Life / Living / Hospital Spots in Kyoto Area

  • Kyoto Daigaku
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Sakyo-ku Yoshidahonmachi
  • Kyoto International Conference Center
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Sakyou-ku Iwakuraosagichou 422
    An international conference center which was built as Japan's first national conference facility. Used as a space by many for exchange and gatherings, in addition to the main building and an event hall, the facility is also adjoined by a hotel. The facility also has a Japanese garden on the grounds surrounded by lush natural beauty which is dedicated to the theme of people gathering and talking in nature.
  • Yumeyakata Kyoto Kimono Rental Shop (Gojo Branch)
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Shimogyou-ku Manjujichou 128
    This kimono rental store is located in Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto. You can rent kimono to wear while strolling about the sites in Kyoto, and they also rent out yukata and hakama. It is also possible to arrange a stylist and photographer to take professional photographs for casual sightseeing or even wedding ceremonies.
  • Rental Kimono Okamoto (Kiyomizudera Branch)
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Higashiyama-ku Kiyomizu 2-237-1-1
    Rental Kimono Okamoto is on the walk leading up to Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto's Higashiyama Ward. It is operated by Okamoto Textile Shop, a venerable business with a 180-year history. It stocks over 1,000 different kimono to choose from and even helps customers with putting on the kimono and styling their hair. Many foreign tourists who want to experience Japanese culture patronize this shop.
  • Kyoto Prefectural Library
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Sakyou-ku Okazakiseishoujichou
    Located about a 10-minute walk from the Higashiyama Station on the Tozai Subway Line, this public library was founded in 1898, and was preceded by the Shushoin, the first structure of its type in which a collection of books were preserved and available for public perusal. The current three-story brick structure was designed by the architect Takeda Goichi and built in 1909 when moved from its original site, and continued to be used as the main hall until the Han-Shin Awaji Earthquake disaster. The facade only was preserved thereafter and can still be seen at that time on the currently completed new building.
  • KIMONO rental Gion Nishiki (Gion Main Store)
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Higashiyama-ku Gionmachikitagawa 347 Furei Building 1F
    KIMONO rental Gion Nishiki (Gion Main Store) rents high quality kimonos at amazing prices. You can stroll from there through Kyoto to Yasaka Shrine or Kiyomizu-dera Temple while dressed up in kimono or yukata. Pros fit the kimono and do your hair and makeup to match, helping you make the most of your kimono sightseeing experience. A wide variety of kimono are available, including classic and retro patterns.
  • Gion Kyokagami Rental Kimono
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Higashiyama-ku Kiyomotochou 353-1 Hanami Alley Building 3F
    Gion Kyokagami Rental Kimono is located about two minutes' walk from Gion Shijo Station in Kyoto's Higashiyama Ward. There are a variety of options available, including one for couples. Customers may choose from a variety of colorful kimono, and the employees help with dressing and hair styling. Since the shop is near famous sightseeing areas, many Japanese and foreign tourists come with the intention of walking around in costume.
  • Kyoto Gionya
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Higashiyama-ku Gionmachiminamigawa 5842F
    A kimono rental shop a three minute walk from Gion-Shijo Station. Patrons can select their favorite from among some 300 kimonos together with a dedicated kimono advisor and, after having their hair and makeup performed by professionals, enjoy walking the streets of Kyoto. You can also bring your own kimono. Visitors staying at hotels inside Kyoto City can choose the “Rakuraku Course” and return their kimonos at their hotel front desk when they are done.
  • Studio Kokoro
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Ukyou-ku Sagatenryujisusukinobabachou 3-18B1
    A kimono and Japanese clothing rental shop and photo studio located a short distance north of the Togetsukyo Bridge traveling from Arashiyama Park's Nakanoshima Area. Customers can choose to only rent clothing and even have the option of wearing their rented outfit the whole day and returning it the following day. The shop offers professional photography either in its indoor studio or outdoors, and customers are free to take their own photos as well after their shoot is finished. The shop offers exciting plans including a Jusan Mairi (traditional shrine visit for 13 year olds) plan, maiko apprentice geisha plan, and oiran courtesan plan, and customers can get photos taken in the atmospheric oiran studio or outdoors at the Togetsukyo Bridge or nearby bamboo forest.
  • Shisetsu Toshokan
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Sakyo-ku Jodojinishidacho 74
    This fee-charing, study room-style private library is located a short distance west of the intersection between Imadegawa-dori Street and Shirakawa-dori Street. At the reception counter, choose an open seat; you then pay in accordance with the amount of time you stay. Customers are free to bring in their own food and drink but the library also offers free green tea and sells coffee and black tea at low prices. Customers can freely read the books lining the library's shelves and, excluding a portion of the collection, borrow books as well. You can reserve a seat on Sundays and holidays. Regardless of the day of the week, the library is happily open until midnight. The library is a great place to study or take a break.
  • Kyoto Ohashi Kobo (Chopsticks)
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Ukyo-ku Hanazonotenjugaokacho 16-5
    This shop is Japan's only Order Made Chopstick shop and makes their chopsticks to the customer's specifications while they started with only using local Kyoto bamboo, they've expanded to include carefully chosen famous woods from all around Japan and rare woods from around the world. Along with their order made chopsticks they also produce bamboo serving chopsticks, all purpose cooking chopsticks, chopsticks for griling, chopsticks for pickling, and chopsticks for boxed lunches.
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Ukyo-ku Sagatenryujitateishicho 4-10
    This studio established in 1995 offers people the opportunity to completely transform themselves with gorgeous costumes just like an actress. It has earned a reputation for its authentic costumes and its high technical prowess. Some of the studio's many costume options include maiko attire, Heian-era dress, courtesan garb, and a variety of men's costumes. There are also fun options for couples such as dressing up as a maiko and a Shinsengumi member, or as a princess and a samurai lord. There are even packages for school trips and children.
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Nakagyo-ku Sakuranocho 407-1
    A five-minute walk from the Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station on the Tozai Line. A record shop in the Uta-no-Koji Building just passing the bustling Shinkyogoku Shopping Arcade. With records paving the floor and cassette tapes filling the walls this long-standing shop is sure to catch the eye. They mainly focus on avant-garde genres of music including electronic music and experimental music and always have over 2000 records, cassettes, and CDs in stock. The shop itself has an installation art piece feel to it and once you step inside it's hard to pull yourself away.
  • Shinsengumi Clothing Rental Makotoya
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Nakagyo-ku Mibutsujimachi 45-7
    This clothing rental shop is near Mibu-dera Temple where was included a former base of the Shinsengumi. They offer rentals of the trademark Shinsengumi pale-blue haori coats, black director's uniforms, and Ryoma Sakamoto kimonos with crest. All costumes are high quality and made in the Mibusato workshop. The realistic feeling of the heavy cloth sleeves and hems fluttering in the wind is quite a hit. There are a number of spots near the shop connected to the Shinsengumi, like Yagitei station, Koen-ji Temple, and the old Maekawa manor. A hit course is going for a stroll in your outfit after your photo session is over.
  • WTV Select Glasses Shin-kyogoku Nishiki Shop
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Nakagyo-ku Higashigawacho 535-1 Nishiki Tenjinmae
    "This glasses shop, founded in 1917, is in front of Shinkyogoku's Nishiki-Tenmangu Shrine. Their motto is ""fun to wear glasses"" and they offer a huge variety of popular brands and domestic glasses. This shop prides itself on their speed. They can finish your glasses within nine minutes of receiving your order. They have designs ranging from Kyoto-esqeu to modern foreign brands, as well as traditional Sabae glasses from Fukui."
  • Rental Kimono & Maiko Experience Maikozaka
    Travel / Tourism
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Fushimi-ku Fukakusainarionmaecho 76
    This kimono rental shop one minute's walk from Inari Station, marked out by the Maiko sign. It's perfectly located, right in front of Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine, and offers an authentic Maiko experience. All you need to bring is your own makeup to reapply after your experience is over. The experience includes authentic Japanese makeup as used by maiko and geiko, such as hair pomade, face-white, water-soluble lipstick, and more. Once you put on the Kimono and hair decorations of your choice, you can have your portrait taken in the studio or go out for a Kyoto walk. They also offer rentals of light kimonos, yukata robes, and Shinsengumi outfits.
  • Uragu
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Higashiyama-ku Miyakawasuji 4-297
    A stationary shop located in the Miyakawa-cho neighborhood of Higashiyama Ward selling postcards, writing paper, envelopes, and book covers. Situated inside a former tea house, the shop sells a wide variety of exclusively designed products. The shop name is a play on a verb meaning “to be happy” and the shop offers goods for conveying your happiness to your loved ones.
  • idola (Main Shop)
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Nakagyo-ku Sanjyodori Fujikoji Square SACRABLD.3F
    This handicraft store is in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City. They sell antique and vintage beads and buttons and offer thousands of items for handicrafts gathered from all over the world. These differ in era, country of origin, size, and design. Besides materials for handicrafts, they also sell finished goods, accessories, and other miscellany.
  • Nijiyura (Kyoto Sanjo Branch)
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Nakagyou-ku Benkeishichou 38-1
    Nijiyura is a shop in Kyoto's Nakagyo Ward that specializes in Japanese traditional washcloths. Its brand of washcloths is produced according to traditional methods in dyeworks in Sakai in Osaka and are sold in many variations. Since the shop is located near both the Museum of Kyoto and the Kamo River, it attracts large numbers of foreign tourists who are interested in Japanese culture.
  • Senmaruya (Main Shop)
    4 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Nakagyo-ku Sakai-cho Shoji Road
    This veteran yuba (tofu skin) shop is in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto city. Founded in 1804, they make their yuba in the same tradition they have from the start. They offer an incredible variety of fresh and dried yuba. At their Sakai Main Shop, they offer hot pot dishes at lunchtime that let guests enjoy the simple flavors of broth made from dry yuba and kelp, along with vegetables and chicken.

    久しぶりに思い立って予約なしに、12時40分頃入店しました。幸い空席があったので大名物の「湯葉鍋」を食べました。 たまにはこういうものを食べたくなるよわいとなりました。 すぐ北の錦市場は以前の賑わいが戻って来ました。 祇園「花咲」がすぐ傍にあります。

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Its wooden tea houses, shuffling geisha, and spiritual sights have seen Kyoto hailed as the heart of traditional Japan, a world apart from ultramodern Tokyo. Despite being the Japanese capital for over a century, Kyoto escaped destruction during World War II, leaving behind a fascinating history which can be felt at every turn, from the fully gold-plated Kinkakuji Temple down to traditional customs such as geisha performances and tea ceremonies, which are still practiced to this day.

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