Direct Sales Depot / Market Spots in Tokushima Area

  • JA Higashi Tokushima Yottene Market
    15 Reviews
    Tokushima Katsuura-gun Katsuuracho
    Located next to "Roadside Station Hinanosato Katsutura" along Prefectural Route 16 in Katsuura-cho, Katsuura-gun, this farm sells fresh vegetables, fruits, wild vegetables, and other seasonal produce harvested in the town, as well as handmade processed foods such as prepared dishes and pickles, etc. Especially popular are the special mandarins that abound during winter.

    周囲の風景のとおり、「近隣で生産された農産物」が多く販売されていますが、海からも30分を要しないこちらのエリアでは、瀬戸内と太平洋の両方に面した「徳島」の美味しいお魚たちが、けっこう充実しています。 季節ごとに旬の海産物が、おもに半加工だったりお惣菜(お刺身、お寿司)として完成した状態で販売されており、近隣の住民も普段使いに購入をしていく施設のようです。 旅行の最終日、ココに立ち寄って「今日の晩ご...

  • Awashoku Museum
    2 Reviews
    Tokushima Myozai-gun Ishiicho Takahara Nakazu 154
    "Located along Prefectural Route 30 in Ishii-machi, Meisei-gun, this farmers' market sells a variety of foods, including fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits harvested by local farmers, processed foods and prepared foods that take advantage of Tokushima's specialties, and ""Awa no Kintoki Pork"" meat."


  • Kitanada Sea Station JF Kitanada Fish Market
    13 Reviews
    Tokushima Naruto-shi Kitanadacho
    This fish market operated by a fisheries cooperative offers local fish caught in the waters off Kitanada, Naruto City, processed seafood, souvenirs, and other products. Located next to Oura Fishing Port, the market is equipped with a large parking lot, making it an easy place to stop by while on a trip. The cooperative's recommendations are Naruto Kitanada Beppintai, a local brand of wild-caught sea bream with fixed net, Sudachiburi, a brand of farmed Japanese amberjack, and Naruto Wakame, the local brand of farmed wakame seaweed. Other offerings include dried seafood prepared by fishermen as well as local vegetables such as Naruto Kintoki sweet potatoes. The attached Gyokyo Shokudo Uzushio restaurant serves fishermen's cuisine such as rice bowls made with fresh seafood.


  • Miharashi no Oka Aisai Hiroba Farmer's Market
    Tokushima Komatsushima Tatsuecho Sumiya Ke Tani 47-3
    This farmer's market is stocked with exclusive straight-from-the-farm Tokushima specialities. Make sure to check out the region's well-known products such as sudachi citrus and Naruto Kindoki sweet potatoes as well as the market's monthly recommendations. One of the most popular items is Aisai Ogonmai, a local variety of rice that is more nutritious than white rice, but easier to eat than brown rice. It sells out quickly, so you will want to arrive as soon as it goes on sale.
  • JA Higashitokushima Toretore Ichikubo
    Tokushima Anan-shi Nakagawacho Takumuji 803 Michinoeki Kubo no sato Nakagawa
    The shop sells fresh local vegetables, rice, and other agricultural products, fresh fish caught at the fishing port that day, and handmade side dishes and breads.
  • JA Awa Town Dochu no Sato
    Tokushima Awa-shi Awacho Minami
    "Located along Kawakita Highway, this farmers' market sells fresh local produce, including vegetables and fruits harvested every morning, prepared foods, boxed lunches, confections, miso, and other processed foods produced at the processing plant, as well as authentic rice shochu ""Awa Yamada Nishiki"" made from 100% Awa Yamada Nishiki rice, which is suitable for sake brewing."
  • JA Yume Ichiba
    Tokushima Awa-shi Ichibacho Onojima Nogami 77-1
    Located along Kawakita Highway, this farmers' market sells locally harvested vegetables, fruits, flowers, and other agricultural products, as well as prepared foods, boxed lunches, pickles, confectionery, seasonings, and other handmade processed foods. Visitors can also eat their purchases.
  • Yoshino Oasis Agricultural Products Farm Stand
    Tokushima Miyoshi-gun Higashimiyoshicho Ashiro 1650
    The farmers in Higashimiyoshi Town sell fresh vegetables and fruits harvested in the morning at a direct selling price. The facility also has a food court, bathing facilities, and a campground.
  • Ikkyuuchaya
    Tokushima Katsuura-gun Kamikatsucho
    "Located along Prefectural Route 16 in Kamikatsu-cho, Katsuura-gun, the first floor is a direct sales shop selling locally harvested seasonal vegetables, processed products, and ""Awa Bancha,"" a specialty lactic acid fermented tea, etc. The second floor coffee shop offers a menu that includes ""Ikkyu Set Meal"" that makes use of locally produced products, and a view overlooking Lake Bishu. The second floor coffee shop offers a menu that includes ""Ikkyu Set Meal,"" which takes advantage of local products, along with a view of Lake Bishu."
  • Chirimen no Mise
    Tokushima Komatsushima Wadajimacho Nishi Hamate 10-33
    This seafood store in Wadajima-cho, Komatsushima City, is directly managed by the Wadajima Fisheries Cooperative and sells Wadajima Chirimen, a specialty of the fishery, along with kama-age shirasu, dried chirimen, and processed marine products such as wakame seaweed and nori.
  • JA Tokushima City Nattoku Market
    Tokushima Tokushima-shi Omatsucho Enokibara Tono 77-11
    Located along the Tokushima Minami Bypass, this farmers' market sells safe, secure, and fresh food products, mainly vegetables, fruits, and rice grown by local farmers, as well as processed foods such as pickles and prepared foods, and vegetable seedlings.
  • Farmer's Market Aioi
    Tokushima Naka-gun Nakacho Okubo Nishino No
    "Located along National Route 195, this farm produce stand sells fresh vegetables harvested by local farmers, as well as processed goods such as flowers and trees, specialty late-night tea, and handmade prepared foods, etc. Across the road is ""Roadside Station Momiji-gawa Onsen"" with hot spring facilities and lodging."
  • JA Tokushima City Matsushige Farmer's Market
    Tokushima Itano-gun Matsushigecho Nakagirai Maehara Higashi Yonban Koshi 14-1 Tokushima
    "The Tokushima Tokutoku Terminal is an agricultural products direct-sale center that sells vegetables, fruits, flowers, and other agricultural products harvested by local farmers under the motto ""fresh, inexpensive, safe, and secure,"" as well as processed products using Tokushima's specialty sudachi (a type of citrus fruit)."
  • JA Itanogun JA Green Agri Itano Store
    Tokushima Itano-gun Itanocho Kawabata So Tokuda 49
    "Located in the Kawabata Sotokuda district of Itano-cho, Itano-gun, it sells fresh agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits, specialty ""Awa-bancha"" tea, and processed products, etc. Its prepared foods such as sushi rolls and handmade fresh udon noodles are also popular."
  • JA Tokushima Direct Store Juro Hyoe
    Tokushima Tokushima-shi Kawauchicho Suzu Ehigashi 39-3
  • JA Tokushima Furusato Product Direct Store
    Tokushima Myodo-gun Sanagochison Shimo Nakahen 44-2
  • JA matushige furusatoichi
    Tokushima Pref. Itanogunmatsushigechou Hiroshima Ichibangoshi 1
  • JA Oe Himawari Agricultural Product Ichi Kamojima
    Tokushima Yoshinogawa Kamojimacho Jogejima 283
  • JA Oe Himawari Agricultural Product Ichikawa Shima
    Tokushima Yoshinogawa Kawashimacho Kuwa Mura 2827
  • Japan Agricultural Cooperatives Direct Store Mogi Tate
    Tokushima Tokushima-shi Katanokamicho Inotani 24

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The southeastern corner of Shikoku is home to Tokushima prefecture, a region celebrated for its luscious nature and the nation’s favorite Awa Odori, an energetic dance to which an annual summer festival has been dedicated. Keeping the upbeat tempo, whirlpools excite the Naruto sea off Tokushima, while inland, dramatic cliffs line the Iya Valley, promising unrivaled views of vast and vibrant scenery.

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