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Shopping Spots in Saga Area

    Saga Pref. Tosushi Yayoigaoka 8-1
    This outlet mall with a stylish, exotic atmosphere reminiscent of a southern Californian town features a range of 150 shops mostly dedicated to brands and fashion. With breast-feeding rooms and playgrounds, parents can feel comfortable bringing young children. The place is bulging with shoppers during the “premium outlet bargain” sale held twice a year. There are also seasonal events including illuminations.
  • Youme Town Saga
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Saga Prefecture Saga City Hyogo-north 5-14-1
    This large shopping center has 180 specialty stores ranging from fashion to consumer electronics, daily sundries and restaurants, and is located on the national highway Route 34. It employs universal design and is recognized by the Building Access Law. It is complete with breast-feeding facilities and free Wi-Fi.
  • Karatsu Burger Matsubara Main Shop
    Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture Rainbow Matsubara
    A local burger sold at the Nijinomatsubara parking area in Karatsu City. People love these hearty burgers slathered in a distinctive sweet sauce and sandwiched between a crisply toasted bun. The burgers are fresh-made inside a mobile kitchen car and brought to your vehicle or nearby bench when your order is cooked.
  • Imari Nabeshima Ware Hall
    Saga Pref. Imarishi Okawachichou Okawauchi Yutaka 1806
    This facility exhibits and sells porcelain created by 24 pottery workshops affiliated with the Imari Nabeshima Ware Cooperative. In the Edo period, Okawachiyama was where the government-sponsored pottery workshop of Saga Domain (ruled by the Nabeshima clan) was located; today, it is a pottery town nicknamed the “Village of the Secret Kiln.” The pieces crafted by each workshop are displayed separately in the facility, making clear their unique characteristics. A café space also adjoins the facility where you can enjoy coffee served in a Nabeshima ware cup.
  • Koransha Main Store
    27 Reviews
    Saga Pref. Nishimatsuragunaritachou Koubira 1-3-8
    A renowned studio founded by a porcelain manufacturer in 1875. The studio produces Arita ware which has won prizes in contests around the world. The studio’s distinctive hard white porcelain decorated with splendid designs are even referred to as the “Koransha style” and are highly praised. The studio’s showroom displays Koransha art pieces and items supplied to the Imperial household as well as everyday goods like fountain pens and tableware. The perfect place to search for a souvenir or present that is a cut above.

    展示品もとても美しくて見惚れてしまいました。ゆっくり時間をかけてみることが出来ました。あまり焼き物に詳しくない私にも店員さんは優しく声をかけてくれました。 母に小鉢を2つと自分に1つ購入しました。

  • Sehyogama Tobako
    Saga Pref. Imarishi Okawachichou Otsu 1982
    This shop is located in Imari City, Saga Prefecture. It is directly managed by Imari Ware, and sells a wide variety of products with the theme of “A new wind from Imari.” Inside, there are a range of wares, from brand new Imari and Nabeshima Wares, to everyday dishes and luxury items. Many of these are white dishes, which makes them easy to use in a household setting. Also in the shop, is Cafe Hibiki, where customers can enjoy coffee and sweets on dishes baked in the Sehyou kiln. Visitors can also pop in for a break from walking and exploring. *The Cafe Hibiki is currently closed (as of October 2018).
  • Noritake Factory Outlet Imari
    5 Reviews
    Saga Pref. Imarishi Higashiyamashirochou Nagahama 120-3
    Noritake got its start as a small knickknack shop which opened on New York’s Sixth Avenue in 1876. Here at this outlet shop you can buy Noritake tableware, such as ever-so-slightly bluish white porcelains and milky white bone China characterized by its delicacy and warmth. The closest station is Higashi-Yamashiro Station on the Matsuura Nishi-Kyushu Line.


  • The Arita Ceramics Sato Plaza Arita-ware Wholesale Area
    Saga Pref. Nishimatsuragunaritachou Akasaka Hiei 2351-170
    This Arita ware specialist shopping mall deals in all kinds of porcelain, from daily use to business to gifts and fine art. In a 6,600 square meter facility, 22 shops are lined side-by-side along a 200-meter central road. Here one can enjoy a relaxing shopping experience, or take a break at a rest stop or restaurant. As the whole building is barrier-free, both wheelchairs and baby strollers are easy to use.
    8 Reviews
    Saga Pref. Karatsushi Yobukochouyobuko 1740-11
    A wholesaler for JF Saga Genkai Fisherman’s Association in “Yobuko Daiba Minato Plaza”, they have a full selection of fresh squid, sea urchin, turban shell, abalone, mackerel, sea bream and other seafood, as well as packed meat, fruits, and regional goods. There is a restaurant, a barbeque corner for cooking the seafood just purchased at the wholesaler, and an adjacent bathing facility Yobuko Daiba no Yu where you get a full view of Yobuko Ohashi Bridge and Yobuko Bay.

    「呼子台場みなとプラザ」内にある漁協直営の直売所 牡蠣や、イワシをココデ買うと、隣のバーべキューで、焼いて食べれます。 炭代金、200円、牡蠣が1個100円くらいだったです。 河太郎のイカ定食を食べるために、並んでいる間、1時間以上も待ち行列ができていたので、ここで、牡蠣を焼いてたべました。 河太郎は、順番札を渡してくれるので、並んでいる必要はありませんので、大丈夫です。

  • Yobuko Morning Market
    Yobuko cho Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture
    One of Japan’s three largest morning markets, Yobuko operates 364 days a year (only closing on New Year’s Day). Open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., on weekdays some 40 stands operate and 60 on weekends and holidays. The market is particularly famous for its squid ikizukuri sashimi, made with a variety of squid throughout the year. In addition to the squid, visitors are encouraged to try the mackerel ikizukuri, which is fast becoming a new specialty for the market. Take the Showa Bus bound for Yobuko at Oteguchi Bus Center in front of JR Karatsu Station and get off at the Yobuko stop; the market is just a three-minute walk from there. 30 minutes by car.
    Saga Pref. Nishimatsuragunaritachou Kamikouhira 1-11-3
    A pottery shop located in 1-Chome Kamikohira, Arita Town, Nishimatsuura County, Saga Prefecture. The shop is the flagship location for the ARITA PORCELAIN LAB brand developed by Yazaemon-gama, a pottery studio established in 1804. The shop sells Arita ware tableware which combines traditional techniques with designs suited to modern lifestyles. There's also an adjoining cafe which serves dishes made with local ingredients on the brand's tableware.
  • Gallery Arita
    47 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Saga Pref. Nishimatsuragunaritachou Honmachi Otsu 3057
    "A cafe situated along National Route 35 in Otsu, Hon-machi, Arita Town, Nishimatsuura County, Saga Prefecture. The cafe serves a gozen meal, which comes with Arita's famous godofu tofu; ""Arita-yaki Gozen"", a meal consisting of an assortment of local delicacies served on Arita ware; Imari beef curry, Imari beef steaks; and Imari beef hamburg steaks. During teatime, the establishment also offers toast and pancakes topped with ice cream. Order a hot drink and you can choose which coffee cup it will be served in from among some 2,000 on display in the cafe."

    This is recommended by a shop we visit and the cafe was very nice, they will let u pick the own cup out of their hundreds of collection and they also served 10 set of special lunch every day. We...

  • Mallage Saga
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Saga Pref. Sagashi Kosemachi Ushijima 730
    A shopping mall located in Ushijima, Kose-machi, Saga City. The mall hosts fashionable apparel shops; boutiques; a food court; a large discount store; a supermarket; a video game arcade, movie theater, and other amusement facilities. The mall also holds workshops for children every third Sunday of the month plus concerts by singers and other events.
  • Farmer's Market Macchan
    18 Reviews
    Saga Pref. Sagashi Mitsusemurayuzuriha 246-1
    A farmers market situated along National Route 263 in Yuzuriha, Mitsuse-mura, Saga City. Here visitors can buy fresh vegetables picked that very morning, rice from Mitsuse-mura and Fuji-cho, and other agricultural products; homemade Zaruyose tofu made with soybeans grown in the prefecture; Japanese pickles; fried foods; manju buns; and more. You can eat your purchases in the adjoining eat-in space or enjoy a lunch buffet consisting of dishes made with fresh, local vegetables sold by weight.


  • Ureshino Ochachamura
    Travel / Tourism
    Saga Pref. Ureshinoshi Ureshinomachiwayagawachi No. 3537
    A green tea processing factory situated along National Route 34 in Iwayagawachi, Ureshino-machi, Ureshino City. Surrounded by tea fields, inside visitors can see how tea is made. Visitors can also sample the factory's teas and purchase freshly- made tea leaves at reasonable prices in the factory's shop.
  • Fukagawa Seiji (Main Store)
    Saga Pref. Nishimatsuragunaritachou Koubira 1-1-8
    "Arita is the first place in Japan where porcelain was made. From the 17th century onward, Arita ware was an important product of what was once Saga-Nabeshima Domain and was extensively exported abroad, where it is known and loved as ""Imari ware,"" ""Ko-Imari,"" and ""Old Imari."" Fukagawa Seiji, a company which furthered global interest in Arita ware and which converted it into an art form, was founded in 1894 by Chuji Fukagawa, and Fukagawa erected Fukagawa Seiji's flagship store right here in Arita with the intent of welcoming customers from around the world. Even today, the structure retains a strong atmosphere redolent of the bygone Meiji and Taisho periods; the exterior of the building is covered in scratch tile, while the interior is decorated with floor mosaics and stained-glass windows. In the second-floor museum, visitors can view outstanding pieces crafted by Fukagawa Seiji bearing the distinct ""Meiji modern"" design style (advance reservation required). Today, the building and collection of the second-floor museum have received the Heritage of Industrial Modernization designation."
  • Masuda no Ogi Yokan
    Saga Pref. Ogishi Ogimachi 255
    "A Japanese confectionary shop situated along the Karatsu Highway in Ogi-machi, Ogi City. The shop sells confections like Saga's renowned ""Ogi Yokan"" red bean jelly bars covered with a crunchy layer of sugar, ""Furusato Monaka"" red bean jam wafer cakes, and ""Maruboro"" pancakes. The shop is adjoined by a restaurant serving Japanese set meals (meal orders require an advance reservation)."
  • Karatsu Umakamon Ichiba
    Saga Pref. Karatsushi Kuri 1961-2
    A farmers market situated along Prefectural Route 40 in Kuri, Karatsu City. Here visitors can purchase fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products from Karatsu City and Genkai Town; Saga beef and other meats and seafood; and prepared and processed foods. The adjoining restaurant offers a lunch all-you-can-eat buffet; noodles, curry, and other light meals; Japanese style yakiniku barbecue, and other dishes crafted with a focus on local production for local consumption.
  • Karatsu City Furusato Kaikan Arpino
    Saga Pref. Karatsushi Shinkoumachi 2881-1
    A local specialty products hall located close to Karatsu Station in Shinko-machi, Karatsu City. Here visitors can purchase famous Karatsu sweets like Shoro Manju buns; nori seaweed and other marine products from the Ariake Sea; Karatsu tea; processed agricultural products like yuzu pepper made with Kyuragi's specialty yuzu fruit; and other local specialty products and crafts. On the second floor, visitors will find a Karatsu ware display space and shop which also has a corner where you can try painting your own Karatsu ware piece.
  • Nabeshima Oniwayaki
    Saga Pref. Imarishi Okawachichou Otsu 1822-1
    A pottery studio located Otsu Okawachi-cho, Imari City. One of the pottery studios situated in Okawachiyama, an area which was home to pottery studios which officially supplied what was Nabeshima Domain from the Edo to the Meiji periods, this studio is the only one currently in operation which can trace its lineage directly to one of these fabled official kilns. The studio was the only one permitted by Nabeshima Domain to use the apricot leaf mark still imprinted on the backs of the studio's pieces.

Saga Main Areas


Away from the fast-paced cities of mainland Japan, Kyushu’s Saga prefecture offers quaint towns and cities known for their traditional crafts, particularly ceramics. Rich in kaolin (a type of clay), Saga became the homeland of Arita ware, a delicate, decorative porcelain that is now celebrated worldwide and can be discovered in the towns of Arita, Imari, and Karatsu.

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