Groceries Spots in Chita Area

  • Uotaro Main Shop
    96 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Aichi Pref. Chitagunmihamachou Toyoka Harago 32-1
    A shop and restaurant where you can enjoy an abundance of fresh seafood from Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay. The seafood market area stocks some 400 varieties of seafood and marine products. In addition to buying seafood for home use, there’s also a barbecue area, cafeteria, and stalls serving delicious seafood treats. In the beachside barbecue area, you can grill fish, shellfish, meats, and enjoy dessert as well. The cafeteria has tables and tatami mat seating where you can enjoy a slow and relaxed meal. The market’s food stalls serve a variety of casual dishes you can enjoy on the spot like oysters cooked in the shell.

    it was our first time to go to this place and since i thought it was gonna be a crowded day we went there early around 8:15 because according to their website they open at 8 am. eager to buy th...

  • Minamichita Toyohama Fish Garden
    Aichi Pref. Chitagunminamichitachou Toyohama Aifude 33
    The Minamichita Toyohama Fishing Port boasts the largest catches in Aichi Prefecture. The market is filled with fresh seafood, all of it just brought into the port. The market also has a cafeteria where you can enjoy delicious, fresh-caught seafood. An abundant selection of other products and treats can be found here, too, such as ebi senbei shrimp rice crackers and dried fish. The market can be reached via Umikko Bus from Meitetsu Line Kowa Station or Utsumi Station.
  • Voyage
    6 Reviews
    Aichi Pref. Handashi Sakaemachi 4-79
    A cafe located in Handa City, Aichi Prefecture with a hideaway atmosphere where you can enjoy coffee made with beans roasted in-house. This cute establishment has a weathered exterior and warm, woody interior, and it's particularly popular with women. Here you can enjoy a lunch consisting of thick-cut toast and real, flavorful coffee.

    とても良い雰囲気のカフェです。 拘りがあり、コーヒーもとても美味しく、 国際審査員の評価基準をクリアした、 スペシャルティコーヒー豆を使用、販売しています。 店内はカウンターに4席、テーブルは5卓ほど。 駐車場は隣の花屋さんを曲がった所に完備。 いろんなコーヒーを飲み比べたくなるお店です。

  • Ichigo-do
    9 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Aichi Pref. Chitagunminamichitachou Utsumi Kitamuki 41
    A Japanese confectionary shop located in Minamichita Town, Chita County which offers dorayaki pancake sandwiches; daifuku rice cakes filled with grapes, figs, and other seasonal fruit; and a variety of other Japanese confections. The shop's strawberry daifuku and strawberry roll cakes, only available from December to May, are particularly popular.

    Various kinds of sweets sell them. Sweets, soy sauce rice crackers and duck of a rice cake stuffed with strawberry and sweet red bean jam were sold. A raw pancake stuffed with bean jam was good. It...

  • Sohonke Tanakaya
    18 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Aichi Pref. Handashi Shimizukitamachi 1
    A shop which makes and sells nama senbei, a local Chita specialty product, located in Shimizu Kita-machi, Handa City. Semi-perishable, nama senbei are made by taking cooked rice; kneading it with flavors like honey, brown sugar, caster sugar, and matcha; and forming it into sheets before drying. Nama senbei have a lightly sweet taste and chewy texture.

    半田のソウルフードのようです。 抹茶生せんべいで 1枚90円。あっさりとした甘さで美味しく頂けます。 1枚からでも購入できるようになっているところがありがたいです。

  • Morozaki Fishing Port Morning Market
    Aichi Pref. Chitagunminamichitachou Morozaki Hayashizaki A landmark
    It depends on the weather, but in general the market opens around 8:00 am. The products sold here are offered at very reasonable prices. Each shop sells fresh seafood brought in that very day. You’ll also find an abundant variety of other ocean treats such as dried fish and nori. The jumbo deep fried shrimp, only offered on weekends, is also popular. Children can also have fun here; special events are held where the market’s mascot, Fugu-kichi, makes an appearance.
  • Fresh Egg Shop, “Coco Terrace” by Daily Farm
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Aichi Pref. Tokonameshi Otani Ashibasama 249-1
    The egg producer Daily Farm manages this confectionery in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture. You’ll find egg products and Western sweets, most of which are made of “rice eggs” laid by rice-fed chickens cultivated on Aichi farms. The thick, rich pudding and custard-filled cream puffs are especially well-liked. The packs of eggs are popular for egg-topped rice and other dishes. You’ll also find extra-large eggs at limited quantities for a good price.
  • Ookuramochi (Tokoname Main Shop)
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Aichi Pref. Tokonameshi Koiehonmachi 2-2-1
    This bean jam cake shop is an eight-minute walk from Tokoname Station. Its flagship item is “Okura-mochi,” which is made from rice cakes stuffed with mugwort sprouts and wrapped in Hokkaido-produced red bean paste. In the adjoining café, you can enjoy their famous rice cakes as well as “zenzai” (red bean soup with grilled rice cakes), “anmitsu” (syrup-covered bean jam and fruit), Japanese parfaits, and more. The super-sized shaved ice is their most popular item, and it comes in flavors available year-round such as “Uji milk with red beans” made with green tea from Nishio, and “Yuzu milk” with a citrus scent from Uwajima.
  • Pan no Tora Handa Shop
    Aichi Pref. Handashi Yanabenishimachi 2-121-2
    "A bread shop standing along Prefectural Route 467 in Yanabe Nishi-machi, Handa City. The shop sells over 120 varieties of breads at any given time, including sweet breads, meal-style breads, sandwiches, and baked sweets, as well as the ""Pan no Tora,"" a shokupan bread made according to a secret recipe which never leaves the premises and baked in a Spanish direct fire oven. Customers can enjoy their purchase in the bakery's cafe space along with free coffee."
  • Tai Matsuri Hiroba
    Aichi Pref. Chitagunminamichitachou Toyoka 34-24 Komagai
    A factory direct shop owned and operated by senbei rice crack company Sankyo Shokuhin. Filled with sales stands line up like stalls at a festival, here customers can purchase around 60 different varieties of senbei. Customers can also sample all of the senbei varieties on offer before they buy. There's also a huge, red paper sea bream statue, perfect for taking a picture in front of. In addition, a provided rest area ensures customers can take their time when choosing gifts and souvenirs. With an advance reservation, visitors can go on a factory tour and learn about the processes involved in making seafood senbei rice crackers.
  • Kaneto Shoten
    Aichi Chita-gun Minamichitacho Himaka Shima Kita Noboritate 17
    A seafood shop located about 20 minutes by high-speed boat from Kouwa Port and about five minutes on foot from Nishi Port. The fisherman owner sells dried items made of carefully selected seafood. Dried geoduck clams, a Himakajima Island specialty, is one of their most popular items. Dried octopus is a Himakajima Island local favorite. Theirs is soft and tasty and along with fatty conger eel gets good reviews. Their seasonal products such as dried puffer fish and young lance fish also come recommended. They also have workshops where you can try your hand at making the dried octopus.
  • Kakuto Jozo
    Aichi Chita-gun Taketoyocho Satonaka 133
    "A miso and soy sauce brewery located in Taketoyo Town, Chita County, Aichi Prefecture. Primarily making soybean miso and soy sauces, the brewery continues to maintain traditions while also tackling new products which meet today's needs. The brewer's products are all aged in Japanese cedar casks, without the use of any plastic tanks whatsoever. The brewery's Kakuto Mame Miso is a nama (""fresh"") miso made with domestic soybeans slow-aged over a two-year period. The Gokujo Tamari soy sauce is made with whole soybeans; naturally fermented, it is also made with twice the amount of soybeans as regular soy sauce."
  • Nakasada Shoten
    Aichi Chita-gun Taketoyocho Komukae 51
    "Four minutes on foot from Taketoyo Station on the JR Taketoyo Line, this veteran miso and tamari soy sauce brewery is in Taketoyo Town near the center of the Chita Peninsula with its warm climate and high quality water. Their signature miso is made from large Aichi Prefecture grown soybeans and natural salt and is aged three years using traditional methods. With a mellow savory richness that comes from extended aging, their popular tamari soy sauce "" Tomizu Hozan Tamari"" can be used with a wide variety of cuisine. They also hold handmade miso making lessons and other workshops and events."
  • Ito Shoten Denemon
    Aichi Chita-gun Taketoyocho Satonaka 54
    This veteran brewery is about 10 minutes by car from Taketoyo Interchange on the Minami Chita Road. They've been manufacturing and selling miso and tamari soy sauce since the Edo period. Their miso and tamari have a deep, rich flavor from the brewing bacteria and two-hundred year old cedar casks that have been passed down through the generations. Their signature additive-free miso is made with domestic soybeans and sun-dried salt before being carefully fermented for three years. Their versatile tamari seasoning is rich and sweet, with 16% salt that is less than ordinary varieties. Their popular nametake mushroom and soy sauce preserve has no artificial flavors.
  • Minamigura Shoten
    Aichi Chita-gun Taketoyocho Satonaka 58
    A five-minute taxi ride from Taketoyo Station on the JR Taketoyo Line. This miso and soy sauce brewery has been making its naturally flavored products using traditional methods since 1872. The brewery's miso is prepared in wooden casks, some of which are over 100 years old, and slow-aged over a three year period; each batch comes out slightly different, meaning its flavor is unique and never to be tasted again. The brewery's fresh Sato no Aji miso, which is packaged straight from the cask without additional aging, comes in two types - one in which the beans have been mashed to a smooth consistency, and one with the pieces of soybean still intact for a chunky texture. The luxurious Tsuresoi miso, which is made exclusively with the small amount of highly flavorful miso found at the bottom of the cask, is also recommended.
  • Ebi Senbei no Sato CENTRAIR Store
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Tokoname-shi
  • Ebi Senbei no Sato Sakana Hiroba Store
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Chita-gun Minamichitacho Toyohama
  • Kamome Baiten
    Aichi Pref. Chitagunminamichitachou Himakajima Nishihama 5
    A shop located in Minamichita Town, Chita County, Aichi Prefecture. The shop makes on-site and sells Tako Manju octopus-shaped buns, and visitors can purchase their buns fresh-made. The shop sells packs of 12 buns as well as individual buns. The shop also carries a wide selection of Himakajima Island specialty products.
  • Koumian Honten
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Aichi Pref. Chitagunmihamachou Kouwadai 1-13-1
    "A senbei rice cracker shop located in Mihama Town, Chita District, Aichi Prefecture. In addition to popular shrimp senbei broiled one at a time, the shop's wide selection includes the ""Kinbyobu"" cracker assortment which includes crackers made from whole northern shrimp and Japanese glass shrimp senbei. Customers can watch the shop's shrimp senbei being made via a convenient window. Many tourists come here to purchase souvenirs for giving to family and colleagues back home."
  • Ichitaro Alsace
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Aichi Pref. Chitagunminamichitachou Utsumi Kitamuki 9-4
    A Western confectionary shop standing along National Route 247 in Utsumikitamuki, Minamichita Town, Chita County. The establishment was founded in 1847. The shop sells cakes, fruit jellies, and other sweets, as well as the signature Chidori Cheese souffle cakes made with cream cheese and custard. The shop's Yuzu Monaka wafers filled with sweet yuzu an bean paste have been made according to the same recipe since the Edo period.

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