Other Shopping Spots in Saitama Area

  • Fureai no Sato Tamagawa
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    Saitama Pref. Hikiguntokigawamachi Tamagawa 4359-2
    A farmers market situated along Prefectural Route 171 in Tamagawa, Tokigawa Town, Hiki County, Saitama Prefecture. Here visitors can purchase crafts; Saitama green eggplants, an heirloom eggplant variety sold from mid-July to early October; and other fresh, local farm produce and foods. There's also a riverside barbecue ground a one-minute drive from the market; visitors with an advance reservation can drive right up to the ground.


  • Aguresshu Genkimura
    Saitama Pref. Sayamashi Horigane 2085-1
    A farmers market situated along Prefectural Route 126 in Horigane, Sayama City. Here visitors can buy fresh, local vegetables; Sayama tea, a local specialty product; and fresh rice polished on-site. The market also sells side dishes, fresh-baked breads, and processed meats. In the adjoining food court, visitors can enjoy udon noodles made with flour produced in the prefecture, seasonal vegetable curries, a popular taro croquette set meal, Sayama tea soft serve ice cream, and more.
  • Oyasumidokoro Yamasemi
    Saitama Pref. Hannoushi Shimonaguri 607-1
    A rest area and farm-fresh shop located in Shimonaguri, Hanno City. The facility sells Naguri manju buns, rubarb jam, seasonal farm-fresh produce grown in the area, ready to eat local foods and snacks, and crafts. And of course, the facility can also be used as a rest area.
  • Yamabu Mt. Hodo Shop
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Pref. Chichibugunnagatoromachi Nagatoro 1827
    "A souvenir shop located on the grounds of Hodosan Shrine, one of the ""Three Shrines of Chichibu,"" in Nagatoro, Nagatoro Town, Chichibu County. The shop sells local souvenirs and gifts such as Chichibu miso. The shop's famous charcoal broiled ""Ogon Dango"" mochi rice cake dumplings are slathered with a Chichibu miso sauce."
  • Chichibu Jibasan Center Bussankan
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Pref. Chichibushi Miyakawachou 1-7
    A facility selling local specialty products which adjoins Chichibu Station in Miyakawa-cho, Chichibu City. Here visitors can purchase local agricultural products and farm foods, sake, confections, Chichibu-Meisen silk, Chichibu tsumugi pongee, and other crafts and local products. The facility's restaurant serves gozen meals made with local vegetables and Chichibu pork; waraji katsudon pork cutlet rice bowls a local Chichibu favorite; soba noodles made with locally grown ingredients; original sweets; and more. The facility also has a training hall and meeting rooms.
  • Chichibu Farmers Market
    Saitama Pref. Chichibushi Terao 3236-2
    A farmers market situated along Prefectural Route 72 in Terao, Chichibu City. Here visitors can purchase fresh, seasonal agricultural products supplied by the local agricultural cooperative such as vegetables, fruit, edible wild plants, mushrooms, and rice. There are also foods like Japanese pickles, soba and udon noodles, and kon'nyaku devil's tongue jelly.
  • Asadore Farm Komago
    Saitama Pref. Hidakashi Musashidai 1-23-8
    A farmers market located in 1-Chome Musashidai, Hidaka City. The market sells fresh vegetables picked that very morning at local farms, seasonal fruits, flowers, and other agricultural products, as well as farm fresh foods. The market also sells homemade bento box lunches and side dishes made with local vegetables.
  • Atarashii Mura
    Saitama Pref. Minamisaitamagunmiyashiromachi Yamazaki 777-1
    This is a farm direct shop in Miyashiro Town, Minami-Saitama County, Saitama Prefecture. In addition to sales of fresh-picked local produce, they have light meals like pizza and limited numbers of meal sets. There are also natural exploration activities like crayfish fishing and bug-catching. From April through November, the lawn is open for barbecues.
  • Chichibu Omote-Sando Lab.
    Saitama Pref. Chichibushi Bambamachi Shiba Town 17 - 14
    Here you can enjoy select coffees, cakes, and craft beers in a shop decorated with various home décor goods, giving you the chance to explore and find your favorite pieces to purchase and take home. This comfortable and novel café is popular for its choice, hand drip coffees chosen not only by growing location but also specific plantation; and its unique craft beers made in tiny breweries, with a particularly focus on Saitama beers.
  • Uruwa Furusato Market
    Saitama Saitama-shi Urawa-ku Kishicho 3-17-25
    A large flea market with over 180 stalls that is held every Saturday in Shirabe Park. Admission is free and it's located just an eight-minute walk from the west exit of the JR Urawa Station. It's open from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM but sometimes closes earlier to allow for tidying up. Date, time, and location may change depending on weather so please check before visiting.
  • Atelier Ohana Order Made Leather Works
    Saitama Saitama-shi Omiya-ku Sakuragicho 2-305
    A shop offering order made leather goods. Every step the craftsmen does manually from purchasing the leather, to cutting the pattern, and doing the stitching individually stitch by stitch. With each piece being completely individual and carefully designed and produced the shop has well deserved popularity. They also hold hands-on leather crafting classes, which require advance consultation and reservations.
  • Kasukabe Hariko Dolls GANKOAN
    Saitama Kasukabe-shi Onuma 2-62-22
    A shop for the traditional Kasukabe Hariko papier mache craft of Kasukabe City, Saitama. This shop creates, displays, and sells a variety of handmade dolls made from natural materials including earth, wood, and Japanese paper, and also displays traditional Hariko dolls handed down through the generations. The first floor has a variety of pieces on display and for sale while the second floor features a gallery and exhibition space.
  • Fine China Store YAMAWA
    Saitama Kawagoe-shi Saiwaicho 7-1
    Inside the black painted walls of this warehouse facing Ichibangai Dori Road you'll find works by local potters on display making dynamic use of the thick pillars and beams holding up the shop. Along with their works you'll also find displays introducing you to the individual careers of the different artists. Enjoy considering the various characteristics of the artists and the overall form and texture of their works as you make a decision.
  • Haruri Ginka
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Saitama Kawagoe-shi Saiwaicho 7-1
    A hand-made handicrafts gallery located on the second floor of Kawagoe's longstanding Fine China Store YAMAWA. You'll find a rich variety of goods including boxes with slink screened flower designs, blown glass/core glass, ceramic/porcelain wares, lacquerware, wooden mosaic, dolls, brass accessories, glass beads, woven fabrics, died fabrics, silver accessories, bead accessories, clothing/caps, cloth accessories and bags, and tatting lace. They also hold special exhibitions.
  • Folk Crafts Tsuchikane
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Kawagoe-shi Shintomicho 1-5-4
    A shop dealing in traditional Koedo Kawagoe handicrafts, toys, tourist souvenirs, and gifts perfect for events, celebrations, or mementos. In the show windows of the stately warehouse construction style shop you'll see a variety of folk-goods that match the season. Enjoy the sight of handicrafts overflowing with the originality of Kawagoe which recreate many of Kawagoe's sightseeing landmarks in miniature including the Toki no Kane bell-tower, a symbol of Kawagoe, and the 500 Rakan statues of Kita-in Temple.
  • Okinawan Goods and Foods Mahae
    Saitama Kawagoe-shi Nakacho 3-17
    A long-standing store offering Okinawan products that has sold over 300,000 sets of Okinawan soba over their 24 years of mail order operation. Along with their popular Okinawan Soba noodles, Ryukyu Mochikko Banana Juice and Kawagoe Matcha Green Tea Banana Juice, they offer a wide variety of other goods including Okinawan ingredients, candies, health foods, Awamori liquor, Ryukyu glass, brown sugar, and miscellaneous other items.
  • Kawaguchi Art Gallery Atlia
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Saitama Kawaguchi-shi Namikimotomachi 1-76
    A small art gallery that first opened in 2006. The gallery is based on five tenements; 'Hold Special Exhibitions', 'Hands-on Creation with Workshops', 'Courses (Learning Fun Skills, Learning Appreciation for the Arts)', 'Cooperative Projects (Co-Sponsored Exhibitions, Community Projects, School Projects)', and 'Rental Gallery Space'. They hold a wide variety of exhibitions.
  • Soka City Traditional Industries Exhibition Room 'Parisse'
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Soka-shi Matsue 1-1-5 Soka-shi Cultural Hall Uchi
    This Traditional Industries Exhibition Room was opened within the Soka City Cultural Hall, located near the Soka Matsubara Promenade which has been designated as a National Scenic Beauty. On display and for sale are examples of Senbei rice crackers, Yukata, and Leather Works, all regarded as traditional Soka industries, and there are hands-on experiences where you can make your own senbei crackers or take a class in leather crafts.
  • Otaki Special Product Sales Center
    Saitama Chichibu-shi Otaki 4277-8 Local Products Sale Center
    This specialty product shop is located inside “Roadside Station Otaki Onsen” along National Route 140 in Otaki, Chichibu City. From fresh seasonal agricultural produce such as vegetables, edible wild plants, and shiitake mushroom, they also sell processed products, local sake, and traditional crafts. In the same location, there are hot spring facilities, restaurants, and a museum on history and folklore.
  • Umesono Ume no Eki (Natural Rest Village Center)
    Saitama Iruma-gun Ogosemachi Kosugi 308-1 Ogose Natural Kyuyo Mura Center
    This product shop is located along Prefectural Route 61 in Kosugi, Ogose Town, Iruma County. The store sells fresh agricultural produce farmed locally as well as processed goods. They are also stocked with products made with yuzu citrus and Japanese plums from Ogose, which is famous for these fruits. The shop is also used as a rest stop for hikers.

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