Direct Sales Depot / Market Spots in Shiga Area

  • Fureai Station Okan (Farmers’ Market Under the Jurisdiction of the Union of Kansai Governments)
    13 Reviews
    Shiga Nagahama-shi Kinomotocho Kinomoto 1472 Kinomoto Sta. 1F
    This farmers market is located on the first floor of the JR Kinomoto Station building. The shop sells produce and foods from local farms and area residents. In addition to seasonal vegetables, fruits, and rice, the shop also sells a wide selection of foods and ingredients made locally, such as soy sauce, Shiga Prefecture's famous red yam cake, and noppei udon noodles. In addition, the shop carries an abundance of clothing, handmade ornaments, and folk crafts from the Kinomoto area, perfect for giving as souvenirs. Lastly, the shop is adjoined by a tourist information center, making this a destination where you can learn more about local sightseeing spots as well.

    JR木之本駅(JR駅は2階、こちらは1階)内で特産品を売っていると言うので 狭い売場面積をイメーシしていましたが 売場面積が想定以上に広く 更に 気になる品々が並んでいることに 少々驚きました。 こちらでは 木之本名物の[地蔵せんべい]も2種類(添付 写真参照)、[ふな寿し]や[うぐい寿し]、[近江鮎の甘露煮]や[ヒワマスの甘露煮]、[近江鮎の一夜干し] など 気になるお土産がスラリと販売さ...

  • JA Ritto City Inaka-no-Genkiya (Farmers Market Under the Jurisdiction of the Union of Kansai Governments)
    11 Reviews
    Shiga Ritto-shi Ono 547-3
    "A three-minute drive from the Ritto Interchange on the Meishin Expressway. This local farm produce market adjoins a restaurant and onigiri shop. The market sells seasonal produce and foods diligently created by local farmers; fresh-polished Ritto rice; ""Genki"" sushi made with fresh seafood; and homemade side dishes, bento meals, and confections. The adjoining Onigiritei onigiri shop sells freshly made onigiri rice balls via a drive through, making it the first of its kind in the prefecture. The large Kuri Maru Onigiri, made with your choice of three fillings, is popular."

    近江牛が食べたい!と思って散策していたら偶然発見しました。 定食・麺類・丼物などあらゆる種類を取り揃えてありました。 近江牛だと、近江牛のすき焼きというものがありましたか、値段が予算と合わず…断念。天丼を頂きました。 レストランの営業時間が変更になったと書いてありました。 14時30分ラストオーダーの15時00分までみたいです。 レストランを挟んで右側には地元産の野菜や果物が売っている施設があ...

  • JA Ohmifuji Farmer's Market Ouminchi
    Shiga Pref. Moriyamashi Sumotochou 2785
    A farmer’s market situated along National Route 477 in Sumoto-cho, Moriyama City. Here visitors can buy locally produced farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, and more. The adjoining restaurant serves dishes made with local ingredients all-you-can-eat buffet style. After enjoying a meal here, be sure to try some seasonal gelato as well.
  • Aisaikan
    Shiga Omihachiman-shi Dainakacho 450-5
    A 15-minute drive from JR Azuchi Station. This farmers market sells safe and healthy fresh vegetables and laboriously cultivated rice delivered straight from local farms. The market also sells old-fashioned home-style foods, and famous local Omi beef. In addition, the market holds a special seafood market with fresh fish delivered straight from Tsuruga Port every second and fourth Sunday of the month. Further, the market holds barbecuing, nagashi-somen noodle slides, miso making, and other fun seasonal events; strawberry, peanut, and other fruit and vegetable harvesting activities; and rice planting and harvesting activities.
  • Kocopia
    Shiga Konan-shi Iwane 4528-1
    A 10-minute walk from JR Ishibe Station. This farmers market selling local produce is situated on the grounds of the Aeon Town Konan mall and serves as a community gathering space for area residents. Here you can buy fresh produce delivered each morning from local farms, lovingly crafted Japanese deli-style foods, processed foods, and even Omi Shimoda-yaki pottery and other traditional crafts. The market's selection of local specialty product teas is particularly abundant and includes not only tea leaves and tea bags but also original Koka no Ocha ready to drink tea sold in plastic bottles, and rare tea jam. The market also has a training room and a kitchen available for use.
  • Kasuga no Sato (Farmers’ Market Under the Jurisdiction of the Union of Kansai Governments)
    Shiga Koka-shi Minakuchicho Kasuga 2753
    A 10-minute drive from the Ryuo Interchange and 25 minutes from the Koka-Tsuchiyama Interchange and Konan Interchange. This farmers market is situated along Prefectural Route 164 just north of Kasuga Shrine. The market carries rice, vegetables, and fruit from local farms, as well as processed foods. In addition to being frequented by locals, the market's location makes it conveniently accessible to those enjoying a scenic drive through the area. Particularly recommended is the additive-free Kasuga miso, which is made with soybeans and koji malted rice from the Kasuga district. This delicious miso is only made in limited quantities. In addition, the shop sells Shiga Prefecture-grown brand Mizukagami rice.
  • JA Green Hanayakaichi (Farmers’ Market Under the Jurisdiction of the Union of Kansai Governments)
    Shiga Koka-shi Minakuchicho Minakuchi 6111-1
    This farmers market is operated by the JA Kouka agricultural cooperative. Turn southeast at the Mizukuchi Zemusho-mae Intersection and you're there. Some 500 farmers are registered with the market and while the market's selection of different products is small, it offers an abundant selection of different varieties of fruits and vegetables. The market's fresh produce, picked that very morning, is put on display by the farmers themselves, and produce which doesn't sell is not put out the next day, ensuring customers are always purchasing the freshest fruits and vegetables. Many of the shop's customers even travel here from outside the prefecture. The market also carries a full selection of dairy products and meats.
  • Makino Pick Land Agricultural Produce Direct Selling Center
    Shiga Takashima-shi Makinocho Terakubo 835-1 Makino Pic-land
    A 30-minute drive from the Kinomoto Interchange and 40 minutes from the Tsuruga Interchange. This farmers market is located on the grounds of Makino Picland where is right there after taking off at the Makino Picland bus stop. As even the same variety of fruit or vegetable will have a different flavor depending on who grew it and where it was grown, the market does not support mail order sales and only sells its products face-to-face. The market carries a variety of fresh foods, with a focus on produce raised on the grounds such as shiitake mushrooms grown on raw timber; and choice fruits and vegetables grown according to special conditions and certified by the prefecture or city.
  • Nagahama Machi no Eki (Farmers’ Market Under the Jurisdiction of the Union of Kansai Governments)
    Shiga Nagahama-shi Motohamacho 6-15
    This farmers market is situated along the Nagahama Otemon Street shopping arcade in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture. The market is within walking distance of JR Nagahama Station and is also close to Kurokabe Square, a top area tourist destination. Dedicated to the concept of local production for local consumption, the market carries fresh vegetables and specialty products from Nagahama City and nearby Maibara City and Takashima City. In addition to rare vegetables like ice plant, the market sells a full array of foods and souvenirs, including tsukudani (soy sauce boiled preserved foods), Japanese pickles, confections, and pesticide-free rice, and is the perfect place to pick up a few souvenirs while exploring the area.
  • Roadside Station Omi Haha-no-sato Bussan Koryukan Sazanami (Farmers Market Under the Jurisdiction of the Union of Kansai Governments)
    Shiga Maibara-shi Ukano 1364-1
    A 40-minute drive from the Maibara Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway. This farmers market operates out of a building modeled after a traditional Japanese home on the grounds of Roadside Station Omi Hahanosato. The market has an area where you can buy fresh, local vegetables, flowers, and other produce, and local specialty products from the area on the north side of Lake Biwa. Another area sells foods and crafts from the city and surrounding area. In addition, there's a community room where you can take a break and get tourist information, and a light meal area serving local specialty furufuru ramen and okara soy pulp donuts.
  • JA Omifuji Farmers’ Market Ominchi Yasu Store (Farmers Market Under the Jurisdiction of the Union of Kansai Governments)
    Shiga Yasu-shi Koshinohara 2142-3
    This farmer's market, the largest in Shiga Prefecture, is a five-minute walk from the south exit of JR Yasu Station and adjoins the JA Ohmifuji agricultural cooperative's Yasu Branch. Here customers can purchase safe and healthy produce from local farms. The market is popular because of its convenient station front location which makes it easy to purchase fresh local produce, and you can buy fresh vegetables picked that very morning and enjoy them at dinner the same day. The market also stocks a wide selection of foods made with local agricultural products, including side dishes, confections, rice flour bread, and jams.
  • JA Omifuji Farmers’ Market Ominchi Chuzu Store (Farmers Market Under the Jurisdiction of the Union of Kansai Governments)
    Shiga Yasu-shi Rokujo 2163 Chuzu Farming Center Shikiji
    This farmers market is located a 30-minute drive from the Ritto Interchange on the Meishin Expressway amidst the fields of Yasu City and can be identified by the JA Ohmifuji agricultural cooperative's grain elevator. The market's concept is the home of JA Ohmifuji mascot Ohmin. One of the largest farmers markets in the prefecture in terms of selection, the market is packed with an abundance of safe, fresh, and healthy agricultural products and foods diligently produced by local farmers.
  • JA Omi Fuji Ominchi Moriyama Main Store
    17 Reviews
    Shiga Moriyama-shi Sumotocho 2785


  • Higashi Biwako Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA Higashi Biwako) Mihama
    1 Reviews
    Shiga Hikone-shi Ishideracho 2256

    超穴場です。 彦根の名産(名物に美味い物無しと言われるば、彦根梨は別格)である梨を買い求める年配の方々が早朝から並ぶ光景は、驚愕です。 9時開店に対して、並んでいるのは朝7時からで2時間前! 彦根梨が一番の超目玉ですが、それ以外にも、赤こんにゃくやお茶など地元・近郊の特産品(野菜や鮒ずし、要冷蔵品も含む)などが並びますが、規模は小規模です。 とにかく、地元客に愛されている感じで、侮れない産地直...

  • BORN FREE Mitsui Outlet Park Shiga Ryuo
    Shiga Gamo-gun Ryuocho Kuzushi Sunayama 1178-694
  • Farm Takeyama Orchard Direct Store
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Gamo-gun Ryuo Cho Yamanoue 6852
  • Seseragi no Sato Koura Direct Store
    Shiga Inukami-gun Kouracho Kanaya 1549-4
  • Omi Fuji Chuzu Direct Store
    Shiga Yasu-shi Rokujo 1319-1

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Visitors to Shiga prefecture are almost always hopping east across the prefectural border from Kyoto, and they are almost certainly Lake Biwa-bound. Covering an area of 670 square kilometers, Lake Biwa makes up the bulk of Shiga prefecture, with beautiful lakeside paths that offer myriad walking and cycling opportunities, connecting a string of museums, shrines, and picturesque views that finally lead you to Hikone Castle on the eastern side of the lake.

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