Direct Sales Depot / Market Spots in Nara Area

  • Asuka-Yume-no-Rakuichi Market
    6 Reviews
    Nara Pref. Takaichigunasukamura Asuka 225-2
    This famer's market is located on Prefectural Route 124 in Asuka Village. The market sells fresh vegetables grown locally in Asuka Village, fresh seasonal fruit, Asuka-mai rice, ancient rice, and flowers. It also offers a variety of processed foods including handmade pickles, sweets, and seasonings.

    飛鳥の資料館の横にある直売所のようなところ。地元でとれた野菜などが大変安いです。 買って帰りたいけど、大根などの大物は電車に乗るのが恥ずかしいので買えません。

  • Asuka-Yumehanbaisyo
    1 Reviews
    Nara Pref. Takaichigunasukamura Misono 2-1
    This farmer's market in Misono, Asuka Village is located at the intersection of Naka-kaido Street and Prefectural Route 209. It offers fresh locally-grown vegetables, seasonal fruit including 'Asuka Ruby' strawberries (winter only), fresh flowers, and more at reasonable prices. It also sells processed agricultural products, such as jam and soft-serve ice cream made with Asuka Ruby strawberries.

    「道の駅 飛鳥」の農産物販売コーナーでした。 近鉄飛鳥駅からは、国道を渡った場所に位置し、観光案内所を兼ねる「飛鳥びとの館」とは完全に分離されていました。 館内に入ると農産物販売コーナーとなっており、所謂道の駅状態と云えそうでした。猶、一寸した食べ物類や飲物も並んでおり、今回は「おはぎ」を購入してみました。

  • Nara no Umaimono Plaza
    4 Reviews
    Nara Pref. Narashi Sanjouhonmachi 1-1 VIERA NARA 1F
    This is an antenna shop selling Nara specialty foods and crafts, as well as local farm produce including dairy and animal products, located on the first floor of Nara Station. The restaurant Kotoka uses fresh produce provided directly from farms within Nara Prefecture and offers a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu served with local cider of a variety of flavors and sake.


  • Asuka Yumeno Shunsaikan
    Nara Pref. Takaichigunasukamura Shimashou 51-1
    This farmer's market located in Shimasho, Asuka Village sells local produce, processed agricultural products, and more. The market's restaurant, PocaFrere, offers reasonable French-based creative cuisine made with local ingredients, desserts, coffee, and more.
  • tokuteihieirikatudohojin dode
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Nara Pref. Yamabegunyamazoemura Kiriyama 74
  • Megumi no Go Shinjo
    Nara Katsuragi-shi Hajikami 114-5
  • Megumi no Go Ikaruga
    Nara Ikoma-gun Ikarugacho Horyuji 2-6-25
  • Shunno Sta. Narayama
    Nara Pref. Narashi Narazakachou 2626-2
  • Yamazoemura‧Nunome no Sato Japan Agricultural Cooperatives Direct Store
    Nara Yamabe-gun Yamazoemura Kiriyama 32

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With a reputation almost as stellar as that of Kyoto, Nara is a must-visit for those searching for the remains of "traditional Japan." The largely green Nara city holds the majority of the prefecture’s treasures, such as the iconic Todai-ji Temple, in which a 15-meter tall Great Buddha sits, and Nara Park, where deer flock to befriend passersby. While mountains are by no means hard to come by in this area, for hiking with a reward, head to the Kii Mountains’ Yoshino district in spring, when the hillsides put on an impressive display of white and pink cherry blossoms.

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