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Rest Spot Spots in Kure / Higashi-Hiroshima Area

  • Roadside Station Mihara Shinmei no sato
    26 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Pref. Miharashi Itosaki 4-21-1
    This roadside station is in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. At the local goods shop you’ll find fresh seafood caught from the Seto Inland Sea as well as fruit and vegetables from local farmers. In the restaurant and fast food corner, they create and serve dishes using local seasonal ingredients, and their octopus dishes, such as the octopus tempura rice bowl or their octopus tempura curry, are very popular.

    食堂は三原名物のたこを使った料理が食べられるようです。直売所には、みかんや柚子など柑橘類が数種類あり試食もあり吟味して買う事が出来ます。 魚介類もありお惣菜も沢山あり選ぶのが大変ですが、楽しめました。 お菓子などのお土産も沢山ありました。 決済は現金のみでした。

  • Roadside Station Kohan no sato Fukutomi
    10 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Pref. Higashihiroshimashi Fukutomichoukuba 1506
    A roadside station in East-Hiroshima City. This lake-side roadside station is surrounded by nature and built around the concept of “Eat, Play, Relax”. There are a variety of facilities including a hall which sells local specialties and fresh vegetables from local farms as well as a play area with children’s playground equipment. There are also a BBQ area, a multipurpose hall and grounds, making this a multifaceted location.


  • Takehara Sea Station
    2 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Pref. Takeharashi Minatomachi 4-2-24
    This seaside station in Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture is a tourist location that specializes in the specialty marine products of the Seto Inland Sea. On the first floor you’ll find stalls selling seafood and fish paste products as well as seasonal fruits. On the third floor is a restaurant where you can enjoy casual Italian dining while looking out over the water. The whole restaurant can be rented.


  • Roadside Station Yogansu Hakuryu
    8 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Pref. Miharashi Daiwachouwaki 652-3
    A roadside station in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture that sells local produce including lotus root and peaches, and their original brand of local specialty products made from adlay. The restaurant offers Italian cuisine including stone oven pizza and pasta. Their fragrant adlay soft serve ice cream is also popular.


  • Roadside Station Takehara
    73 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Pref. Takeharashi Honmachi 1-1-1
    This roadside station in Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture is characterized by its abundant selection of local Takehara specialties including bamboo work masterpieces and sake. The attached restaurant features authentic French food made with local ingredients personally selected by the head chef.

    This is one of the between Michi-no-Eki we have stayed at The toilets are spotless, and there is a disabled with warm water, so a proper body and hair wash is possible It is in town but right next to...

  • Kureumino Sta.
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Pref. Kureshi Tsukijichou 3-3
  • Nomiumino Sta.
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Pref. Etajimashi Noumichounakamachi
  • Kurahashi Uminoeki
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Kure-shi Kurahashicho 431-banchi (Natural Hot Spring Katsurahama Onsen)
  • Yutaka Uminoeki
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Kure-shi Yutakamachi Ocho 5992-86
  • Osaki Kamijima Uminoeki
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Toyota-gun Osakikamijima Cho Okiura
  • Osakikamijimaumino Sta.
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Prefecture Toyota county Osakikamijima Okiura
  • Yasu Ura Uminoeki
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Kure-shi Yasuracho Mitsu Exit 326-48 Green Pia Setouchi Uchi
  • Kamagari Uminoeki
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Kure-shi Kamagaricho Oura 7605
  • Ogaki Uminoeki (Oki Noshima Marina)
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Etajima Ogakicho Fukae 836-3

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There is more than meets the eye awaiting any Hiroshima-bound traveler. Kicking off in Hiroshima city, the Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima Castle, and Shukkeien Garden offer a couple of days of exploring; however, the real beauty lies along the southern coast of the prefecture. There, a series of islands spreads across the Seto Inland Sea: from the mysterious sea-submerged Great Torii Gate at Miyajima Island to the first half of the islands that connect Honshu to Shikoku via six spectacular suspension bridges.

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