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Shopping Spots in Kumamoto Area

  • Kumamoto Prefecture Bussan-kan
    2 Reviews
    Kumamoto Pref. Kumamotoshichuouku Sakuramachi 3-1NTT West Sakuramachi building 1F
    This Bussan-kan is located in the center of the city. The facility has over 2,500 kinds of products local to Kumamoto including traditional crafts and foods, alcoholic beverages, as well as fruit and vegetables. It is easy to access being close to the transportation bus center, and is recommended to those wanting to buy souvenirs. It is a three-minute walk from the “Kumamotojo-mae” tram stop.


  • Aso Narure Land
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kumamoto Pref. Asoshi Uchinomaki 1092-1
    Aso Nature Land, located in Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture, offers a variety of activities that allow visitors to enjoy the mountains, grassy plains, and other blessings of nature to the fullest. The sky-themed sports are especially popular. There’s even a paragliding course for beginners who want to experience what it’s like to descend to the ground from a hill. Visitors can view the sunrise from a hot air balloon 40 meters in the air—young children are allowed as well if accompanied by a guardian. There’s also horseback riding, canyoning, and a variety of other courses available.
  • Ogunigou Souvenir Hall Piramitto
    Kumamoto Pref. Asogunogunimachi Miyabaru 2483-1
    A Japan Agricultural Cooperatives famers market located in Oguni, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture easily identifiable by its namesake pyramid-shaped building. The market sells all manner of Aso products, including fresh vegetables delivery daily by local farmers, Kumamoto pork ham and sausages, and dairy products made with Oguni Jersey milk. There is also a restaurant where diners can enjoy dishes made with delicious local ingredients; the Oguni beef diced steak and yakiniku (barbecue) special are particularly popular. The rich soft-serve ice cream makes a great dessert or treat.
  • Patisserie Roku
    Kumamoto Pref. Asogunminamiogunimachi Manganji 6610
    This Kurokawa Onsen pâtissier is famous for its roll cakes made with copious quantities of soyo no tsuki eggs raised at the foot of Mt. Aso. Housed inside an old private home facing Kawabata-dori Avenue in Kurokawa Onsen, the shop’s chou à la crème, topped with a shiokoji (salt-marinated rice malt) cookie, are filled with custard only after a customer orders them. The shop’s plain and matcha roll cakes, made with local Kumamoto and Aso ingredients, are also popular.
  • La Table de Merucoro
    16 Reviews
    Kumamoto Pref. Asogunminamiasomura Kawayou Sakanoue 3765
    Merucoro is a famous store, which sells bread made with homemade yeast, around 30 types of jam and baked confectionaries. There is also a café inside the store, where customers can taste the bread and baked confectionaries they have bought with drinks. There is also a lunch set and a cake set. It is approximately 16 minutes’ walk from the Minamiaso Railway Takamori Line’s Choyo Station, along the National Route 325.

    塩パンが美味しいパン屋さんです。 お店は可愛くて種類が豊富でした。 パンだけではなくケーキもありますので次回はケーキも買いたいと思います

  • L'isola Terrace Amakusa
    44 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kumamoto Pref. Kamiamakusashi Matsushimamachiaitsu Matsushima-machi Aizu north 6215-16
    Built on prime real estate with a sweeping view of Shimabara Bay, L’isola Terrace Amakusa houses a restaurant where all seats have an ocean view, as well as a shop offering local Amakusa souvenirs. There is also a bar and shops carrying south sea knickknacks, clothing, and accessories in this multipurpose facility. With a children’s play area as well, the facility can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. From March 25, the facility holds an “Umi Akari” seaside illumination event from 6 p.m. onward. The magical sight of bamboo lanterns lit from within by candles is truly stunning. A three-minute walk from JR Misumi Station.

    We stopped here for lunch after doing the Sea Cruise Dolphin watching. The food was good, but the view was beautiful. It was so nice to sit by the sea and watch the world go by for a while.

  • AEON MALL Kumamoto
    Kumamoto Kami-mashiki-gun Kashimamachi Uejima Naga Ike 2232
  • Youme Town Hikarinomori
    Kumamoto Kikuchi-gun Kikuyomachi Hikarinomori 7-33-1
    88 Reviews
    Kumamoto Pref. Kamiamakusashi Oyanomachinoboritate 910
    This specialty shop in Kamiamakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture is well known for its roughly 15-meter statue of Amakusa Shiro, the tallest of its kind in Japan. Their Amakusa Umakamon Market sells local specialties and their Shima Café where you can enjoy the feeling of being in a tropical country serves various Asian sweets such as drinks with tapioca pearls. You can tour a chikuwa fish cake factory there too. Lots of visitors drop in here while sightseeing in Amakusa.

    About 5 km south of the 1st Pearl Line Bridge (where a new one is going up alongside the old), is a large parking lot on the west side of the road that you can't miss. Right on the road is a giant...

  • Pan Kobo Mamenoki
    Kumamoto Pref. Asoshi Kurokawa 1447
    This bakery is located in Aso City. They sell bread made with carefully selected ingredients and their own type of yeast, as well as handmade jam. Their sweet and aromatic bread is made with 100% Hokkaido flour and locally sourced milk from jersey cows. They have an eating area, so lots of people get a coffee to go with their purchase.
    Kumamoto Pref. Asogunminamiasomura Kawayou 1883
    This bakery is in Aso County's Minamiaso Village. Their bread made with Kumamoto wheat flour and natural yeast has been a hit since they opened. Their baked goods feature local Kumamoto seasonal ingredients. With items made with asparagus, sausage, and other kinds of meat and vegetables, the simple natural flavors shine through.
  • Okamoto Tofu
    Kumamoto Pref. Asogunogunimachi Nishizato 2241-6
    This tofu shop located in Oguni Town, Aso County was founded in the Meiji period. Their excellent tofu is made with local spring water. They sell several varieties, including country style inaka tofu, zaru tofu served in a basket, and fried tofu. You can also eat freshly made tofu right there as part a meal set. They make soy milk too, and sell prepared products made with it like karinto fried dough and yokan bean gelatin that make great gifts.
  • Tawarayama Koryukan Moe no Sato
    Kumamoto Pref. Asogunnishiharamura Komori 2115-3
    This community center is in Nishihara Village, Aso County. They have a produce stand selling local vegetables as well as prepared products like original shochu liquor made from local sweet potatoes, confections, and pickled vegetables. They display the work of the Kumamoto born calligrapher Soun Takeda too.
  • Morino Kumasan Bon Gateaux
    Kumamoto Pref. Kikuchigunkikuyoumachi Hikarinomori 6-6-1
    This sweet shop is located in Kikuyo Town, Kikuchi County. They sell baked confections and cakes made with seasonal fruit, fresh cream and eggs from Kumamoto, and other additive free ingredients. They have an array of colorful cakes available, as well as gift sets packed with their popular baked sweets.
  • Shunsaikan Sakura-no-Koji Kumamoto Shuzo
    Kumamoto Pref. Kumamotoshichuouku Ninomaru 1-1-2
    This souvenir shop is located in Chuo Ward, Kumamoto City. It sells Kumamoto specialty products like spicy mustard filled lotus root, ikinari dango dumplings, original sweets, sake, and shochu spirits. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays they run a fried chicken (karaage) shop that uses a local breed of free-range poultry. It occasionally operates on weekdays, too.
  • Hitoyoshi Onsen Bussan kan
    5 Reviews
    Kumamoto Pref. Hitoyoshishi Kamiaoimachi 120-4
    This specialty shop is near Aoiaso-jinja Shrine in Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture. It's popular with Hitoyoshi sightseers. The shop sells local specialty items such as the Japanese sweet yubeshi, onsen manju buns, and local sake. The restaurant serves local cuisine and has a menu catered to groups. There's a footbath just outside the building, too.

    多分、国宝の青井神社と駐車場は共通。青井神社へは駐車場から見えるそばの鳥居ではなく、正面の大きな赤い鳥居からは行って欲しい。 売っているものは普通に物産館。人吉を中心に熊本の地の物が売っている。 暑かったため、そとのかき氷には行列ができていた。 無料の足湯もあったが、そばに喫煙所があったため入るのは諦めた。 喫煙所の場所は考え直して欲しい。

  • Tanaka Chikusan
    29 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Kumamoto Pref. Amakusashi Itsuwamachijougawara 2-101-1
    This famous yakiniku barbecue house offers carefully selected, reasonably priced Japanese black beef from their own ranch. Their popular all-you-can-eat menu lets you dine on the tender marbled beef to your heart's content. People even come from far away to eat there, to the point that they sometimes have a line waiting for them to open.

    やはり並びました。 でも、美味しかった。 3800円のランチです。お肉、美味しですし、豚汁がよかった。凄く豚肉もタップリ。 さらに牛丼!さすがの肉屋牛丼です。

  • Kikuchi Sightseeing Product House
    1 Reviews
    Kumamoto Pref. Kikuchishi Waifu 1273-1
    A local specialty products market which carries an abundant selection of gifts and souvenirs, including fresh-picked vegetables; local liquors; popular confections; and Kikuchi specialty goods like rice paddy burdock and yacon tubers. Exclusive products such as gelatos made with Kikuchi rice and tofu made with water from Kikuchi Gorge are also well reviewed. The morning markets held every Sunday are attended by large numbers of people from within the city and beyond. Visitors are recommended to buy one of the many bento box lunches on offer and go for a picnic in the adjoining Kikuchi City Park.


    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kumamoto Pref. Kumamotoshichuouku Shimotori 1-3-8
    A shopping mall located in Chuo Ward, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture. Of the mall's around 40 tenants, 30 are the first location for their brand in Kumamoto, including popular apparel shops Urban Research, Journal Standard, and Freak's Store. Floors one through four are dedicated to fashion, and this mall is fast gaining a reputation as Kumamoto's new fashion mecca. You can also enjoy an authentic French cafe on the first floor in Brioche Doree & Cafe, a popular cafe with 300 locations across France.
  • Tsuruya Department Store
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kumamoto Pref. Kumamotoshichuouku Tetorihonchou 6-1
    This long-standing department store, one of Kumamoto's most well-known, was opened in 1952. On the outside, the department store retains the same classic appearance it bore when it first opened, while inside it boasts one of the largest shopping floors in the country. Dedicated to being a locally-based department store delivering a high quality, elegant lifestyle, the facility strives to host shops and products rooted in the area. Because the facility refuses to stick to traditional images of department stores and promotes closeness between its employees and customers, it is popular with people of all ages. The department store also has areas for men and kids, such as a children's area and a waiting room where you can use high class audio equipment.

Kumamoto Main Areas


Kumamoto lies in the center of Kyushu, a calm prefecture perfect for easy strolls around the historic center and lazy evenings in the natural hot springs at Kurokawa Onsen. For a slightly more strenuous activity, head to Mount Aso, whose surrounding hills offer hiking opportunities aplenty with views over the active volcano.

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