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Direct Sales Depot / Market Spots in Chiba Area

  • Roadside Station Shonan
    107 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Chiba Pref. Kashiwashi Minowashinden 59-2
    This roadside station is located near Tega ohashi Bridge, and has a direct sales agricultural area that sells agricultural products such as vegetables freshly harvested that day and eggs, processed goods and prepared dishes. The adjoining restaurants utilize local ingredients to offer Chinese cuisine, pasta, freshly-baked bread, cakes and sweets like soft-serve ice cream. Bicycle rentals are available on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, and they can be returned at any of seven rental bicycle stations around Teganuma.

    手賀沼遊歩道の道中にあります。わざわざ訪れるにはには小さいけれど、散歩やサイクリングの途中に立ち寄るには最適です。 The shop is not so big. It is located on the walking course of Teganuma. You can see beautiful scenery on sunny day.

  • Ohara Fishing Port, Minato no Asaichi Market
    Chiba Pref. Isumishi Ohara 11574
    Ohara Fishing Port is located in the Ohara area of the city of Isumi. The morning market is held every Sunday and gives visitors a chance to buy not only seafood but agricultural products and processed foods directly from the producers, who set up in 40 different shop fronts. Charcoal barbecue grills are set up so that customers can immediately grill and eat the seafood or farm products that they have purchased.
  • Boshu Kiyoppachi
    7 Reviews
    Chiba Pref. Minamibousoushi Tomiurachoufukana 615
    This market is at the Tateyama Bypass. Their Fishermen's Market has an array of fresh seafood mainly taken from Boshu's fishing port as well as dried fish. The Hyakusho Farmers Market has fresh-picked vegetables, and the Omiyage (souvenir) Market offers local Boshu souvenirs. Their Seihachimaru Local Seafood Eatery provides reasonably priced fare featuring local fish and vegetables. You can also pick strawberries and flowers at their 16,500 square meter farm.


  • Funabashi Regional Wholesale Market (Funabashi Market)
    Chiba Pref. Funabashishi Ichiba 1-8-1
    Funabashi Regional Wholesale Market is located a 15-minute walk from both JR Funabashi Station and Keisei Funabashi Station. It contains shops that sell seafood, but also shops that sell fruits and vegetables, packaged meat, and processed foods, along with restaurants and bars. Many events are held here, including a market tour that the visitors can enter a -50°C freezer building, cooking classes, and open market.
  • Camellia
    Chiba Pref. Minamibousoushi Tomiurachoufukana 505-1
    A souvenir shop specializing in natural tuna and seafood direct from the port located inside Dorakuen, a theme park dedicated to fun and food. The shop carries a wide variety of distinctive Minamiboso products such as sea bream chikuwa fish paste cakes and sardine hamburg steaks, a Dorakuen original. The shop’s philosophy is seasonal ingredients when in season, and some products may not be available depending on the time of year.
  • JA Inba Agricultural Farmers Market Yasaibatake Yachimata Store
    Chiba Pref. Yachimatashi Yachimata Ho 235
    This is a direct sales store where you can directly purchase local fresh vegetables. There are a wide variety of vegetables to choose from. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.
  • Hanamaru Ichiba (Roadside Station Rosemary Park)
    3 Reviews
    Chiba Pref. Minamibousoushi Shirako 1501
    This theme park is created with the concept of depicting the beauty of Minamiboso City to its visitors, and is located within the Roadside Station Rosemary Park along the Boso Flower Line road in Shirako, Minamiboso City. This direct sales shop sells a variety of local goods including loquat and peanut specialty products, seafood and livestock products, microbrew beer, and even flowers. The adjoining food court serves udonnoodle and curry and other meals including loquat ice cream made from boso cow's milk.

    房総のお土産は揃ってます。 ただ、南房総方面は道の駅やおみやげ屋さんが沢山あるのでどこに行っても同じ物しか売ってない。 もう少しここでしか食べられない物など特色を出して欲しいです。

  • Kayama Jozosho
    Chiba Pref. Mobarashi Kobayashi 1717-1
  • Chiba engeikyokai nosambutuchokubaisho
    Chiba Pref. Chibashi Wakaba-ku Koizumichou 537
  • Koyamarien
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Chibashi Hanamigawa-ku Dainichichou 1297
  • Otsuka Orchard
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Shiroi-shi Kawarago 312
  • Wakuwaku Hiroba AEON MALL Kashiwa
    Chiba Kashiwa-shi Yutakacho 2-5-25 AEON MALL Kashiwa 1F
  • Wakuwaku Hiroba AEON MALL Kisarazu
    Chiba Kisarazu-shi Tsukiji 1-4 AEON MALL Kisarazu 1F
  • Wakuwaku Hiroba AEON MALL Chiba New Town
    Chiba Inzai-shi Chuokita 3-2 AEON MALL Chiba New Town 1F [131]
  • Wakuwaku Hiroba AEON MALL Makuhari Shintoshin
    Chiba Chiba-shi Mihama-ku
  • Chiba Kenryorenumishijo
    Chiba Pref. Chibashi Chuou-ku Chibaminato 4-3
  • Aozora Ichi (Goi Branch)
    Chiba Ichihara-shi Goi 2334
  • Kachan Ichi
    Chiba Asahi-shi Ushirogusa 2077
  • Aozora Ichi (Chiharadai)
    Chiba Ichihara-shi Chiharadai Minami 6-chome 2
  • Morning Market
    Chiba Isumi-gun Otakimachi Shinmachi 63

Chiba Areas


The Boso Peninsula forms the main body of Chiba prefecture, and this is where you’ll find its endless warm water beaches and jagged mountains. Further inland, Naritaーmost famous as the home of Narita Airportーis a secret haven of tradition and history in the form of centuries-old Shinshoji Temple and quaint wooden Edo buildings. Chiba prefecture is also home to both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

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