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Experience Hall / Accommodation Experience (Training) Facility Spots in Miyagi Area

  • Matsushima Kamaboko Honpo Main Shop
    44 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Pref. Miyagigunmatsushimamachi Matsushima Chounai 120
    A shop which serves kamaboko seasoned fish paste, a Matsushima specialty. The shop makes and sells sasa kamaboko and other kamaboko varieties. The shop's first floor was remodeled in April 2012 and in this space, customers can watch kamaboko being made, eat this tasty treat, and relax. Customers can eat mu, a type of kamaboko made with tofu, fresh fried in oil in the restaurant's demonstration space. Large, eye-catching sasa kamaboko are cooked in the broiling space and served to customers fresh off the grill.

    While you are in Matsushima , please always dont forget to eat the delicious Sasa Kama. It is very famous in Sendai.

  • Kanezaki Tanabata Museum
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Pref. Sendaishi Wakabayashi-ku Tsurushiromachi 6-65
    Five minutes from the Sendai-higashi interchange on the Sendai-Tobu Road. Located inside Kanezaki Kamaboko no Kuni Sasakamakan, a facility where you can fully enjoy the food and culture of Miyagi, this interactive museum is Japan's first dedicated to the Tanabata festival. No matter what time of year it is, visitors can always experience the charms of Japan's Tanabata festival here. In addition to the elegance of the modern day Tanabata festival, visitors can also come in contact with the Tanabata festival as it was celebrated during Japan's feudal states era and Meiji and Taisho periods. There's also a standing exhibition dedicated to Sendai Shikakemono, string operated puppet theater almost never seen today; visitors can even try operating some actual puppets themselves.
  • National Hanayama Youth Outdoor Learning Center
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Pref. Kuriharashi Hanayama Honsawanumayama 61-1
    30 kilometers from the Wakayanagi-Kannari Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway. Located in Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture, this national youth outdoor learning center was established in 1978 as part of an event celebrating 100 years since the establishment of the national school system. Surrounded by abundant natural beauty, the center offers a variety of nature activity programs such as seasonal adventure activities and environmental learning activities. Facilities include a square where camp bonfires can be held, and outdoor cooking area, and a lodging building. The center is used for nursery school and school classes and also holds nature activities and training courses for all ages, including family and children's events, and youth association activities.
  • Takiniwa no Seki Komasho
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Miyagi Kami-gun Kamimachi Kanohara Yamashita 3
    This soba restaurant is located in a renovated kominka (old Japanese folk house) in Yamashita, Kanohara, Kami Town, Kami County. It serves handmade soba noodles, tempura made with wild plants and other seasonal ingredients, and more. The restaurant also offers soba making classes taught by its staff. It also offers visitors the chance to experience life in a rural community by staying overnight at the restaurant. A reservation is required for both programs.
  • Nihachiya Bussanten
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Miyagi-gun Matsushimamachi Matsushima Chonai 80
    This specialty kokeshi doll store is located along National Route 45, in Chonai Matsushima, Matsushima-cho, Miyagi District. The store creates and sells Naohide Matsushima kokeshi, which feature Japanese camellia patterns. The store also has a kokeshi painting experience workshop, where visitors can create their own original kokeshi dolls.
  • Osato Town Development Center “Hanryogura”
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Kurokawa-gun Osatocho Nakamura
    This facility offering a variety of hands-on experiences is located on Prefectural Route 9 in Babasawa, Nakamura, Osato Town, Kurokawa County. The facility develops and manufactures processed products made with specialties of the region. It also offers a hands-on experience program that includes making udon noodles with Jew’s mallow, a specialty of the town, as well as making miso paste by hand (reservation required).
  • Hyakuyo no Sato Nanatsumori Pottery Experience Center
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Kurokawa-gun Taiwacho Miyatoko Takayama 120
    This hands-on pottery studio is located in Takayama, Miyatoko, Taiwa Town, Kurokawa County. It offers two types of pottery experiences in which participants can create their own unique work of pottery. In the hand building course, participants form a shape from clay and fire it in a kiln. In the painting course, participants paint an unglazed pottery vessel. A reservation is recommended for both programs.
  • Izunuma Farmers' Market
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Tome-shi Hasamacho
    This restaurant and direct sale store is located in Nitta Maenuma, Hasama-cho, Tome City. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes made with ingredients such as its own brand of pork, Date Pure Red Pork, local vegetables and homemade ham. The direct sale store sells fresh vegetables produced by local farmers, its own dressed meat and processed meat, and local products from the north of the prefecture. Additionally, there is a corner with a shop that sells gelato and various side dishes. The store also offers experience workshops (a reservation is required) where visitors can learn to make Weiner sausages, pizza and local dishes.
  • Togeinosatoyu Rando
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyagi Pref. Kamigunkamimachi Miyazaki Cut 2-70
  • kanezaki kamabokonokuni sasakama Yakata
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Pref. Sendaishi Wakabayashi-ku Tsurushiromachi 6-65
  • Hikoronosato silk Tate
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Pref. Motoyoshigunminamisanrikuchou Iriya Sakurazawa 442
  • Aiaijin Moji
    1 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Pref. Kuriharashi Kurikomamonji Kajiya 103


  • Orizanomori
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Pref. Kamigunkamimachi Minamida Nakajima 1-16
  • Kurikomakogen Natural School
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Kurihara-shi
  • GlassWorksZao
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Katta-gun Zao Machi Togatta Onsen Nanokahara 293-17
  • Ishigamigama
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyagi Pref. Sendaishi Taihaku-ku Akiumachinagafukuro Sugekariyama 14

Miyagi Main Areas


Lying along the northeastern coast of Japan, Miyagi prefecture is home to lashings of natural parks, oysters, and hot springs. While the bustling city of Sendai offers some simple city entertainment, it’s the Matsushima islands that deserve the most attention, having boosted the prefecture’s reputation as one of Japan’s most scenic views.

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