Factory / Workshop Spots in Yamagata Area

  • Takeda Winery
    13 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Pref. Kaminoyamashi Yotsuya 2-6-1
    This is a winery in Yotsuya, Kaminoyama City. Since its founding in 1920, this winery has been conscientiously producing grapes under natural conditions of minimal chemicals and organic fertilizers. The process of producing the wine is all done on-site, from harvesting the wine grape varieties, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, and merlot, to fermenting, bottling, and shipping. Tours of the vineyard are free (reservations required), which includes visiting the fields and the brewery. Wine tasting at the adjoining bar is available for a small fee.

    Be sure to enter from the main road on the western side. We entered from route 51 on the eastern side which is possible but the lane narrows to a track before reaching the winery. The winery had a...

  • Takahata Winery
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Pref. Higashiokitamaguntakahatamachi Nukanome 2700-1
    Created in 1990, Takahata Wine became the first domestic wine to win first place in the 2011 Japan Wine Challenge for its status as an excellent medium-body red wine. It also won in the 2013 Japan Wine Competition, a first for Yamagata Prefecture and bringing the winery’s accolade total to two. Winery tours are available throughout the year, and several events are held as well. After the tour, visitors should not miss the purchase of exclusive wines from the shop. It’s a 10-minute walk from JR Takahata Station.
  • Cybele Factory Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Pref. Yamagatashi Zaoumatsugaoka 2-1-3
    This is a multi-purpose park along the National Route 13 in Zao Matsugaoka, Yamagata City. With a confectionery factory, a bakery, and an Italian cafe on site, this park has over 600,000 visitors every year. There are factory tour paths throughout the factory park, where one can enjoy watching rusks made through a glass enclosure. Cybele was the first in Japan to make a quality genuine rusk. Their production of these requires over 20,000 French baguettes, which, when all in a row, is quite a site to see.
  • Kurashi Kobo
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Mogami-gun Kaneyamamachi Nakada 298
    This activity center is located in Nakada Sugisawa, Kaneyama Town, Mogami County. Here you can get in touch with nature through indigo dyeing, collecting maple sap and crafting. A bed and breakfast service is also available. All activities and stays require reservation.
  • Otokoyama Shuzo
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Yamagata-shi Yokamachi 2-4-13
    This sake brewery is on prefectural route 17, in Yoka-machi 2-Chome, Yamagata City. This venerable brewery was founded in 1789, and uses Yamagata rice and water to make a highly-rated sake which has won gold at the Japan Sake Awards eight years in a row. They do offer tours with reservations.
  • Seiryugama
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Yamagata-shi Hira Shimizu 50-1
    This kiln is in Hirashimizu, Yamagata City. It has created Hirashimizuyaki pottery for five generations in a tradition going back 200 years. They use clay sourced locally from Mt. Chitose, and finish it in two different glazing styles: Zansetsu, which resembles the snows of Yamagata, and Nashiseiji, which brings out the iron content of the clay.
  • Hachimitsu no Mori Candles
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Nishimurayama-gun Asahimachi Tateki 825-3
    This candle workshop is on prefectural route 289 in Tateki, Asahi-machi, Nishimurayama County. They make beeswax candles from raw honeybee hive, an apiary byproduct. The attached shop sells their candles, and with reservations you can take a candle-making class.
  • Narushima-yaki Pottery Wakui-gama Kiln
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Nagai-shi Imaizumi 1812
    This pottery kiln is in Imaizumi, Nagai City. It has restored the Narushimayaki style of pottery established by the 9th lord of the Yonezawa domain, Uesugi Yozan, as royal kiln. The skill, developed over long years of study, is now a municipal registered Intangible Cultural Property. In addition to displaying and selling tea ware and dining ware, they also offer a variety of pottery activities.
  • Sudo Wine Factory
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Nanyo-shi Akayu 2836
    This is a winery located about 10 minutes by car from the JR Akayu station. All of the winemaking operations, from cultivation, harvesting, fermenting, and finally bottling are done by hand at this family-operated winery. Here at the Shikin Vineyards, although there are dedicated wine vineyards, from early August to mid-October some vineyards are open to the public for grape picking. The Nanyo Wine made here is similar to German white wine that is slightly dry with a hint of sweetness.
  • Sakai Winery
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Nanyo-shi Akayu 980
    This is a winery located about 5 minutes by car from the JR Akayu station. This historic winery, founded in 1892, is the oldest in the Tohoku region. Since its founding, this winery prides itself in making quality non-filtered, non-pasteurized old fashioned wine. In addition to winery tours, one can enjoy wine tasting and on-site purchase of the wines. In addition to the barrel-fermented Mujinasawa wine which combines five varieties of grapes cultivated in their own vineyards, the winery sells the Chardonnay, packed with delicious bitterness and a full-bodied fruitiness, and the Yamabudo Geneki which is 100% straight no additive grape juice.
  • Takagi Brewery
    1 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Murayama-shi Tominami 1826


  • Katoyoshimihachiro Sake Brewing
    1 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Pref. Tsuruokashi Oyama 3-chome 1-38


  • Ojiman
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Pref. Tsuruokashi Kamiyamazoe Shinmeimae 123
  • Asahi Kawa Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Nishimurayama-gun Kahokucho Yachi Otsu 93
  • Arashiyama Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Higashiokitama-gun Kawanishimachi Kamikomatsu 3182
  • Gassan Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Sagae-shi
  • Ordovi Shonai
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Pref. Sakatashi Hamanaka B 123
  • Kane Ryu
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Sakata-shi Kuromori Kusakariyachi 180-1
  • Oshima Head office
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Yonezawa-shi Honcho 2-chome 2-3
  • Koya Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Mogami-gun Okuramura Shimizu 2591

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Although often overlooked, Yamagata prefecture by no means lacks appeal: the Yamadera temple trail through the mountains, deliciously tender Yonezawa wagyu, and over 100 steaming hot springs, most notably Zao Onsen, await visitors. When winter comes, the snowcapped peaks become dotted with skiers by day and onsen-goers by night, while summer brings the celebration of juicy Yamagata cherries.

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