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Groceries Spots in Miyazaki Area

  • Okashinohidaka Honten
    47 Reviews
    Miyazaki Pref. Miyazakishi Tachibanadorinishi 2-7-25
    This Japanese sweet shop is famous for its specialty, the nanjakora daifuku (what the heck is this daifuku). The nanjakora daifuku is coarse sweet red bean paste, Japanese chestnut paste, strawberries, and cream cheese wrapped in gyuhi, a type of rice dough. Its uniqueness brought it wild popularity and now the shop also offers a nanjakora choux, a creampuff made with Ogura cream, Japanese chestnut paste, strawberries, and cheese. The cheese manju steamed buns, a Miyazaki favorite, are also popular.


  • Cheese Manju Shop Warabe
    2 Reviews
    Miyazaki Pref. Miyazakishi Daiouchou 38-1
    A Japanese confection shop located in Daiocho, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture renowned for its cheese manju buns, a famed sweet from Miyazaki. The shop’s cheese manju grew in popularity after becoming a favorite souvenir for cabin attendants to bring back from flights to the area and Warabe has even been featured in various media. Distinguished by a crisp and simple crust made with margarine, sugar, and flour, these sweet manju buns are filled with cream cheese in place of the standard red bean paste. Made entirely by hand, Warabe frequently sells out its stock early in the day. If you absolutely want to get your hands on a Warabe cheese manju, be sure to make a reservation in advance.

    以前お土産で頂いたこともあり、自宅のお土産用に立ち寄りました。 こちらのチーズ饅頭は外はサクサクのクッキー生地で中にはクリームチーズがゴテっと入っています。 クリームチーズがしっかり入っているのに後味は重たくなく、2つ目も食べれてしまう美味しさです。機内誌で紹介されたり雑誌で見ることもしばしばです。 当日完売分しか作らないお店なので予約がおすすめです。 チーズ饅頭が有名ですが、カントリークッキーも...

  • Gokase Winery
    Miyazaki Pref. Nishiusukigungokasechou Kuwanouchi 4847-1
    This winery is located about 60 meters above sea level in Gokase Town, Nishiusuki County, Miyazaki Prefecture. “Gokase wine”, made from 100% local grapes, is popular for its fresh flavors. The winery, located in a vast area where you can experience the nature of Aso, also offers a buffet-style restaurant based mainly on the idea of local production for local consumption. Various events such as the winery harvest festival are also held here.
  • Kasumi Shrine
    Travel / Tourism
    Miyazaki Pref. Nishimorokataguntakaharuchou Ushirokawauchi 1553-1
    This shrine is located at Kasumigaoka in Takaharu Town, Nishimorokata County, Miyazaki Prefecture and is dedicated to the deity of “Onamuchi-no-mikoto”. The long staircase leading from the torii gate is a feature of the shrine, and the grounds offer beautiful scenery in each of the four seasons. Worshipping at the shrine is believed to bring good fortune and business prosperity, and it is also said that being able to see the “white snake” in the rocks behind the shrine brings good luck.
  • Kirishima Shuzo Co., Ltd. Kirinokura Bakery
    Miyazaki Pref. Miyakonojoushi Shibitachou 5480
    A bread bakery located in Kirishima Factory Garden. The shop's popular soft, flavorful breads are made with shochu moromi fermenting mash, a byproduct of making shochu. The shop's many windows pour light into the shop, and in the adjoining cafe space, customers can enjoy the shop's breads and fresh baked pizzas. Note that this popular establishment closes up shop when its stock for the day runs out.
    Miyazaki Pref. Miyazakishi Chuoudori 8-9 Western Ebisu Building 3F
  • Oishiseichaen
    Miyazaki Pref. Miyakonojoushi Miyakobaruchou 7638-3
  • Mochikichi Miyakonojo
    3 Reviews
    Miyazaki Miyakonojo-shi Nakamachi 16-gaiku 17-go

    福岡本店の支店です。 全国にもち吉の店舗はあるので、外れはないです。 ちょっとしたおもたせを購入する際に利用しますが、つい自分のおやつも買います。 美味しくて手頃です。

  • Mochikichi Hyuga
    Miyazaki Hyuga-shi Eracho 3-chome 11
  • Mochikichi Shimanouchi
    Miyazaki Miyazaki-shi Shimanouchi 7338-37
  • Mochikichi Kobayashi
    Miyazaki Kobayashi-shi
  • Mochikichi Miyazaki
    Miyazaki Miyazaki-shi Tachibanadorihigashi 5-chome 3-ban 5-go
  • Mochikichi Nobeoka
    Miyazaki Nobeoka-shi Atagomachi 3-66
  • Bakery Kitchen SAKURA AEON MALL Miyakonojo Ekimae
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Miyazaki Miyakonojo-shi Sakaemachi 4672-5 AEON MALL Miyakonojo Ekimae 1F [44]
  • Dagashi Yumeya AEON MALL Miyakonojo Ekimae
    Miyazaki Miyakonojo-shi Sakaemachi 4672-5 AEON MALL Miyakonojo Ekimae 1F [33]
  • Beard Papa AEON MALL Miyakonojo Ekimae
    Miyazaki Miyakonojo-shi Sakaemachi 4672-5 AEON MALL Miyakonojo Ekimae 1F [32]
  • Tedukurioimo kitchen potefa mu AEON the mall Miyazaki
    Miyazaki Pref. Miyazakishi Shimbeppuchou
  • Dagashi Yumeya AEON MALL Miyazaki
    Miyazaki Miyazaki-shi Shinbeppucho Eguchi 862-1 AEON MALL Miyazaki 1F [164]
  • Lovely AEON the mall Miyazaki
    Miyazaki Pref. Miyazakishi Shimbeppuchou
  • Mignon AEON the mall Miyazaki
    Miyazaki Pref. Miyazakishi Shimbeppuchou

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An unmissable highlight of Kyushu, Miyazaki prefecture satisfies nature lovers with its dramatic gorges cut out of rugged cliffs, leading into waterfalls and beaches of green-blue water popular among surfers. Takachiho Gorge in the north of the prefecture tells a tale of centuries-old Japanese mythology in a fantastic setting, allowing visitors to explore the waters by boat before heading up to the cave at the Awano Iwato Shrine, where the sun goddess was said to have hidden, plunging the world into darkness.

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