Life / Living / Hospital Spots in Hyogo Area

  • Design and Creative Center Kobe (KIITO)
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Chuou-ku Onohamachou 1-4
    A 10-minute walk from Sannomiya-Hanadokeimae Station and Boeki Center Station. This event hall faces Minato no Mori Park. The building began being used for its current purpose after Kobe City was designated part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and was originally built to serve as the Kobe City Silk Thread Inspection Station in 1932. The facility is used as a space for art and design events. The building's halls, galleries, and other facilities can also be rented out. The center's cafe serves dishes made with fresh vegetables.
  • Kobe Sogojido Center Kobekko Land
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Hyogo Kobe-shi Chuo-ku Higashikawasakicho 1-3-1
    This comprehensive children's center is located inside the building on the south side of National Route 2 across from JR Kobe Station. Located on floors four to eight, it houses a variety of play equipment for children of all ages from toddlers to elementary schoolers, including monkey bars and slides for motion perception, and is great for a relaxed day of play. In addition, children can experience various things through events such as music studios and cooking classes. One feature is that parents can also receive support raising their children. The Kobe Children's Counseling Center is on the first through fourth floors of the building, so you can receive support in cooperation with the Kobekko Land.
  • Ashiya Citizen's Center (Luna Hall)
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Hyogo Ashiya-shi Narihiracho 8-24
    This facility complex is located along Narihira Sakura-dori Street in Narihira-cho, Ashiya City. In addition to Luna Hall, which has a large hall that can house up to 700 people and a small hall for up to 150 people, the facility also houses a city meeting hall and community center, along with a library with a collection of roughly 26,000 items.
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Chuou-ku Motomachidori 6-7-3
    "A shop owned and operated by the Kiichi leather goods brand. Selling only ""Made in Japan"" products, the shop is also dedicated more specifically to those ""Made in Kobe."" The shop sells uniquely designed leather goods made with leather from Himeji City and Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan's top leather producing areas. The shop has three product lines, each of which is designed to harness the innate qualities of the leathers used to make them-""Moist,"" a line made with Holstein cattle from Hokkaido; ""Shade,"" made with thick suede leather; and ""Alike,"" made with attractive case leather."
  • Nagasawa (Kobe Brick Warehouse Shop)
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Chuou-ku Higashikawasakichou 1-5-5 Harborland brick warehouse south ridge
    A stationary store located in the Kobe Brick Warehouse mall in Kobe Harborland. The shop is filled with unique and distinctive writing materials and stationary from across Japan and around the world. The shop even carries original brands only allowed to be sold at certain establishments. The shop puts particular effort into its selection of beautiful inks and glass pens. Visitors can try and experience the vivid colors of the inks and the smooth, pleasant feel of the pens in the shop. The shop also offers a free fountain pen cleaning service.
  • Old Hyogo Prefectural Office Building
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Chuou-ku Shimoyamatedori 4-4-1
    This structure once served as a Hyogo Prefectural Government Building. Built in 1902, from 1985 onward the building has been used by the prefectural government as a reception hall. A magnificent example of Baroque architecture, the building has been designated a National Tangible Cultural Property. Today, the building serves as an art and history museum and is decorated with works by Japanese Western-style painters such as Ryohei Koiso, Heizo Kanayama, Kaii Higashiyama, and Tadanori Yokoo. The prefectural museum portion of the building is open from Monday to Saturday. The reception hall portion is only open to the general public on Saturday.
  • Kakogawa General Cultural Center
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Hyougo Pref. Kakogawashi Hiraokachou Shinzaike 1224-7
    A five-minute walk from the Higashi Kakogawa Byoin Mae bus stop and a 10-minute walk from JR Higashi-Kakogawa Station. This cultural center is located right next to the Kakogawa City Central Library and consists of five facilities, include a museum, space science center, and planetarium; the hours of each facility varies. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the space science center holds activity events. The museum's standing exhibition looks at the history of Kakogawa City from the distant Jomon period (about 13,000 years ago) to today. The museum also holds many special exhibitions; as well as painting, cooking, and other culture classes.
  • Hyogo Prefectural Ureshinodai Lifelong Education Center
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Hyougo Pref. Katoushi Shimokume 1227-18
    A lifelong learning center located a 10-minute drive from the Takino-Yashiro interchange on the Chugoku Expressway. Dedicated to being a space where local residents can engage in independent learning as well as one which promotes education, culture, and health, the center has a wood carving and woodworking room, pottery room, and other learning facilities. The center also has a full array of exercise and walking facilities in the site 10 times the size of Koshien Stadium, including a sports ground, a gymnasium, and a forest with a walking path. Plus there's a campground and lodging facility, ensuring there's fun for everyone here, from children to adults.
  • Lake Onzui Canoe Club
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Hyogo Shiso-shi Hagacho Hikihara 328-44
    A facility for experiencing outdoor activities located at Lake Onzui. They rent single kayaks, tandem kayaks, and Canadian canoes, offering canoe lessons. Visitors can also experience activities such as SUP (stand-up paddle boat) and shower climbing up valleys and streams toward the upper reaches of the river. Reservations required for all.
  • a.depeche Kobe Harborland umie Branch
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Chuou-ku Higashikawasakichou 1-7-2 Kobe Harborland umieSOUTHMALL1F
    This is an interior/lifestyle and miscellaneous goods shop on the first floor of the large shopping complex “Kobe Harborland umie” SOUTHMALL. The store offers a wide range of original furniture and miscellaneous goods that somehow feel nostalgic and warm, and an attractive point of the shop is that customers can coordinate their room fully to become a “comfortable space.” The furniture made with an importance placed on the texture of the material suits a variety of tastes, such as vintage and natural style. There are many tasteful items that grow on you the more you use them. The nearest station is Kobe Station
  • mi-chu.
    Hyogo Pref. Koubeshi Chuou-ku Shimoyamatedori 3-5-5 Shinan 1st Building 3F
    This is a sundry shop in Kobe’s “Tor West” area with many unique shops. The shop stocks many colorful and girly items which have been selected from all over the world, including Europe and Asia, with unique sense. It is popular with women who like miscellaneous goods shops where you can find treasures such as lovely tableware that colors everyday teatime and meals, exotic accessories, one-of-a-kind items created by domestic artists, etc. that makes everyday life a little more colorful. The nearest station is Motomachi Station.
  • Spa & Aesthetic La Chère
    Style / Fashion
    Hyogo Pref. Koubeshi Chuou-ku Hatobachou 7-2 Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland 2nd Floor
    This spa and aesthetic salon is inside Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland, a hotel in the Hatoba-cho, Chuo Ward, Kobe City. They have a main salon with treatment booths and spas such as a carbonated spring and aroma bath, and also private aesthetic rooms for couples. Select herb teas and beauty drinks are also available.
  • Arima Komori Main Store
    2 Reviews
    Hyogo Kobe-shi Kita-ku Arimacho 1049


  • Pottery Yamano
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Hyogo Tamba-Sasayama-shi Kondacho Kami-tachikui Otani 1-3
  • Iroha
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Hyogo Toyooka-shi Kinosakicho Yushima 449
  • fortune Jem
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Hyogo Kobe-shi Chuo-ku Motomachidori 1-10-4 Hira Matsu Building 56F
    "A shop where you can get your fortune told on Motomachi Shopping Street. A leader in the field, it's been popular since its founding in 1982. A ""fortune telling department store"" employing all sorts of fortune tellers, they offer an array of fortune telling methods both ancient and modern. It's become a popular Kobe tourist spot, particularly among young women, and is the only fortune telling shop in Japan to have received the official fortune telling trademark from the Patent Office. Besides standard methods like tarot card readings and using a crystal ball, they offer lots of unique fortune telling methods that you likely won't find elsewhere. These include flamenco fortune telling with wild dancing and ""skull"" fortune telling where they use a line of ""skulls"" as symbols of rebirth to predict future lives."
  • Vintage Toy Store Mosrite
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Hyogo Kobe-shi Chuo-ku Nakayamatedori 2-17-2 NK Building 1F
    A shop that's been selling antique toys for more than 20 years. They purchase vintage Japanese toys like soft vinyl Sofubi and tinplate toys. This shop will even assess broken toys that have been played with. They'll also make the trip to where you are and assess the value of the items you want to sell in quantities small or large. Other items they're interested in include Licca-chan dolls, Peko-chan dolls, miniature car, and corporate memorabilia.
  • W・I・S・H
    Hyogo Kobe-shi Higashinada-ku Sumiyoshihonmachi 2-20-26
    "This interior shop is located on a corner of the Muronouchi Intersection a 10-minute walk from JR Sumiyoshi Station. The brightly-lit shop, which has a sense of transparency, helps customers to create their own simple and natural spaces. Because the shop's desks, dining tables, kitchen cabinets, and other furniture are all made-to-order, the shop is able to propose items with the size, materials, and designs that match what the customer has in mind. The shop also offers wedding gifts and such as ornamental cakes and party favors made with organic materials. It also offers original ""Your Choice Gift""."
  • Arima no Kobo
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Kobe-shi Kita-ku Arimacho 1019
    "This community space is located near the Gosho Sengen hot spring source. It is a great place to stop by for a break while visiting all the local hot springs or after hiking. You will definitely want to visit the ""onsen gallery"" on the first floor, which introduces Arima's hot springs, tourist destinations, and other attractions before exploring the area. The facility's all-purpose hall, which is free of admission, serves as a venue for irregular events including exhibitions by professional artisans, cultural classes, miniature concerts, and recitals. Users of the paid lounge on the second floor can have soba noodles delivered from the attached soba restaurant, Zenjuan."
  • Styling&Cafe BARBET
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Hyogo Kobe-shi Kita-ku Suzurandai Nishimachi 5-22-23
    "This somehow nostalgic dog cafe and grooming salon is a one-stop shop for your dog's health and fashion. BARBET is a dog-wear brand with a concept of ""Kobe Children's Clothing"" that combines the cuteness and class of Kobe. The brand's original dog-wear ever so slightly incorporates the latest fashion trends, assuring that you never grow tire of their offerings. The attached grooming salon will give your dog a cut that covers up their weak points while also accentuating their cuteness."

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Hyogo prefecture stretches from the north coast to the south coast on the western end of the popular Kansai region, encompassing verdant mountains, urban beaches, and fantastic historical sights. The prefecture’s main attractions lie along the south coast at Kobe, the prefectural capital, a pretty harbor city best known for its production of the renowned Kobe beef, and Himeji, the home of Himeji Castle, one of the country’s most beautifully preserved feudal castles, perched magically atop a hill.

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