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Experience / Training / Vehicle Spots in Tokyo Area

  • Hato Bus Tokyo Office
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Marunouchi 1-10-15
    Hato Bus operates regular tour busses in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture. Hato Bus offers a wide array of tours, including tours of Tokyo, chartered tours, and fruit picking day trips able to accommodate large and small groups as well as individuals. One of the most popular tours is the Short Short Tokyo Tour, which makes it easy to tour Tokyo on your own time. Divided into the short, 60 to 90 minute courses; two to three hour courses for efficiently exploring Tokyo; and half-day courses for enjoying the city more thoroughly, whichever you choose, all are reasonably priced.
  • Honjo Life Safety Learning Center
    21 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Sumida-ku Yokokawa 4-6-6
    A museum and safety learning center where visitors can experience mock disasters and learn how to protect themselves in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other hazardous event. Faculties include an earthquake simulator and smoke simulator; as well as freely perusable 119 (emergency telephone number), quiz, and other educational exhibits. Reservations for the museum's simulations are booked a year in advance. There are cancellations on occasion, however, so it is possible to call and see if an earlier slot is available.

    Saturday 11:55 of course running late again, they have started at 11:50 but they were so nice and gave us a private tour and we were able to watch and try everything. Smoke, earthquake...

  • Tokyo Mizube Cruising Line
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Sumida-ku Yokoami 1-2-15
    The Tokyo Mizube Cruising Line is a water bus that travels along the Sumida River, Arakawa River and Rinkai areas. It offers various courses including not only the standard cruises but event and charter cruises. The “Asakusa-Odaiba Cruise” which tours from the Asakusa area to the Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba area is popular for viewing the Senbonzakura (thousands of cherry trees) in Sumida Park in the spring season, while the night cruise that allows guests to take in Tokyo’s splendid night scenery is recommended for dates.
  • Tokyo Cruise Asakusa Pier
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Taitou-ku Hanakawado 1-1-1
    "Tokyo Cruise Asakusa Pier is located around one minute's walk from Asakusa Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Tobu Isesaki Line), and around three minutes' walk from Toei Asakusa Station. Visitors can use Asakusa Pier to board Tokyo Cruise boat services that take passengers to visit tourist spots located near the river or in Tokyo Bay, including Hama-rikyu Gardens, Hinode Pier, and Odaiba Seaside Park. The distinctive ""Himiko"" water-bus that travels to Toyosu was designed by Manga comic book artist Matsumoto Reiji with the aim of creating a boat that ""children will want to ride on as soon as they see it."" On-board announcements are made in the voices of characters from popular TV cartoon series ""The Galaxy Express 999."" Other Tokyo Cruise boats with distinctive designs include the ""Hotaluna"" and ""Emeraldas."""
  • SKY Duck amphibious bus
    20 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Sumida-ku Narihira 1-17-6
    The Sky Duck is an amphibious bus that looks like a boat with tires attached and provides tours of Tokyo. The bus travels from Tokyo Skytree through the streets of Tokyo on the Kyunaka River, leaving the water to return back to the Skytree via land roads. The highlight of the tour is the “splash point,” when the bus drives full speed into the water with everyone on board, creating an exciting jolt and raising a great plume of water. The Sky Duck tour takes approximately 100 minutes. The bus makes a popular activity to enjoy either before or after checking out Tokyo Skytree itself. Tokyo Skytree Station is the closest station to bus boarding station.

    After I read the reviews, I knew what to expect, but I still wanted to ride it just to see. Even though Tokyo is such a dynamic city, they've managed to choose the least impressive route with...

  • Tokyo Cruise Ship
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Taitou-ku Hanakawado 1-1-1
    This water bus gives riders the chance to see the neighborhoods of Tokyo and Tokyo Bay from the water during their trip and operates three routes traveling from the Tokyo Cruise Ship dock in Asakusa to Hamarikyu, Hinode Pier, and Odaiba Seaside Park. In addition to the Shitamachi area sprawling along the Sumida River, riders can enjoy the shipboard announcements which introduce the various distinctive bridges along the way. On the Himiko, a ship designed by manga artists Leiji Matsumoto, announcements are provided by characters from his famed work, Galaxy Express 999. Asakusa Station is the closest station to the Asakusa boarding dock.
  • Yuyake Koyake Fureai no Sato
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Hachioujishi Kamiongatamachi 2030
    A nature-oriented recreational facility located along Metropolitan Road 521 in Kamiongata-machi, Hachioji City, Tokyo. The park has outdoor cooking facilities, a campground where you can build a campfire, lodging facilities, a restaurant, an animal farm, and a farmer's market. The Yuyake Koyake-kan gallery displays materials relating to the poet Uko Nakamura, author of the nursery rhyme Yuyake koyake, as well as pieces by photographer Shinzo Maeda.
  • Okutama Tomin no Mori (activity forest)
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Nishitamagunokutamamachi Sakai 654
    This facility offers a variety of activity programs conducted in the great outdoors, and here you can enjoy recreational activities while learning about forests and forestry. Some of the facility's many interesting courses include seasonal hikes among the mountains; a yamame workshop in which participants learn traditional fishing methods used to catch yamame landlocked masu salmon; and courses for cultivating the forestry skills of volunteers. The facility also holds classes on mountain stream fishing for children and adults, holds events for children on summer vacation, and more.
  • Odakyu Limited Express “Romancecar” Hakone Line
    Travel / Tourism
    Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Shinjuku Station) - Hakone-machi Ashigami-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture (Hakone Yumoto Station)
    This is the limited express train operated by Odakyu Electric Railway linking Shinjuku and Odawara/Hakone-Yumoto. It also operates on the route between Kita Senju and Odawara/Hakone-Yumoto. The Romancecars also operate between Shinjuku and Gotenba/Katase-Enoshima. It began as a “weekend hot spring express” from Shinjuku to Odawara in 1935, and the name of “Romancecar” spread by the introduction of limited express special cars in themed-1940s, and the name is still synonymous with Odakyu Electric Railway today.
  • Mitake Tozan Railway
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Oumeshi Mitake 2-483 Takimoto Station
    Established in 1927, the Mitake Tozan Railway’s cable cars allow riders to bring their pets onboard with them. The cable cars run between Takimoto Station and Mitakesan Station; on foot, traveling between these two stations would take around one hour. On New Year’s eve, the cable cars operate late at night for visitors seeking to enjoy the first sunrise of the new year from the summit of Mt. Mitake and Mt. Hinode.
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Okutama Lakeside Park  Mountain Furusato Village
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Nishitamagunokutamamachi Kawano 1740
    Located within Chichibu Tama Kai National Park, “Mountain Furusato Village” is a natural park in Tokyo. The Visitor Center is always staffed by a nature guide who can offer a variety of information. There are lodgings like camp sites and cabins, a camp service center with day camps and barbeque sites, and a craft center to try out crafts—The facilities are fully equipped to meet your needs and help you get the most from this natural park. There are also restaurants and a various walking paths.
  • Yoyogi Pony Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tokyo Shibuya-ku
  • NTT chuokenshu center
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Choufushi Irimachou 1-44
  • Sumidagawa Line
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Taito-ku Hanakawado 1-1-1
    This cruise line leaves from the Asakusa Azuma Bridge and follows a 40-minute, one-way course via Hama Rikyu Gardens, traveling under 13 bridges and ending at Hinode Pier. Riders can enjoy the seasonal scenery as they pass under the various bridges spanning the Sumida River. The ultra-modern Hotaluna and Himiko boats, designed by manga and anime master Leiji Matsumoto, resemble space ships. There are many other boats with a variety of designs which are named after eminent figures connected to the ocean and Tokyo, such as the Ryoma and Kaishu, and riders can enjoy Tokyo from their decks.
  • Ochizawa Youth Center
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Machida-shi Aiharamachi 5307-2
    An outdoor activity center situated 800 meters from the Seishonen Center Iriguchi bus stop. Open to non-city residents, as well, note that lodging parties of consisting of only minors 16 years of age or older require their parent or guardian’s permission. Lodging facilities include Japanese-style rooms, cabins, and tent sites – most require an advance reservation. The craft house and cooking facilities can be used by those only visiting for the day. The center holds a variety of events which enable participants to experience nature.
  • Tokyo Bay Cruise VINGT ET UN
    35 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Minato-ku Kaigan 1-12-2
    A pleasure cruise which operates out of Takeshiba Pier in Kaigan 1 Chome, Minato City. Climb aboard this huge floating restaurant and enjoy French course cuisine while taking in the Rainbow Bridge and other sights of Tokyo Bay. There are cruises at three different times – lunchtime, twilight, and dinnertime; there are also cruise plans for events such as parties and weddings.

    Tour along the harbor and then dinner. What's not to like Just make sure you take a lot of pictures.

  • Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park, Sona Area Tokyo
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Koto-ku Ariake 3-8-35
    "Learn about disaster preparedness at this hands-on learning facility at Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park, a national base for disaster management. It's located at the eastern end of Symbol Promenade Park. The ""Tokyo Direct-hit Earthquake 72h Tour"" takes you through the systems in place in the three days following a large earthquake. Experience from the moment the earthquake hits to reaching safety and take a quiz on a tablet, all for teaching what you need to know to survive a disaster. The second floor Disaster Prevention Learning Zone has a viewing area of the Extreme Disaster Management Headquarters used by the national government in case of an earthquake."
  • Machida Hinatamura
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Machida-shi Honmachida 2863
    Located almost in the middle of Machida City, this youth facility is in Hinatayama Park, a long hilly area stretching east to west that still have lush nature. It has rooms and halls available for use such as Carillon Hall, which can be used for piano and drama performances and as a small gym, recreation rooms that can be used for dance and singing practice, and Japanese-style rooms for meetings. The facility functions as a village for play and creativity that holds concerts and village festivals, and it is a place where you can freely go to both outside and inside during its business hours. It also lends balls, badminton sets, cards and board games such as Othello.
  • Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center
    54 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Toshima-ku Nishiikebukuro 2-37-8
    This facility where you can experience authentic disaster prevention in an urban area is located a five-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station. With a tour-type program led by an instructor, you can go on three types of experiences: earthquakes, smoke and fire extinguishing. The fire extinguishing corner where you can experience fighting a realistic fire projected on a large screen uses recycled water. You can experience discharging water using indoor fire hydrants and standpipes that you do not normally use. Groups of 10 or more people can also experience the disaster training drill corner, where you create roads, rivers and danger information on a map, allowing you to recheck your ability to manage disasters and sense danger.

    I come from a country with no major natural disaster. Is an eye opener for me. The staff are extremely friendly.

  • Tachikawa Disaster Prevention Building
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Tachikawa-shi Izumicho 1156-1
    This facility where you can experience disaster prevention while having fun. You can experience a disaster prevention mini theater, earthquake experience room, smoke experience room, firefighting training room, first aid training room, and first aid training corner. In addition, there are various learning devices and an experience plaza for children under elementary school age, making it a place where families can have fun. Reservations are not required for individuals.

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