、離れの職人さんのいる工房に立ち寄り、生のお声を聞けたのがよかったです。 モダンなデザインの漆器や、高級ホテル向けの蛇口への絵付けなど、リアルに注文の来ている最近のトレンドもわかり、面白かったです。

  • Kanazu Forest of Creation Craftsman Workshop
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Pref. Awarashi Aonoki 44-10-29
    As an intersection of people, nature, and even art, the Kanazu Forest of Creation is a place for creative activity, one in which active artists from various fields lives together with the forest. There are three classrooms and courses held: pottery, glass, dyeing. There is also a restaurant with a diverse menu, from soft drinks to wine, from easy lunches to course meals. The works of the artists are also displayed and available for sale.
  • Kanazu Forest of Creation Glass Workshop
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Pref. Awarashi Aonoki 44-10-37
    The Kanazu Forest of Creation Glass Workshop is one of the best glass workshops in the world, featuring the latest equipment in its kiln workshop, glass production room, and its blown glass workshop which has handmade kilns. From the tour deck, you can observe craftsmen at work.
  • Echizen Washi Village
    17 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Pref. Echizenshi Shinzaikechou 8-44 Papyrus hall
    With a long 1,500-year history and tradition, Echizen is the home of washi (Japanese paper) and of the Echizen Washi Village. This facility includes the “Paper & Culture Museum” —with lots of special, local washi products and history of Echizen washi—and the “Udatsu Paper & Craft Museum” —a reconstructed paper-making house where you can observe craftsman techniques firsthand. In the “Papyrus House,” you can try making washi paper, popular for toddlers and adults alike.

    We visited the Takefu Knife Factory near by and decided to eat here. Four of us ate all we wanted for $41.00 US. They specialize in noodles made on location from buckwheat. They are the best noodles...

  • La Pause Kawada
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Pref. Sabaeshi Kamikouchichou 19-37-2
    This overnight-stay amusement facility is famous for its onsen which includes both an alkaline spring that makes skin slippery smooth and a sodium sulfate spring that helps prevent arteriosclerosis, rare even in Japan. You can try your hand at making soba, udon, pizza, or mochi, so it is quite popular with families on vacation. Note: You must make a reservation in advance by phone to try these cooking activities.
  • Dinosaur Fossil Dig Experience Site
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Pref. Katsuyamashi Murokochou Terao 51-11 (in the forest of the Tayama Dinosaur)
    Dinosaur Fossil Dig Experience Site in this park in Katsuyama City, at which many dinosaur fossils have been found, is a popular location where you can try excavating fossils from spring to autumn. Try excavating fossils from the Cretaceous Period 120 million years ago and encounter creatures and plants in the nearby natural pond.
  • Sotomo Cruising
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Pref. Obamashi Kawasaki 1-3-2
    These are 50-minute cruises on which you can enjoy beautiful scenery interwoven with six kilometers of cliffs, oddly-shaped rocks and caves. The Sotomo Gate is a sea cave on the north coast of the Uchitomi Peninsula, located to the east of Obama Bay and is a scenic spot representative of Wakasa Wan Quasi-National Park. It was designated as a National Site of Scenic Beauty in 1934. Departs from Wakasa Fisherman’s Wharf.
  • Wakasa Kanko Lake Cruise
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Mikatakaminakagun-gun Wakasacho Umiyama 68-20
    A sightseeing cruise departing from Umiyama Pier along Prefectural Route 216 in Umiyama, Wakasa, Mikata-kaminaka. There are five cruises per day departing between 9AM and 3PM, and from the ship you'll be able to see Lake Suigetsu and Lake Suga, two of the Five Lakes of Mikata, a designated Ramsar site. They also offer a special morning cruise with breakfast only available to guests of nearby Hotel Suigekka.
  • Fukui Nature Conservation Center
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Ono Minami Rokuroshi 169-11-2
    A nature observation facility in Minamirokuroshi, Ono It islocated in the Rokuroshi Plateau which is abundant with natural habitats including forested areas and wetlands. It consists of the main building with exhibits related to the local flora and fauna, an observation room with one of the country's largest telescopes, a planetarium, and an outdoor viewing area. Around the facility is a nature observing forest that covers nearly 28 hectares in which you can observe a wide variety of flora and fauna.
  • Norari Strawberry Farm
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Fukui Awara-shi Yamajuraku 58-23
  • Donguriyama Farm
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Fukui Echizen-shi Nakayamacho 11-1-1
  • Echizen City Yatsusugi Forest Learning Center
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Echizen-shi Betsuincho 19-1-1
  • Wakasa Mihama Heartful Experience
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Mikata-gun Mihamacho Matsubara 35-16-18
  • Wakasagyu no Sato Reinan Ranch
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Mikatakaminakagun-gun Wakasacho Agari 77-1 Fukui Reinan Farm
  • Milk Kobo Okuechizen Rokuroshi Kougen no Tokeidai
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Ono-shi Minamirokuroshi 169 Tojo Yano
  • Ceramic Art Workshop Wazumi Hall
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Nyu-gun Echizencho Shimogawara 37-44
  • Tsuruga Higashiura Mikan Orange Orchard
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Fukui Tsuruga-shi Higashiura Chiku-ku Ohida Motohida Kaigan Area
  • Imajo Soba Dojo
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Nanjo-gun Minamiechizencho Daimon 10-3-1
  • Tajimabokujo
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Pref. Awarashi Kunikage 1

Fukui Main Areas


Northeast of Kyoto, the ancient Tojinbo Cliffs separate Fukui prefecture from the Sea of Japan in a stretch of land well worth exploring. Water sports and seaside delicacies are available in abundance as the spectacular rugged coastline flattens down into beaches to the west of the prefecture, while inland, Fukui is home to Zen Buddhist temples and historic ruins.

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