Direct Sales Depot / Market Spots in Saitama Area

  • Aguresshu Genkimura
    14 Reviews
    Saitama Pref. Sayamashi Horigane 2085-1
    A farmers market situated along Prefectural Route 126 in Horigane, Sayama City. Here visitors can buy fresh, local vegetables; Sayama tea, a local specialty product; and fresh rice polished on-site. The market also sells side dishes, fresh-baked breads, and processed meats. In the adjoining food court, visitors can enjoy udon noodles made with flour produced in the prefecture, seasonal vegetable curries, a popular taro croquette set meal, Sayama tea soft serve ice cream, and more.

    ・各種青果を購入させていただきました。 ・埼玉県の県道126号(所沢堀兼狭山線)を所沢方面に向かって走ると左側に現れる「JAいるま野 あぐれっしゅげんき村」さん。 ・前回、22年4月に訪問して以来、2度目の訪問です。 ・入間市へのお出掛け帰りに立ち寄らせていただきました。 ・特に前回と大きく変わったことはありませんでした。が、入店後すぐ目の前にあった「朝どり!吉沢さんちのとうもろこし...

  • Umesono Ume no Eki (Natural Rest Village Center)
    14 Reviews
    Saitama Iruma-gun Ogosemachi Kosugi 308-1 Ogose Natural Kyuyo Mura Center
    This product shop is located along Prefectural Route 61 in Kosugi, Ogose Town, Iruma County. The store sells fresh agricultural produce farmed locally as well as processed goods. They are also stocked with products made with yuzu citrus and Japanese plums from Ogose, which is famous for these fruits. The shop is also used as a rest stop for hikers.

    越生駅から大高取山を経由して、越生梅林へ行くハイキングコース上にあるため立ち寄りました。 このスポットは大高取山から下山して麓についたタイミングに立地するスポットでした。 休憩スポット・トイレ休憩には申し分ない場所に立地しています。 越生という場所なので店内は梅だらけかと思っていたのですが、思っていた以上に柚と柚の加工食品も多く並んでいました。

  • Fureai no Sato Tamagawa
    7 Reviews
    Saitama Pref. Hikiguntokigawamachi Tamagawa 4359-2
    A farmers market situated along Prefectural Route 171 in Tamagawa, Tokigawa Town, Hiki County, Saitama Prefecture. Here visitors can purchase crafts; Saitama green eggplants, an heirloom eggplant variety sold from mid-July to early October; and other fresh, local farm produce and foods. There's also a riverside barbecue ground a one-minute drive from the market; visitors with an advance reservation can drive right up to the ground.


  • Oyasumidokoro Yamasemi
    4 Reviews
    Saitama Pref. Hannoushi Shimonaguri 607-1
    A rest area and farm-fresh shop located in Shimonaguri, Hanno City. The facility sells Naguri manju buns, rubarb jam, seasonal farm-fresh produce grown in the area, ready to eat local foods and snacks, and crafts. And of course, the facility can also be used as a rest area.

    棒ノ折山に登るために、「やませみ」の広い駐車場に停めさせていただきました。 棒ノ折山から下りて来て、「やませみ」に寄り、買い物をしました。 目的の名栗饅頭は、売り切れていて買えませんでした。 棒ノ折山に登る前に、予約しておくのが正解でした。

  • JA Irumano Iru Marche
    2 Reviews
    Saitama Fujimi-shi Yamamuro 1-1313 LaLaport Fujimi

    近くにサイクリング。のどが渇いたのでららぽーとに立ち寄り、このお店を見つけました。春なのでほうれん草、小松菜、ブロッコリーや、大根、菜の花、ほか、その辺で栽培され、農家の名前が入ったシール付きの野菜が売られています。いろいろ買って、帰って確認したら、小松菜の花 三芳町、キャベツ 狭山市、パクチー ふじみ野市、干し芋 秩父市、日本酒...

  • Atarashii Mura
    Saitama Pref. Minamisaitamagunmiyashiromachi Yamazaki 777-1
    This is a farm direct shop in Miyashiro Town, Minami-Saitama County, Saitama Prefecture. In addition to sales of fresh-picked local produce, they have light meals like pizza and limited numbers of meal sets. There are also natural exploration activities like crayfish fishing and bug-catching. From April through November, the lawn is open for barbecues.
  • Green Marche
    1 Reviews
    Saitama Koshigaya-shi Mashibayashi 2-66
    A direct sales shop managed by JA Koshigaya that offers delicious local products. The shop is overflowing with local agricultural produce including rice, flowers, and vegetables. They also sell handmade processed goods made suing local ingredients including jams and sweets. Various special events are held throughout the year.

    越谷の長男家族を訪ねたときは可能な限り訪れることにしています。 地場の野菜が比較的手頃な値段で手に入るほか、花や野菜の苗が豊富なので妻も満足しています。先日求めた椎茸が抜群のおいしさでした。

  • Chichibu Farmers Market
    Saitama Pref. Chichibushi Terao 3236-2
    A farmers market situated along Prefectural Route 72 in Terao, Chichibu City. Here visitors can purchase fresh, seasonal agricultural products supplied by the local agricultural cooperative such as vegetables, fruit, edible wild plants, mushrooms, and rice. There are also foods like Japanese pickles, soba and udon noodles, and kon'nyaku devil's tongue jelly.
  • Asadore Farm Komago
    Saitama Pref. Hidakashi Musashidai 1-23-8
    A farmers market located in 1-Chome Musashidai, Hidaka City. The market sells fresh vegetables picked that very morning at local farms, seasonal fruits, flowers, and other agricultural products, as well as farm fresh foods. The market also sells homemade bento box lunches and side dishes made with local vegetables.
  • Agri-marche Yokoze
    Saitama Chichibu-gun Yokozemachi Yokoze 4294-3
  • Ogano Farmers' Market
    Saitama Chichibu-gun Oganomachi Ogano 2697-2
  • Arakawa Farmers' Market
    Saitama Chichibu-shi Arakawa Kamitano 1432-1
  • Yamaki Co., Ltd.
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Pref. Kodamagunkamikawamachi Shimoaguhara 955
    Yamaki was founded in 1905 and manufactures and sells miso, soy sauce, tofu and other products made from rare ingredients with organic JAS certification that do not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides. There are also classes where you can experience making miso, soy sauce and tofu, harvesting vegetables, and learning about herbs.
  • JA Irumano Aguresshu Fujimino
    Saitama Fujimino-shi Ureshino 2-4-1
  • JA Irumano Sakado Farmer's Market
    Saitama Sakado-shi Chiyoda 1-4-14
  • JA Irumano Tokorozawanishi Farmer's Market
    Saitama Tokorozawa-shi Kotesashi Minami 2-14-3
  • JA Irumano Matsui Farmer's Market
    Saitama Tokorozawa-shi Kamiyasumatsu 1298
  • JA Irumano Iruma Farmer's Market
    Saitama Iruma-shi Koyata 4-6-11
  • JA Irumano Hanno Farmer's Market
    Saitama Hanno-shi Sakaecho 10-10
  • Saitama Hibikino Agricultural Cooperative Misato Manyo no Sato Farmer’s Market
    Saitama Kodama-gun Misatomachi Inomata 2321-1
    A direct sales shop operated by JA Saitama Hibikino opened to promote local production and local consumption which offers safe and healthy carefully grown produce from a variety of local farmers. Local farmers deliver their good first thing in the morning allowing you to enjoy fresh seasonal flavors every day. The shop also features a nutritional sommelier who you can consult if you're having trouble deciding what would be best.

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