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Groceries Spots in Nara Area

  • Kuuki Cake
    Nara Pref. Narashi Takabatakechou 738-2
    A sweets café located in Nara City, Nara Prefecture which sells Western-style confections, fluffy and filled with the natural air found at the foot of Mt. Kasuga. The café’s showcases are filled with cakes made with an abundance of local Nara ingredients and seasonal fruits. The shop’s signature Kuuki cake is a fluffy and light sponge cake sandwiching a mousse filling and has a delicate flavor. Seven varieties are on offer, including plain milk mousse, matcha green tea, and orange. You can enjoy your cake in the shop’s eat-in space or terrace seating area.
  • Archaique
    Nara Pref. Narashi Fukuchinchou 44-1
    A baked sweets specialty shop located in Fukuchiin Town, Nara City, Nara Prefecture, modeled after the image of a small Paris sweet shop, the cute shop atmosphere is sure to appeal to any woman’s inner princess. The café’s most popular item is its renowned Nara dear muffins - Japanese-style muffins topped with an iced dear-shaped cookie. The shop also offers a variety of other baked goods which make perfect souvenirs, including colorful iced cookies, conversation, and cakes. The shop also sells cute handmade knickknacks created by craft artisans.
  • Honke Kikuya Honten
    22 Reviews
    Nara Pref. Yamatokoriyamashi Yanagi 1-11
    Said to be Nara’s oldest Japanese confectionary shop, Kikuya was established in 1585. The shop got its start when the official Japanese confectionary of Toyotomi Hidenaga moved to the castle town of Yamatokoriyama. The shop’s signature item is the Oshiro no kuchi-mochi, which was even served at parties hosted by Toyotomi Hideyoshi -sweet an paste made with Tanba dainagon adzuki beans wrapped in mochi pounded rice and dusted with kinako roasted soy flour. The shop also sells a variety of other sweets, such as the popular “Kiku-no-Kotobuki”, which goes great with a cup of coffee. Closest station: Kintetsu-Koriyama Station.

    郡山城の帰り、町歩きをしていたら 有名な和菓子屋さんを見つけました。 創業400年の菊屋さんです。 店構えはとても歴史ある作りで、天井には和菓子の型が並んでいて、趣があります。 肝心なお菓子ですが、今回は御城之口餅6個入を購入しました。 一口サイズのお餅の中に粒餡が入っており、きな粉がまぶしてあります。 天正の頃、豊臣秀長が兄の秀吉を招き茶会を催した折り、献上された和菓子で歴史あるお菓子です。 餡...

  • Tengyokudo Nara-Honten
    Nara Pref. Narashi Oshiagechou 1-6
    A kudzu jelly specialty restaurant founded in 1870 housed inside a black-painted building standing on the former site of the Todaiji temple’s west gate. Here you can taste the unique dishes and sweets of a long-standing restaurant which uses pure Yoshino-honkuzu powder, a Nara specialty product. The restaurant’s jiggling, chewy kuzu-mochi and kuzu-kiri jelly cakes are lovingly prepared to order. The restaurant also offers a full menu of savory dishes made with delicious Yoshino-honkuzu powder, including kudzu udon noodles and kudzu rice porridge. Popular with tourists seeking lunch or a place to take a break, inside, the restaurant is quiet, and its windows look out over seasonal scenery. Closest station: Kintetsu-Nara Station.
  • Nakanishi Yosaburo,
    Nara Pref. Narashi Wakidochou 23
    This long-standing confectioner first opened in 1913 and is found in the Naramachi area known for its classical appearance. Inside the shop located in a classical townhouse they offer a variety of Japanese sweets including their famous Naramachi Dango (sweet rice dumplings) and seasonal fresh sweets. They serve desserts and green tea along with their special store-only Yoshino honkuzumochi (kudzu starch cake) and their special sekihan (red rice) lunch set including Japanese and Western dishes (reservations required). The nearest station is Kintetsu Nara Station.
  • Sohonpo Shirozakeya
    6 Reviews
    Nara Pref. Sakuraishi Hase 746
    This shop, located outside the gate of Hasedera Temple in Sakurai City, Nara, is famous for its kusamochi (rice flour dumplings) and Narazuke (vegetables pickled in sake lees). Originally established as a sake brewery they started making Narazuke with their high-quality sake lees. Vegetables such as gourds, ginger, and cucumbers are left to carefully ferment over a three-year period to give them outstanding flavor and mouthfeel. Their kusafuku-mochi is also popular, using native mugwort kneaded into the mochi wrapped around red-bean paste giving it a pleasing smell and rich flavor.

    二度もです あの味が忘れられなくて 桜井市にある長谷寺に行きました お土産物屋が店を連ねずっと坂を登って行くと 長谷寺を正面にみて 左側 最後にあります 漬物樽がたくさんあり 本当にここで漬けてあるのだと実感します

  • Chujodo Hompo
    27 Reviews
    Nara Pref. Katsuragishi Taima 55-1
    This long-standing confectioner, just a one-minute walk from Taimadera Station, is where they make and sell famous local specialty Chujo-Mochi. Chujo-Mochi is an unsophisticated Japanese confection that uses the native wild-growing mugwort of the Katsuragi area in the mochi which is then wrapped around elegant sweet smooth red-bean paste. Enjoy the traditional flavors of their Chujo-Mochi and sencha green tea set or red bean soup with kusamochi (rice flour dumpling) as you relax in the peaceful interior of the shop. The front has a wide variety of products packed for take away with everything from two-piece to 48-piece box sets.

    I took a rest at this famous traditional sweets café and shop after visiting to Taimadera temple. These kind of sweets are often so so taste because most of tourists never coming back to same places...

  • Haniwa Manju Hompo
    Nara Pref. Kashiharashi Kumechou 905-2 Kashihara Oak Hotel 1st Floor
    This is a Haniwa Manju specialty shop located in a spot around one minute's walk from Kintetsu Kashiharajingu-mae Station. The manju (steamed yeast bun) on sale are made from koshian (smooth red bean paste) covered in castella dough, and each is molded into one of four haniwa (unglazed earthenware shapes) comprised of a horse, soldier, bell and pot. Another popular offering is their Manyo-kashi Asuka Otome pound cake made with ancient style So cheese boiled down over several hours in milk. 
  • Hyotaro
    23 Reviews
    Nara Pref. Yoshinogunyoshinochou Yoshinoyama 429
    This is a Kakinoha-zushi specialty shop close to the copper torii gate of Kimpusen-ji Temple, a five-minute walk from the ropeway’s Yoshinoyama Station. Kakinoha-zushi is said to be delicious the day after thanks to the mellow flavor and aroma of persimmon leaves, and makes for a popular souvenir.

    This is the most delicious one Ive ever had. It is a famous shop of persimmon leaf sushi. I bought a mix containing mackerel and salmon. 10 pieces for 1,350 yen Is the fish like to keep it for a...

  • Gateau Des Bois Main Store
    30 Reviews
    Nara Pref. Narashi Saidaijiminamimachi 1-19-101
    This pastry shop is located approximately two minutes on foot from Yamato-Saidaiji Station, Saidaiji Minamimachi Town. The owner and chef, Masahiko Hayashi, was the first Japanese person to win the La Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie contest, an international confectionary contest held in Lyon, France, once every two years. In addition to baked confectionaries and chocolate, there are also Japanese unbaked sweets, which are one of the chef’s specialties. The seasonal baked and unbaked confectionaries change on a monthly basis, according to the seasonal ingredients available.

    This is a famous patisserie in Nara. I came here with one friend in the spring time. We all enjoyed the hot tea and fine desserts here. The style of the desserts here is more traditional than other...

  • Chiyona Takemura
    Nara Pref. Narashi Higashimukiminamimachi 22
    This an old Japanese confectionery shop built in 1701, around a three-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station. Popular items include the Aoniyoshi (named after an ancient epithet of Nara), dried sweet using Wasanbon refined sugar, and their Nara Manju with two types of fillings which are the smooth shiro-an (white bean paste) and the kuro-an (red bean paste) made with brown sugar.
  • Shogetsudo
    Nara Pref. Udashi Oudakami 1988
    This is an old Japanese confectionery shop established around a century ago in Ouda-kami, Uda City. The famous Kimigoromo is soft whipped meringue wrapped in egg yolk and baked. The unique texture and flavor make it a popular souvenir too. 
  • Shikano
    1 Reviews
    Nara Pref. Narashi Aburasakajikatachou 5
    This is a baumkuchen specialty shop along Sanjyo-dori Street around a four-minute walk from Nara Station. Their specialty is Deer Antler Baumkuchen baked based on the shape of Nara Park deer antlers, made with pure honey and fresh eggs produced in Nara that are less than 36 hours old. In addition they sell baumkuchen using famous Nara products including Asuka ruby strawberries, Yamato tea, and black rice. 

    三条通のバームクーヘンの専門店。一番人気の鹿の角は、形が鹿の角のような感じだから。砂糖のコーティングが甘さのアクセントですが、基本のしっとり感もグッドです。 同行者一人旅

  • Kashiya
    Nara Pref. Narashi Chuinchou 22-3
    This is a Japanese confectionery shop in Chuin Town, Nara City. They create the finest of sweets through the best ingredients and most time and effort in preparation. They sell fresh sweets, dried candies, and seasonal confectionery including warabimochi rice pudding using just domestic bracken starch and sugar, Miyoshino kuzu-yaki using Yoshino honkuzu (arrowroot) and Tamba strained red bean paste, and Kodane sembei (rice crackers) made with Omi mochi rice (glutinous rice) and Awa wasambon refined sugar.
  • Mori Narazuke Shop
    Nara Pref. Narashi Kasuganochou 23
    This is a Narazuke (vegetables pickled in sake lees) specialty shop along the road from the southern gate of Todaiji Temple in Kasugano Town, Nara City. They sell Narazuke with standard and seasonal vegetables, and 40-50-centimeter-long Yamato Sanjaku cucumber, which has also been designated as a Yamato vegetable. Another popular product is their Kizami Narazuke of cut gourd, cucumber and sake lees in a Tamba-Tachikui ware jar.
  • Okashi Tojo
    5 Reviews
    Nara Pref. Narashi Chuinchou 20
    This cake shop is located in the former urban district of Nara City, Naramachi, Chuin Town. The shop bakes and sells seasonal cakes and baked confectionaries, made with fruits from the prefecture. The shop’s most popular product is its cheesecake, made with Nara’s locally produced Harushika sake’s lees.


  • Miwayamamoto
    Nara Pref. Sakuraishi Hashinaka 878
    Miwayamamoto is a place where somen noodles have been made by hand for 300 years. It is located on National Route 169 in Hashinaka, Sakurai City. There is a video and exhibition room where visitors can learn about the history behind the hand-made somen noodles and how they are made. In the adjoining restaurant you can try for yourself the delicious somen noodles and nyumen (somen noodles in soup).
  • Kitamachi Tofu
    Nara Pref. Narashi Higashikanenagachou 75
    Kitamachi Tofu is a tofu shop located on Prefectural Route 104 in Higashikanenaga Town, Nara City. The shop sells handmade tofu in a variety of ways using different kinds of domestic soybean, as well as soy milk and okara (leftover tofu) donuts, etc. They also sell tofu in the traditional way, out and about on the streets.
  • Ishii Persimmon Store (Sanjo Dori Branch)
    Nara Pref. Narashi Kamisanjouchou 27-1 Murata Building 1F
    The Ishii Persimmon Store on Sanjo Dori Street is a shop specializing in dried persimmons and sweets. Visitors can spend a relaxing moment or two in the white, contemporary interior of the shop. A recommended sweet to try is their Kaki Kori, a Japanese sweet made with kudzu (arrowroot) and persimmon. It comes frozen and has some wonderful flavor and texture to it. Perfect as a gift or souvenir. The store is four minutes on foot from the Kintetsu Nara Station on the Kintetsu Nara Line.
  • Kasugaan
    2 Reviews
    Nara Pref. Narashi Nakanoshinyachou 29
    Kasugaan has been making its Satsuma-yaki since it was founded in 1897. The light and smooth bean paste made with selected red sweet beans from Hokkaido is sandwiched between pancakes made of flour and eggs, skewered and then baked. The Satsuma-yaki won the Ministers Award at the National Confectionery Exposition. It is one of those sweets which bring back the tastes of ancient Nara. The nearest station is JR Nara Station.


Nara Main Areas


With a reputation almost as stellar as that of Kyoto, Nara is a must-visit for those searching for the remains of “traditional Japan.” The largely green Nara city holds the majority of the prefecture’s treasures, such as the iconic Todai-ji Temple, in which a 15-meter tall Great Buddha sits, and Nara Park, where deer flock to befriend passersby. While mountains are by no means hard to come by in this area, for hiking with a reward, head to the Kii Mountains’ Yoshino district in spring, when the hillsides put on an impressive display of white and pink cherry blossoms.

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