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Factory / Workshop Spots in Kure / Higashi-Hiroshima Area

  • Aohata Jam Deck
    9 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Pref. Takeharashi Tadanouminakamachi 1-2-43
    This by reservation only factory tour facility is located in Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. This is where you can experience making jam and go on a factory tour and taste jam in the refurbished old Aohata factory. In addition, it has an adjoining jam shop and Jam Deck cafe, and is visited by many tourists.

    工場見学とジャム作りの体験ができます。800円で4瓶分の自分で作ったジャム作りを持ち帰ることができ、他のジャムの試食や購入も可能。 自作のジャムはとっても美味しくて、シーズン毎に瓶のラッピングの絵柄も変わるそうで、可愛いくてコレクションもできそう。 ジュースやジャムを使ったサンデーも販売していました。 高温での調理なので、ジャム作り体験は小学生以下は参加できませんが、とても楽しめます!

  • Taketsuru Sake Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Pref. Takeharashi Honmachi 3-10-29
    A long-standing sake brewery in Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. It is famous as the birthplace of Taketsuru Masataka, the father of Japanese whisky. Available for purchase here are special sakes that can’t be bought anywhere else. This location has drawn lots of fans and tourists after being used as the model location for an NHK drama.
  • Kamotsuru Sake Brewing
    45 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Pref. Higashihiroshimashi Saijouhonmachi 4-31
    A long established sake brewery founded in 1623 representative of Hiroshima and located in Saijo Honmachi, Higashi Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Kamotsuru produced sake made using age old techniques over time in the cold climate, has won top awards in the national sake competition on numerous occasions. At the brewery visitors can see a storehouse with the traditional Namako kabe (a wall covered with square tiles jointed with raised plaster), films on the art of brewing sake, and the tools used in producing the rice wine. Admission is free. Sake can be tasted and bought here.

    Kamotsuru is the biggest and most professional sake brewery we visited in Saijo. On the one hand great because there is a lot on display to teach visitors about sake brewing (including a video with...

  • Hakubotan Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Pref. Higashihiroshimashi Saijouhonmachi 15-5
    Founded in 1675 by a descendent of Shima Sakon (Kiyo-oki), retainer to Ishida Mitsunari, is a distinguished, longstanding brewery that currently operates five warehouses. It uses traditional methods to produce sake with a sweet taste compared to other Hiroshima sake. It has many other brand-name sake as well with a deep flavor and a pleasing finish, which are loved not only by locals but also intellectuals. There’s an exhibit room where visitors can see the earthenware jars used to store the sake and vats for brewing, as well as letters and illustrations by Shiko Munakata, who created the white camellia label. Visitors can also sample some sake and purchase items exclusively available at the brewery. The nearest station is Saijo Station.
  • Sanyotsuru Brewery
    2 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Pref. Higashihiroshimashi Saijouokamachi 6-9
    This is a small sake brewery established in 1912 located in Saijyouoka Town, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture. The numerous high quality sakes brewed using the local soft water including the Sourin Nama, have a refreshing and refined distinctive taste. In the premises there is a whole-sale store and the company’s brand sake and sake-ware are sold. The five-sake set which has five main quality sakes included to compare the taste, is a popular souvenir. The traditional Japanese style restaurant Kappo Shinsuke also operates in a renovated sake cellar.


  • Etajima Meijo
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Etajima Etajimacho Chuo 2-27-1
  • Mihara Hiroshi violin Work
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hiroshima Pref. Miharashi Itosaki 4-3-52
  • Mihara Daruma Workshop
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Mihara-shi Minatomachi 1-7-26
  • Coca-Cola West Hongo Plant
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Mihara-shi Hongocho Shimokitagata 220
  • Satake Hiroshimahonsha
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Pref. Higashihiroshimashi Saijounishihonmachi 2-30

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There is more than meets the eye awaiting any Hiroshima-bound traveler. Kicking off in Hiroshima city, the Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima Castle, and Shukkeien Garden offer a couple of days of exploring; however, the real beauty lies along the southern coast of the prefecture. There, a series of islands spreads across the Seto Inland Sea: from the mysterious sea-submerged Great Torii Gate at Miyajima Island to the first half of the islands that connect Honshu to Shikoku via six spectacular suspension bridges.

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