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Shopping Spots in Kyoto Area

  • Nishiki Market
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Nakagyo-ku Nishiki Koji Road Teramachi Takakura
    A shopping arcade filled with shops extending from Nishiki Tenman-gu Shrine one block north of Shijo Street to Karasuma-dori Avenue. Some 400 years have passed since the area was granted the title of fish wholesaler by the Edo shogunate government in 1615, and the arcade is also known as the “Kitchen of Kyoto.” Roughly 390 meters long, a variety of restaurants, cafes, and knickknack shops, and grocery stores line the arcade selling seasonal fresh fish and Kyoto vegetables, Kyoto pickles, tsukudani foods preserved in soy sauce, dried goods, tofu, cookware, and tableware.
  • Daimaru (Kyoto Branch)
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Shimogyo-ku Shijyodong Takakura Nishi Into Shichisho-cho 79
    This veteran department store is located one minute on foot from Karasuma Station on Hankyu Railway's Kyoto Line in Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City. It has an array of shops, including those lining the Special Fashion Floor and the Dining Paradise area. Their Daimaru Museum holds exhibits and other events. They also have a popular wedding plan done in collaboration with a famous hotel.
  • Takashimaya Kyoto Store
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto Shirokyo-ku Shijyodo Kawaramachi Nishinomicho 52
    Takashimaya Kyoto Store is a department store located in the Kawara-machi area of the city. In addition to the usual fashions and food, it contains an art gallery and an arts and crafts salon. It was reopened after remodeling in 2006. The so-called dining garden, Kyo Kairo, located on the seventh floor, offers a wide selection of eating and drinking establishments, built in the modern Japanese style typical of Kyoto.
  • Aeon Mall (Kyoto Gojo)
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Ukyou-ku Sainoiwakechou 25-1
    This shopping mall is in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. It has about 130 shops as well as a walking course called Aeon Mall Walking that records how many calories you've burned. A paid shuttle bus runs there from Saiin Station on the Hankyu Railway Kyoto Line / Keifuku Electric Railroad Arashiyama Main Line.
  • Aeon Mall (KYOTO)
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Minami-ku Nishikujoutoriguchichou 1
    This shopping mall is about five minutes on foot from JR Kyoto Station in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. It features about 140 shops and puts on 1,000 Events a Year, mainly on weekends. These include live shows, exhibitions, workshops, and more. There is a free shuttle bus from Kyoto Station on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.
  • JR Kyoto Isetan
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Shimogyo-ku Karasumaru Saltwater Road Down Le Higashi Salinkochi Town
    A department store connected directly to Kyoto Station. The basement food sales area is host to a variety of shops selling bento box lunches and sweets. There is also a restaurant street on the top floor and a variety of “open view” restaurants from the 7th to the 10th floor giving diners the chance to enjoy super views of Kyoto from large windows installed in the building.
  • Demachi Futaba
    371 Reviews
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto-shi, Kamigyo-ku Ichimachi-dori Imadegawa Kamiru Aerosecho 236
    Located along Kawara-machi Street, this Japanese confectioner was founded in 1899. Their famous “nadai mamemochi” features red bean jam and red peas wrapped in freshly-made mochi. It has been around since the founding, and is a standard Kyoto souvenir, popular enough to see people lining up to get some.

    Went here because its the model store for Tamako Market. There is no queue when we went there. There's a lot of mochi disolayed. We only tried the mame daifuku , unfortunately we did not like it but...

  • Momo Terrace
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Fushimi-ku Momoyamachouyamanoshita 32
    Momo Terrace is a large shopping mall opened in February 2015 in the Fushimi-Momoyama area. In keeping with the name of the region, a peach (momo) tree is planted at the edge of the plaza at the main entrance. The food court inside has a children's area and a nearby party room, making it easy for parents to gather with their friends. Furthermore, a free smartphone app called NEARLY lets you access useful information about each shop in Momo Terrace.
  • Tsukimochi-ya Naomasa
    14 Reviews
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Nakagyou-ku Kiyamachisanjou Crow
    This venerable wagashi (Japanese sweet) shop was founded in 1804. First operating in a time when only fresh (not preserved) sweets could be made, the shop created baked sweets filled with sweet red bean paste and has continued to craft Kyoto treats in line with the times beloved by the masses. In addition to its titular geppei rice cakes, the shop offers a wide selection of fresh sweets. Particularly popular are its warabi-mochi cakes made with real warabi (bracken) starch; the sweet red bean paste, perfect with a cup of green tea, and the melt-in-your-mouth texture is exquisite. Sanjo Station is the closest station to the shop.

    表のウインドウのお菓子のディスプレイに惹かれて入店してみました。 栗蒸し羊羹に黒糖のカステラが合わさっていたり、珍しいお菓子がありました。 地元の人も買いに来ていました。

  • Kyukyodo
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Nakagyo-ku Teramachi Tsutomu Hanakoji Le Honno-ji Temple 520
    This venerable shop located in Teramachi in Kyoto City sells calligraphy supplies and incense and was founded in 1663. Originally opened as a pharmacy, the shop sold folk remedies; gradually, however, it came to sell incense and stationary. The shop sells Japanese and Western incenses in easy to use forms. The Japanese incense is made with natural ingredients according to a method unchanged since the days of the Heian dynasty. The Western incense is made primarily of perfumes and fragrances and is distinguished by its slightly florid scent. The shop sells some 10 thousand items, of which around four to five thousand are kept in ready stock at any one time.
  • Porta
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Shimogyo-ku Karasumaru Saltwater Road Down Le Higashi Salokoji-machi 902
    Kyoto’s first underground mall opened in 1980 and located below the north side of the Kyoto JR, subway, and municipal bus station. Porta was remodeled in 2014 together with Kyoto Station’s The Cube shopping facility and houses over 120 businesses offering fashionable clothing and cosmetics for women in their 20s and 30s, restaurants, and Kyoto souvenirs. Visitors can also find many great souvenirs for tourists here, making it a great place to visit while waiting for a train or bus.
  • Takezasado
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Shimogyo-ku Aya Hokkaido Saikuin Eastern Inl Shinkaiza cho 737
    The main Takezasado shop and studio, which was established in 1999 with the aim of promoting woodblock printing by the Takenaka Mokuban woodblock printing workshop, itself founded in 1891. In addition to making woodblock prints to order, providing woodblock print planning and design, holding woodblock printing classes, and examining and restoring old woodblock prints, the studio also sells exclusive products such as book covers made with woodblock print techniques.
  • ASTY Kyoto
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Shimogyou-ku Higashishiokoujitakakurachou 8-3
    A shopping mall located near the Shinkansen (bullet train) ticket gate in Kyoto Station. In addition to the first floor Asty Road area and second floor Asty Square area, the mall also has spaces inside the Shinkansen ticket area. In addition to restaurants, souvenir shops, and bento box lunch shops, the facility hosts a variety of tenants, including life goods shops, the Matsumoto Kiyoshi drug store, and the Uniqlo clothing shop.
  • Shichimiya Honpo
    9 Reviews
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Higashiyama-ku Kiyomizu 2-221
    This spice shop first opened some 360 years ago as a tea house for visitors to the Kiyomizu-dera Temple. The tea house became renowned for its “karashi-yu,” hot water sprinkled with chili powder, and this eventually led to it becoming a shichimi (traditional hot Japanese seven spice blend) specialty shop. Today, the shop sells a variety of foods with a focus on shichimi, sansho (Japanese pepper), and ichimi (cayenne pepper).


  • Suvaco JR Kyoto Isetan
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Shimogyo-ku Karasumaru Saltwater Road Down Le Higashi Salinkochi Town
    A shopping mall located in front of the west ticket gate in JR Kyoto Station. In addition to food shops selling bento box lunches, drinks, and sweets; restaurants; take-out and eat-in shops, and cafés, the facility is host to a variety of aesthetically oriented establishments, including makeup shops and healing salons.
  • Baikoudo
    13 Reviews
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Higashiyama-ku Imagumanohouzouchou 6

    パフェに入っている自家製あんこや、抹茶ゼリーは 歯ごたえしっかり 。抹茶シロップの香も高く、食べ応えありです。 おあじも 量も 大満足です

  • Kameya Yoshinaga
    15 Reviews
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Shimogyo-ku 17ju Kashiwa-cho Oishioji Nishi Entry 17-19
    This Kyoto sweet shop located in the Kashiwaya-cho neighborhood of Shimogyo Ward was founded in 1803 under the renowned Kameya Ryoan sweet shop. In addition to year round products and seasonal sweets, the shop also holds classes on making fresh Japanese sweets provided by confectionary artisans (reservation required; interpretation in English and Chinese available).

    A unique dessert experience in Kyoto. At first, the place looks as fancy as a jewellery store. It will intrigue you enough to stop and have a look. Each Wagashi looks like a master piece and tastes...

  • Sokyudo Shisendo Tea Shop
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Sakyou-ku Ichijouji Next to Shogendo
    A well-established tea shop next to Ichijoji Shisen-do, their famous “hato mochi” takes the “koma-bato” of Miyake-hachimangu Shrine as its motif. There are three flavors: white prune, matcha tea, cinnamon. You can enjoy some either in the shop, or get some as a carry-home gift.
  • Chocolat BEL AMER Kyoto Bettei
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Nakagyo-ku Sanjyutsu Sakaiicho Higashi Ille north Masaya-machi 66
    A chocolate shop located in the Masuya-cho neighborhood of Nakagyo Ward along Sanjo Street. Aiming to create chocolate suited to Japanese tastes, the shop carefully scrutinizes the ingredients used and carefully controls storage temperatures and humidities, selling a variety of individually crafted chocolate confections. The Chocolate Bar, located on the second floor, serves sweets, beverages, sake, and champagne.
  • nikiniki
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Shimogyou-ku Shijounishikiyamachi Northwest gate

Kyoto Main Areas


Its wooden tea houses, shuffling geisha, and spiritual sights have seen Kyoto hailed as the heart of traditional Japan, a world apart from ultramodern Tokyo. Despite being the Japanese capital for over a century, Kyoto escaped destruction during World War II, leaving behind a fascinating history which can be felt at every turn, from the fully gold-plated Kinkakuji Temple down to traditional customs such as geisha performances and tea ceremonies, which are still practiced to this day.

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