Direct Sales Depot / Market Spots in Hyogo Area

  • Minacoicoiya
    15 Reviews
    Hyougo Pref. Minamiawajishi Yagiyougikami 1408
    This fresh food market is in Yagiyogikami, Minami Awaji City. They sell fresh Awaji Island fish, Awaji beef, and local produce including Awaji Island's famous onions. They also offer local hand-stretched somen noodles, prepared marine products, Awaji Island onion dressing, sweets, local sake, crafts, and more. You can dine in their food court, or at their restaurant that offers dishes with Awaji beef and Awaji Island onion.

    Extremely popular and crowded. Food not too bad and well plated. But tot overpriced compared to vicinity. Beautiful view to the sea...

  • Niijima Suisan Main Store
    29 Reviews
    Hyougo Pref. Sumotoshi Yurachou Yura 2581
    "A direct sells shop carrying primarily high quality, fresh seafood brought in at Yura Fishing Port, a harbor located on the central southeast side of Awaji Island blessed with a temperate climate year-round. The shop also has an adjoining restaurant where customers can enjoy the freshest abalone, turban shell, conger eel, and other seafood. The restaurant is famous for its ""iso yaki"" seafood barbecue prepared right in front of your eyes by a skilled chef, and diners can taste seafood delights grilled to perfection under the watchful eyes of a pro based on factors like the amount of flavorful juice oozing out from the meat or the degree to which a clam's shell has opened."

    Its locate quite far from center part of Sumoto. If my memory is correct, it took 1 hour from there. However, it totally worth. You must book in advance, though it is always occupied. On the way...

  • Awaji Island Akai Yane
    16 Reviews
    Hyogo Awaji-shi Nakada 4139-4
    This direct sales store is located in Nakada, Awaji City. It has agricultural products including vegetables such as specialty onions from Awaji, fruits and rice, as well as processed seafood products, well-known sweets from Awaji and souvenirs. You can also taste fresh seafood from Awaji at the adjoining restaurant called Kitora.


  • Toretate Yasai Farmers’ Market
    Hyogo Tanba-shi Hikamicho Ichibe 440 JA Tambahikami Main Store Mae
    This farmer's market is located 600 meters from Hikami Interchange on the Kitakinki-Toyooka Expressway via Prefectural Route 7. The market sells fresh produce sent straight from local farms in Tamba City. The data of every item including delivery dates and expiration dates is managed using POS terminals and the market's staff also visually checks the freshness of the products. In addition to local specialties such as Tamba black adzuki bean, Tamba chestnuts, and Tamba-Hikami rice, the market also offers a wide variety of products such as handmade processed products and cut flowers.
  • Pascal Sanda Ichiban-kan
    Hyougo Pref. Sandashi Kawayoke 677-1
    "A farmers market located close to the ""Fukushi Hoken Center"" bus stop a short bus ride from JR and Kobe Electric Railway Sanda Station. Dedicated to the concept of ""you are what you eat,"" the market sells a wide selection of vegetables, meats, and prepared foods, including Tamba soybeans, Sanda udo, Sanda beef, and Nameless Hot Pepper Sauce which goes well with Meats only obtainable in the Sanda area. Events are also regularly held here and during these times visitors will find an abundance of foods made with the ingredients sold at the market."
  • Tokusankan Sasayama
    Hyougo Pref. Sasayamashi Kuroka 70-1
    "A farmers market located a 13-minute drive from the Tannan-Sasayamaguchi Interchange on the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway. The local Tamba-Sasayama specialty products shop carries foods made with popular Tamba-Sasayama black soybeans (an indispensable part of any Japanese New Year's celebration), including okaki rice crackers with black soybeans and black soybean cakes; as well as ""Sasayamakko"" Sasayama grown Koshihikari rice and Tamba-Sasayama black beef loin steaks. There's also a restaurant which serves dishes made with these same specialty products where customers can enjoy Tamba-Sasayama black beef Japanese-style barbecue and, when in season from November to March, botan nabe wild boar hot pot."
  • JA Rokko no Megumi
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Nishi-ku Oshibedanichou Takawa Shikaijiyama 1557-1
    "A farmers market with an 800-square-meter sales floor which offers fresh, safe, and healthy local agricultural products. In addition to vegetables, cut flowers, potted plants, and fruit, the market also sells choice ""Kobe brand"" goods like foods, Kobe raised beef, and Kobe wines. The market holds seasonal events as well such as seasonal agricultural product tasting fairs."
  • Kasumi Asaichi Center
    Hyougo Pref. Mikatagunkamichou Kasumi-ku Sakae 1114-1
    This seafood market is at Kasumi Higashi Port in Sakae, Kasumi Ward, Kami Town, Mikata County. Its ten dealers sell dried marine products and fresh seafood landed at the fishing port, including Kasumi red snow crab that's available in season from September to May.
  • Farmers' Market Smile Hanshin
    Hyogo Itami-shi Kitahonmachi 3-50
    This farmers' market is located in the Itami City Public Market. The market sells vegetables, fruits, rice, flowers, and other agricultural products created by local producers. The market also carries Kobe beef and Mita beef Hyogo brand name beef varieties.
  • Nana Farm Suma
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Suma-ku Sotohamachou 4-1-1
    "Three minutes from the Wakamiya Interchange on the Hanshin Expressway No. 3 Kobe Route. Dedicated to local production for local consumption and regional revitalization, this farmers market carries agricultural products, animal products, and marine products from Hyogo. The first floor farmers market area is filled with fresh produce and foods, as well light meal restaurants and specialty shops like the ""Pan de Nana"" fresh baked bread bakery. The ""Uouo"" seafood restaurant on the second floor takes pride in its fresh seafood delivered direct from markets, and here customers can enjoy seafood barbecue. The restaurant's highly popular terrace seating area offers a sweeping view of the ocean off of Suma. The Japanese-style grill-it-yourself barbecue restaurant Oniku's special select sirloin is particularly recommended. The restaurant also offers an array of lunch set meals like the a bowl of rice topped with sliced beef."
  • Kasumitsuru Fukuchiya
    Hyougo Pref. Mikatagunkamichou Kasumi-ku Kobara 600-2
    This sake brewery is on Prefectural Route 4 in Kobara, Kasumi Ward, Kami Town, Mikata County. They make choice Kasumitsuru sake brewed with the traditional Kimoto and Yamahai technique. You can reserve your spot for one of their free brewery tours and purchase a bottle or some of their original products made with sake and sake lees at their shop, which also holds free tastings. There are paid tastings in their lounge which offers sweets made with sake, too.
  • Marukai Watanabe Fishery
    Hyougo Pref. Mikatagunshinonsenchou Ashiya 853
    This marine products company is adjacent to Hamasaka Port in Ashiya, Shinonsen Town, Mikata County. There's a fresh seafood market on the first floor. Their Ajinamiki Eatery on the second floor serves set meals, rice bowl dishes, banquet cuisine, and more featuring seafood. The Aranami Sushi Shop opens during the evening from Friday to Sunday and on holidays.
  • JA Hyogo Mirai Kasai Aisaikan
    Hyogo Kasai-shi Toyokuracho 1261-81
    This farmers' market is situated on the Flower Road. The market sells fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products cultivated by local farmers. In addition to selling fresh, seasonal agricultural products, the market also holds fun events in which customers can come in contact with the people who produced what they're buying.
  • JA Market House Pascal Sanda Flower Shop
    Hyogo Sanda-shi Yayoigaoka 1-1-2
    This farmers' market is operated by the JA Hyogo Rokko agricultural cooperative and is just outside Flower Town Station on the Kobe Electric Railway Koentoshi Line. Adjoining the Flora 88 shopping center, the market sells agricultural and livestock products raised amidst Sanda's fertile soil, clean water, and clear air. Many people come here from far and wide seeking the market's seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh meats, and processed foods.
  • Minori
    Hyogo Tamba-Sasayama-shi Kondacho Kondashinden 21-10
    This farmers' market adjoins Konda Yakushi Onsen Nukumorinosato, a hot spring bathhouse with free-flowing spring water baths. The market sells safe, healthy vegetables, black soybeans, and Koshihikari rice provided by local Eco-Farmer-certified farmers. When in season, the market also sells wild boar meat, handmade miso, and maki sushi, and customers can come here and purchase fresh, locally-grown vegetables before or after enjoying hot spring bathing. An adjoining Tamba ware area displays and sells a tri-monthly changing selection of pieces by 13 pottery studios at any given time out of a total of more than 60.
  • JA Hyogo Mirai Sunpatio Ono (Farmer's Market Under the Jurisdiction of the Union of Kansai Government)
    Hyogo Ono-shi Kiyotanicho 1545-321
    This farmers' market is located in Sunflower Hill Park, famous for delighting the eyes of visitors with 380 thousand sunflower plants in summer and 3.8 million cosmos plants in autumn. Opened in 2002, the market sells morning-picked vegetables, dairy products, and processed foods produced with great care by local farmers. The market's tofu and miso, made with locally-grown soybeans; fresh, seasonal vegetables; and other agricultural products are all from Ono City. You can also purchase locally-grown Koshihikari rice, renowned for its delicious flavor, and have it polished on the spot. Serving as a space where producers and consumers intermingle, the market is widely loved by local residents and others.
  • Kirameki Kande Farmers' Market
    Hyogo Kobe-shi Nishi-ku Kandecho Kosokuno 30-17
    "The farmers market in the Hyogo Rakuno Seikatsu Center, which primarily works on social and educational projects. It sells fresh picked fruit and vegetables grown by local farmers. The venue's ""Kuchina Kande"" processing facility sells jam, sweets, and bread and is a good place to purchase freshly made products with seasonal ingredients. The roughly 14-hectare grounds also have a restaurant, a green house, and a display area with farming equipment."
  • Marche Rokko
    Hyogo Kobe-shi Nishi-ku Hasetanicho Hase 334-1
    A farmer's market located across the street from the Hasetani branch of JA Hyogo Rokko exactly half-way between Seishin-chuo and Seishin-minami. They sell items like Rokko beef, premium Kobe pork, locally grown rice, and fresh picked vegetables. Rokko brand Kobe beef is raised at Kobe Ushi Bokujo (cattle ranch) in Hasetani-cho and the savoriness of the lean meat fills the mouth as you chew. Their croquettes made with top-quality beef, ground meat cutlets, and pork roast they prepare themselves daily are all popular. Many people also look forward to chatting with the farmers.
  • Agricultural Cooperative Market Hall JA Farmers’ Market
    Hyogo Kobe-shi Nishi-ku Hiranocho Inji 660-1
    A farmer's market about 10 minutes from Tamatsu Interchange on the Daini-Shinmei Road. Across from the JA Hyogo Rokko Kobe Nishi Green Center, they sell fresh seasonal vegetables harvested in Nishi Ward, Kobe City. Farming and animal husbandry thrive in the area thanks to the pure natural environment of the Rokko Mountains and the warm climate of Seto Inland Sea. The cozy, clean shop is lined with a variety of specialty products such as normal rice, sake rice, kikuna greens, and tomatoes.
  • Motomachi Marche
    Hyogo Kobe-shi Chuo-ku Motomachidori 5-chome 8-3
    "A showroom in the Motomachi 5-Chome shopping district. A three-minute walk from Nishi-Motomachi Station, it sells specialty products like agricultural produce and prepared items from around the prefecture. Originally it was known as the ""Motomachi Weekend Marche"" and was held outdoors on Saturdays, but it extended its hours in 2014 and became the type of shop you see today. It has a reputation for connecting farm and consumers with items like vegetables, fruit, and various prepared products. It also provides information on regional events and the draws of areas throughout the prefecture."

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Hyogo prefecture stretches from the north coast to the south coast on the western end of the popular Kansai region, encompassing verdant mountains, urban beaches, and fantastic historical sights. The prefecture's main attractions lie along the south coast at Kobe, the prefectural capital, a pretty harbor city best known for its production of the renowned Kobe beef, and Himeji, the home of Himeji Castle, one of the country's most beautifully preserved feudal castles, perched magically atop a hill.

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