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Hot Spring / Hot Spring Ryokan Spots in Hokkaido Area

  • Hamatonbetsu Onsen Wing
    7 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Esashi-gun Hamatonbetsu Cho Kutcharokohan 40
    "This day-trip bathing facility is popular for being on the waterfront of Kuccharo Lake . Boasting a top-level hot spring in Japan, the ""Bijin no Yu"" (Beauty Hot Spring) has 2,850 mg/k of hydrogen carbonate ions that make the water feel smooth to the touch. Besides hot springs, you can enjoy bird watching and cycling."

    北海道でホタテ、シャケ、いくら、カキなどなど名産に飽きた、というのでここへやって来ました。美味い。中華ってこんなに美味かった?というくらい 北海道の名産品をはねのけるほどインパクトのある料理。

  • Suttsu Onsen Yubetsu no Yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Suttsu-gun Suttsucho Yubetsucho Shita Yubetsu 462
    This day-trip hot spring facility is where you can enjoy two kinds of hot spring baths: a sulfur springs (said to improve the quality of skin) and a chloride spring (said to help with blood circulation). It also has restaurants and cottages where visitors can spend a relaxing time.
  • Furano Onsen Shisai no Yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Furano Nakagoryo Shinfurano Prince Hotel
    This hot spring spa is located inside of Prince Hotel New Furano. The well-equipped spa’s facilities include liberating outdoor baths from which to enjoy the seasonal Hokkaido scenery, a Finnish-style old pine sauna, a relaxation area, and more.
  • Toya Ikoi no Ie
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Abuta-gun Toyako Cho Toyamachi 199
    A natural hot spring bath house on the northern shore of Lake Toya, nearly a two-hour drive from Sapporo City. From the simple building with just bathing rooms and break rooms you can enjoy the scenery of Lake Toya while bathing in the sodium calcium sulfate chloride spring. The bathing rooms have large glass windows that stretch to the floor allowing you to enjoy the scenery even from the bath. The surrounding area has a number of camping areas, so during the camping season and on weekends the washing area is usually congested. And because it's a municipal bathhouse the cost of entry is very reasonable.
  • Shikaribetsuko Kotan Open-Air Bath on Frozen Lake
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Kato-gun Shikaoi Cho Kitaurimaku Shikaribetsuko
    This natural bath is found in Shikaribetsu-ko Kotan, a village of ice that appears for only 60 days atop the frozen surface of Lake Shikaribetsu, the highest lake in Hokkaido. The village is made completely of ice and snow, and that includes the baths and changing rooms. This might be the only place in the world to experience the exquisite contrast of soaking in hot water in a below-freezing room, and it's almost certainly the only place to enjoy an outdoor bath on top of a frozen lake. Shikaribetsu-ko Kotan is open most years for about two months, from late January. The village has become a symbol of Tokachi's winter, and features not only baths but a bar, a chapel, and lodges offering overnight stays.
  • Shikaribetsu Lakeside Footbath
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Kato-gun Shikaoi Cho Shikaribetsu Kohan
    This foot bath is next to Lake Shikaribetsu, the highest lake in Hokkaido. It's just below Shikaribetsu Lakeside Onsen Hotel Fusui. The foot bath has a wooden roof, and is open to all, not just guests of the hotel. The hot natural spring water is pumped directly into the bath, and is said to improve circulation in the lower extremities. The wooden bench seating lets you sit and enjoy the bath while you gaze out over the Lake Shikaribetsu scenery. Foot baths place very little burden on the body, and can help with knee and joint pain caused by the cold.
  • Nanae Town Health Center Apple Onsen
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Kameda-gun Nanaecho Nakano 194-1
    This day-use hot spring, open since 1999, is about a ten-minute drive from Hakodate Interchange. In recent years, Nanae Town has seen a variety of businesses gather due to a positive labor market, but this facility's name comes from the area's history as the starting point for western apple cultivation in Japan. This hot spring neither adds water nor recirculates the spring water so the hot spring effects are particularly strong. The alkaline simple springs are said to be effective at treating nerve pain, muscle soreness and joint pain, as well as helping with fatigue recovery. In addition to the reasonable price, the natural hot spring is gentle on the body and offers lasting warmth, making it particularly popular with older customers and women.
  • Yutopia Usubetsu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Kudo-gun Setana Cho Taisei-ku Hirahama 691
    "This unstaffed hot spring is surrounded by steep forest hills on a logging road about three kilometers from national route 229. The little bath hut has a log-house exterior, and inside offers 100% natural hot spring water without any added water or recirculation of the rather hot sodium sulfate spring. The area is secluded enough to warrant a ""Caution: Bears"" sign outside. This spot has been in use for over 200 years, and is famous as a treatment spring for nerve pain and muscle soreness, chronic digestive diseases, and more. The picturesque scenery offers a whole new level of liberation. The building is rather cozy, but women and men have separate changing rooms for peace of mind."
  • Susukino Natural Onsen Tokakyo
    8 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Minami 7 Nishi 3
    This hot spring bathhouse is part of Jasmac Plaza, a general community plaza including a hotel, cafe, party space, salon and more. The second through fourth floors have baths filled with natural spring water pumped up from 800 meters below ground. The baths are massive in scale, with indoor baths, cypress outdoor baths, and such wide spaces that you'll forget you're in the city. Step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy a few moments of peace. The sodium mild chloride spring water is said to help with nerve pain and muscle soreness, as well as treating chronic skin diseases and recovery from fatigue.


  • Sky Resort Spa Pulau Bulan
    17 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Kita 5-jo nishi 2-5 JR Tower Hotel NIKKO Sapporo 22F
    A spa located in the landmark JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo connected directly to JR Sapporo Station. Here customers can enjoy the waters of a natural hot spring welling up from underneath the station's south gate. The sodium chloride spring/hypotonic mildly alkaline low temperature spring can of course by enjoyed by hotel guests but the spa is also open to non-guests. In addition to an air bubble bath and Finnish sauna, the men's area has a negative ion steam sauna while the women's has a massaging bath. Another great thing is that customers can take in a sweeping view of Sapporo City from the spa's location 100 meters above the ground.

    Visited it once and came back! Highly recommended!!! Very clean calm and beautiful. Not many visitors. Awesome view of the city from the 22nd floor. Men and women are separated. Total relax)))

  • Long-life and Health Foot Massage Bath
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Sapporo-shi Minami-ku Jozankeionsennishi 3
    This foot bath is in the Jozankei onsen area, known as Sapporo's retreat. It's a free footbath next to Iwato Kannondo Temple just inside the onsen street off the national highway. The free running kakenagashi-style spring water is fairly hot. It's the perfect spot for a break on your stroll through the onsen village. The floor of the bath is lined with small stones, letting users give themselves a foot massage to work out their stress. It also has a gazebo-style roof so it's great in the rain, or under the blazing sun. There is also a vending machine selling towels inside Iwato Kannondo Temple.
  • Otobe Onsen Ikoi no Yu
    1 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Nishi-gun Otobecho Tateura 527-2
    This municipal day-use hot spring bathhouse is filled with art, including not only the baths themselves, but the lobby and rest station as well. The art museum-style bath uses 100% natural hot spring water that's from medium hypotonic high temperature sodium sulfate and sodium chloride springs, piped in without any added water or antibacterial additives. These springs are so cloudy you can't see the bottom of the baths, and are said to be effective in treating nerve pain and muscle soreness, as well as chronic skin diseases. These springs allow you to luxuriate in the water until your whole body is warm and smooth from the natural waters. You can enjoy the bathes till relatively late at night.


  • Utoro Onsen Yuhidai no Yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Shari-gun Sharicho Utoro-higashi 429
    This day-use bathhouse is on a hill overlooking Utoro Bay. The log-house style building is surrounded by trees, and is the perfect place to soak away the stress of travel. There are indoor and outdoor baths for men and women both, and they offer a view of Utoro Bay and the sun setting in the Sea of Okhotsk. The cozy building has a rest station and laundromat, so lots of campers staying at nearby Shiretoko National Campground come to wash up. It is open from June through October, and closed in winter.
  • Midori no Yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Shari-gun Kiyosato Cho Midorimachi 26
    This day-use bathhouse is on the other side of Midori Station from Midori Ski Area run by KiyosatoTown. The quiet facility is embraced by greenery and offers baths filled kakenagashi-style with natural hot spring water. Their outdoor baths are filled with sodium chloride sulfate springs that pump forth 330 liters a minute. Since it's 100% natural spring water without additives, it's believed to be effective at treating nerve pain and other chronic diseases. This facilities' main standout is the Omoiyari Bath, which allows the elderly and physically challenged to bathe along with their caregivers. There are also accessible toilets and changing rooms, so anyone can come and enjoy the baths with ease.
  • Ishikari City Hamamasu Recreational Center
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Ishikari-shi Hamamasu-ku
    This recreational center is a 5-minute drive from National Route 231 towards National Route 451, and is located in the Hamamasu District, surrounded by nature. It is fully equipped with outdoor baths surrounded by the mountains, a cafeteria and a direct sales store which sells Hamamasu produce and vegetables. The spring water, which is silky smooth to the touch, is said to be effective for nerve pain and muscle soreness. In addition to the outdoor baths, there are also spacious indoor baths and saunas. And because it is close to the park golf course and downstream beach facilities, it is ideal for use after sports and camping.
  • Iwao Onsen Attamaru
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Mashike-gun Mashikecho Iwaoi 109-1
    This spa is located 18 kilometers, approximately 20 minutes' drive, from Mashike Town. It is a day-use hot spring facility located on a small hill along Ofuyu Beach. The beach extends for 25 kilometers from the southern side of Mashike Town. The spa has indoor and outdoor baths, and is especially proud of the view from the outdoor baths. Visitors can immerse themselves in the hot springs while listening to the sound of the waves and watching the superb view of the sea that extends far past National Route 231 with the sun slowly sinking beneath the horizon. It is a simple acidic spring, which is said to be effective for skin diseases and rheumatism. The spa is closed in the winter, from December to March.
  • Yumoto Hana-no-yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Hakodate-shi Kikyocho 418-414
    This day-use hot spring, near the Yumoto Hananoyu-mae bus stop is about 12 minutes from the East Japan Ferry Terminal, about 15 minutes from Hakodate Station by car. It is a sodium calcium chloride spring and contains carbon dioxide because of its volcanic source. The biggest feature is a garden-style outside bath, which has both Japanese and Western styles and can be enjoyed by men and women on alternative weeks. Visitors can soak in the bath while viewing the seasonally changing scenery of the large, open space. The garden is also illuminated at night. In addition to restaurants, there are salons, a beauty parlor and massages also available.
  • Minami-Kayabe Hoyo Center
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Hakodate-shi Ofunecho 832-1
    This is a day-use hot spring facility located just south of Hakodate City Kayabe River Park on Prefectural Route 980. There is an accommodation facility next door, making it convenient to use. The bath is characterized by having two source springs, both said to be effective in aiding in the recovery from fatigue, nerve pain and chronic skin diseases. The large bath is a sodium bicarbonate-containing salt springs, and the outdoor bath is sodium sulfide-containing sulfide salt hot spring. The facility also includes a sauna, Japanese-style rooms, and a refreshment area. Enjoy the view from the outdoor bath of the mountains changing colors in the seasons. Banquets can also be arranged for parties of over 15 people.
  • Seseragi Onsen
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Hokuto-shi Honcho 4-3-20
    A day-use hot spring standing on the Ono River in Hokuto City, Hokkaido. The bathhouse incorporates universal design principles. The smooth, clear waters of the bathhouse' sodium calcium chloride spring are said to treat such ailments as nerve pain and muscle soreness. The bathhouse has a large and medium-sized indoor bath as well as a jacuzzi; in addition, customers can relax to the sounds of the murmuring river in an outdoor bath. Keishoku Rushero, a restaurant located in the bathhouse, serves light meals such as soba noodles and ramen, as well as soft serve ice cream and shaved ice, perfect treats to enjoy after a hot bath.
  • Setose Onsen
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Monbetsu-gun Engarucho Yunosato
    "This one-building inn, located in the mountains, has a bathhouse which is popular among hot spring-lovers thanks to its secluded atmosphere. The inn does not have an outdoor bath, but its clean, gourd-shaped indoor bath is pefect for a long, relaxing soak. The inn's baths are exclusively supplied by a natural hot spring and constantly replenished ""kakenagashi"" style; customers rave that the spring's alkaline waters leave the skin smooth, and its waters are also used for the faucets and showers. These same waters also come out of the faucet in the kitchen in front of the rest lounge, and visitors can fill a bottle with some to take home with them."

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Not just a prefecture but an island of its own, Hokkaido is the most northerly prefecture and island of the Japanese archipelago. Arriving in Hokkaido, which is rural and bursting with breathtaking nature, means entering a world where vast national parks, towering mountains, and natural hot springs can be found at every turn. Come December, these natural splendors freeze over and morph into a winter wonderland.

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