Direct Sales Depot / Market Spots in Tottori Area

  • Mikuriyaichi
    Tottori Saihaku-gun Daisencho Nishitsubo 1300-17
    Quite unusual in Japan, this farmers market is located inside a train station building. The Mikuriya Station building is the oldest station building in the San'in region and it still looks much as it did when railway lines were first built in the area. The market sells fresh agricultural products and foods from local farms. Filled with fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood, the market operates out of the former administrative area of a station building which has been in use for over 100 years since it first opened in 1902. Visitors can the interior of the old station building as well as baggage stands and other original furnishings over a century old. Trains continue to stop at the station, and the market is truly a community-based establishment connecting producers directly with consumers.
  • Local Farm Yama-no-Eki Daisenbo (Farmers’ Market Under the Jurisdiction of the Union of Kansai Governments)
    6 Reviews
    Tottori Saihaku-gun Hokicho Kanayadani 1801
    "This farmers market is located just off the Mizukuchi Interchange on the Yonago Expressway. The market's dome-shaped building commands a view of Mt. Daisen; dedicated to the theme of ""locality,"" inside customers can purchase local foods and ingredients. The market's freshly harvested vegetables and fruits, and foods are all local and all chosen based on the motto of ""fresh, safe, and healthy."" The market's fresh highland vegetables, picked that very morning, were grown in so-called ""black terracotta"" soil made up of volcanic ash, and all are highly praised for their vibrancy and nutritiousness. The market also has a restaurant in the back where you can enjoy Hoki Wagyu beef, a rare brand name variety of Japanese beef which is hard to acquire even locally."

    大山桝水高原天空リフトで眺望を満喫した後、鳥取花回廊に向かう通り道でお昼ごはんに立ち寄りました。 12時前に伺ったのに、ハンバーグが既に完売。 鳥取和牛のすき焼きに変更に。 お肉が柔かくて臭みもなく美味しいすき焼き。 お味噌汁もわかめ、根菜と具沢山でやさしい味。 1,400円でこの味なら納得です。 窓の外には大山と黄金色に実った稲が見え、おばちゃんの温かみのある接客にも癒やされ大満足の寄り道でし...

  • JA Tottori Chuo Shunsen Plaza Mansaikan (Farmers’ Market Under the Jurisdiction of the Union of Kansai Governments)
    Tottori Kurayoshi-shi Nishi-kurayoshicho 21-5
    This farmers market is located eight minutes from the Kurayoshi Interchange on the national highway. The market sells safe, healthy, and fresh farm and livestock products raised amidst the pure waters and vast, fertile lands at the foot of magnificent Mt. Daisen. The market carries an abundant selection of seasonal vegetables, fruits, meats, rice, and more; as everything is reasonably priced, the market is also an essential part of the lives of local residents. The market also often offers many samples of seasonal fruits, giving you the chance to experience their superb taste before you buy.
  • Agri-Port Kotoura Farmer’s Market
    Tottori Tohaku-gun Kotouracho Bessho 243
    A farmer's market at Roadside Station Port Akasaki on National Route 9. They mainly sell fresh produce raised in the vicinity of Mt. Daisen. As the surrounding area is famous for its pears, they have many varieties available in summer and fall. Since the seasons of the various types overlap, there are always pears available until early spring. The spacious parking lot and the environment means it sees lots of locals and tourists coming from afar who stop in for a break. Popular events bringing producers and consumers together are held several times a year.
  • JA Tottori Chuo Farmer’s Market Hawai Yume Mart
    Tottori Tohaku-gun Yurihamacho Hisadome 26-1
    A farmers' market on National Route 179 approximately 10 minutes from Tomari-Togo Interchange on the San-in Expressway. It sells safe, healthy, and fresh agricultural and livestock products from the fertile land with its clear streams at the base of Mt. Daisen. With a full range of vegetables, prepared products, and meat items, the farmer's market is an essential place for the locals. Yurihama Town produces the greatest quantity of Nijisseiki pears in Japan. The shop's sweets section is always crowded with customers. Besides fresh fruit like Tottori strawberries and Tomari watermelon, their Tohaku Wagyu beef is popular; it's said to be the predecessor of other Japanese national beef brands.
  • Bussankan Mikado
    Tottori Yazu-gun Yazucho Daimon 389-1
    A specialty shop and farmer's market on National Route 29. Look for the huge persimmon on top of a sign. They sell hand-made prepared products and seasonal vegetables. They also offer fruit, including Hana Gosho persimmons, known as the sweetest persimmon variety in Japan. Rich in vitamin C and tannin, the persimmons are said to help prevent lifestyle-related diseases and strokes, as well as have beautifying properties. The area around the market is a Hana Gosho persimmon orchard, and the whole area turns persimmon colored when they're in season at the end of November. The handmade tofu, konnyaku (yam cake), and miso produced at the processing facility are also popular.
  • Shunsen Plaza Yottemitaina
    Tottori Kurayoshi-shi Yatsuya 150-1
  • Kume Nikoniko Ichi
    Tottori Kurayoshi-shi Yokota JA Tottori Chuo Chuo Farming Center Mae
  • Akasaki Machigyokyochokubai Ctr
    Tottori Pref. Touhakugunkotourachou Bessho Akasaki station port in the 255 road
  • Flea market mama Fa mu ichisaifukufuku
    Tottori Pref. Touhakugunhokueichou Tai 498-1 Hojo Caravan Parks Administration Building next to
  • Tottori Fishery Cooperative Sale Koyama Sale Office
    Tottori Tottori-shi Koyamacho Higashi 2-chome 234
  • Miho Fureai Ichi
    Tottori Tottori-shi Yoshinari 510
  • Akasaki Cho Fishery Cooperative
    Tottori Tohaku-gun Kotouracho Bessho 255

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Tottori prefecture is Japanese seasonal diversity at its best: Huge sand dunes cover the north coast, making for the perfect summer beach trip complete with the unexpected addition of camels; November brings the delectable snow crab, while winter around Mount Daisen, the Chugoku region’s highest mountain, promises snow sports and magical views.

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