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Factory / Workshop Spots in Nagano Area

  • Shinano Wine
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Shiojirishi Seba 783
    This is a winery representing Kikyogahara built in 1916 in Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture. Passed on by between three generations of parent and child, the high quality wine has been well received at competitions at home and abroad. The grapes grown in the natural extreme heat and cold of Kikyogahara have a flavor only this region can make. Using grapes from their own plantation and contracted field, the wine is not just brewed in traditional fashion but in a number of free variations. In the shop one can enjoy wine samples, and even have a look down in the underground cellar (groups of 10 or more need prior booking).
  • Manns Wines Komoro Winery
    34 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Komoroshi Moro 375
    Manns Wines Komoro Winery is located in the east of Nagano Prefecture, a most suitable region for producing wine. The winery has a Chardonnay vineyard and a huge one hectare Japanese garden. The shop sells many products which cannot be purchased from anywhere else such as their domestic premium wine. In the restaurant you can enjoy food made with local Shinshu ingredients, with a glass of wine while looking out over the vineyard. Tasting is possible free of charge on the winery tours.


    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Iyamashi Iyama 2227
    This brewery was awarded first prize in the Kanto-Shinetsu Sake Awards 2013 held by the Kanto-Shinetsu Regional Taxation Bureau of the National Tax Agency of Japan for its Mizuo sake. The brewery produces great tasting local sake using locally grown rice and high-quality water. The water used in the brewing process is spring water from the foot of Mt. Mizuo in Nozawa Onsen Village. This natural mineral water has a distinct freshness to it making for a great tasting sake. Visitors are also welcome to try some of the sake in the shop. A good bottle to try is the Mizuo Tokubetsu Honjozo (special genuine brewed sake). It’s a well-balanced dry sake to be enjoyed either chilled or warm. The brewery itself is open to visitors every year in April. Booking is required so please check ahead of time.
  • Maestro
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Chuou 3-2-15
    Maestro is a craft store that handles only the finest products from both Japan and overseas. They handle various kinds of products such as lacquer ware, pottery, glassware, and dyed textiles. They’ll also repair and repaint lacquer ware products. Visitors can buy some functional tableware all at affordable prices. The store also holds various kinds of exhibitions from time to time.
  • Azumino Glass Studio
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Aduminoshi Toyoshinaminamihotaka 5076-17
    Located in Toyoshinaminamihotaka of Azumino City, this Azumino Glass Workshop allows you to observe the creation process directly as well as purchase products. You can also try your hand at glassblowing, and there’s also a ceramics painting workshop aimed at groups and a seasonal experience limited to the Golden Week holiday, among other programs.
  • Azumino Winery
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Aduminoshi Misatogura 6687-5
    This winery is located in Misato-ogura, Azumino City. The wine is brewed from grapes cultivated onsite, and free tours of the fields and facility are offered (reservation required by day before). There’s also a cafe where you can try original wines, a terrace where you can have a light snack, a shop, a drinkable yogurt factory, and more.
  • Masuichi Ichimura Sake Brewery
    12 Reviews
    Nagano Pref. Kamikitai-gun Obuse-machi 807
    This long-standing wine cellar opened in 1755 and is located in Obuse, Obuse Town along National Route 403. The adjoining building is used by workers during the preparation process for lodging and breaks, and direct sales are offered here as well. At the “Teppa” counter, you can enjoy famous brands such as Kozan and Square One.

    A great place for shopping and tastings. You can buy bottles at a variety of price points as well as SAKE IN A BOX! The boxes are small, almost flat, and reasonably priced. They make excellent...

  • Reijin Shuzo
    4 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Suwashi Suwa 2-9-21
    This brewery was established in 1789 along National Route 20 in Suwa, Suwa City. It sells high-quality spirits brewed using groundwater that runs underneath Kirigamine Highland. Tours of the facility are offered as well (unavailable from October until around March). There’s also a popular local brew available called “Suwa Roman Beer” that was created by the chief brewer.

    5蔵巡りで訪問しました。開放感のあるショップスペースが印象的でした。 日本酒だけでなく、焼酎やビールも手がける蔵で、つい色々と試飲をしてしまいました。

  • Yomeishu Kenko no Mori
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Komaganeshi Akaho 16410
    Located on the site of the Yomeishu Komagane factory, this rest space allows visitors to hear the babble of the water flowing from the Chuo Alps (Kiso Mountains) and hear the chirping of the birds. Peonies bloom every year from the end of May until the beginning of June, and a peony potpourri-making event is held. There are many other seasonal events as well. Along with factory tours, visitors can also enjoy strolling through the forest and by the river that runs through it. It’s about 15 minutes by car from the Chuo Expressway Komagatake Interchange.
  • National Astronomical Observatory Nobeyama Radio Observatory
    46 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Minamisakugunminamimakimura Nobeyama 462-2
    The National Astronomical Observatory Nobeyama Radio Observatory is equipped with a 45-meter radio telescope, a solar radio wave intensity polarimeter, and other instruments, as well as lectures through which you can learn about the latest astronomy achievements. The lectures are available and free except at the beginning and end of the year, but note that the time changes once a year due to a special lecture. Learn the mysteries of the boundless cosmos. It’s about 35 minutes from the Nagasaka Interchange or 40 minutes from the Kobuchisawa Interchange.

    Most interesting radio astronomical observatory in Japan and not far from Tokyo! Here you can see many large paraboloidal reflector antennas, including several 10m dishes in an interferometer and a...

  • Endo Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Suzakashi Suzaka 29
    This is a Japanese rice wine brewery founded in 1864. The famous and treasured sake was said to have been presented to Lord Suzaka in the Edo period. The brewery has continued producing sake of unaltered taste, as well as continued to produce new products, winning numerous awards such as Mondo Selection, IWC, iTQi, etc. In the shop, visitors can taste about 30 kinds of sake.
  • Shinshu Takayama Winery
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Kamitakaiguntakayamamura Takai Ohara 7926
    A winery located in Takai Urahara, Takayama Village, Kamitakai County. The winery makes and sells wine using wine grapes from Takayama, a village boasting one of the largest wine grape cultivation areas in the prefecture. The winery also engages in training winery managers, from cultivation to fermentation to sales.
  • St. Cousair Winery Main Restaurant
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Kamiminochigunidunamachi Imogawa 1260
    A winery located in Imogawa, Iizuna Town, Kamiminochi County. The winery's shop sells wines created from the winery's own grapes, cider, jams, and other foods, as well as tableware and knickknacks. The winery conducts tours and also holds events throughout the year. There's also an adjoining delicatessen and restaurant where you can enjoy a meal with the winery's wines.
  • Tocoro Terrace
    4 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Suwashi Shiga Akanuma 1545-1
    A shop owned and operated by a company which makes kanten algae gelatin and tokoroten gelidium jelly strips located in Shiga Akanuma, Suwa City. The shop sells kanten and tokoroten made from 100% red algae, as well as confections made with kanten. Visitors can watch kanten and tokoroten being made or enjoy a sweet or dish made with kanten in the adjoining cafe. The shop's sweets are also available for takeout.

    寒天を使った料理やデザートが食べられるレストランとお土産屋さん、寒天工場が併設された施設です。 こちらのレストランでワッフル、キッシュにドリンク、デザートが付いたランチセットを頂きました。前菜としてところてんが出たりと他のレストランとは異なる趣向がされているのですが、味付けの殆どが酸っぱい系だったり、お土産屋さんもこれといった目玉商品が見つからず、また寒天工場も駐車場側から直接入るか、またはお土産...

  • Chikumanishiki Co., Ltd.
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Sakushi Nagatoro 1110
    "A sake brewery located in Nagatoro, Saku City. The brewery makes renowned sake using water from the Shinano River and water running underground beneath Mt. Asama such as ""Chikumanishiki"" and ""Yoshidaya Jisuke."" Visitors can tour the brewery's rice mill and fermentation storehouse for free (reservation required). In the adjoining shop, you can sample the brewery's products and purchase limited edition sake."
  • Karuizawa Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Sakushi Nagatoro 64-3
    This beer brewery is in Nagatoro, Saku City. They are Japan's largest craft beer brewery and feature cutting edge facilities. Tours are available with advance reservation, and you can taste brews on tap in their beer hall.
  • Cella Masumi Brewery Shop
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Suwashi Motomachi 1-16
    "This sake brewery is on National Route 20 in Motomachi, Suwa City. Established in 1662, their renowned Masumi sake adopted the name of Suwa-taisha Shrine's treasured ""Masumi Mirror."" Their brewery shop Cella Masumi offers tastings where you can sample five or six kinds of sake for a small fee. They also sell sake drinking vessels and fine comestibles."
  • SakenunoyaHonkinBrewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Suwashi Suwa 2-8-21
    "This sake brewery is on National Route 20 in the Suwa section of Suwa City. Established in 1756, their brews include the choice label known as ""Honkin."" There are five veteran breweries in the same part of town; known as the ""Suwa Gokura,"" they hold events like the Nomiaruki Brewery Crawl that let you purchase coupon tickets and wander the area tasting sake from the different establishments."
  • Marui Ito Shoten
    2 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Chinoshi Miyagawa 4529
    A miso factory and shop located in Chino City, Nagano Prefecture. The establishment makes its miso in an old storehouse once used for silk production, and visitors can tour this factory area. In the shop area, you can buy a wide variety of miso as well as garlic pickled in miso, miso ramen, and more, and the establishment is popular with people of all ages.

    諏訪観光の途中にぷらっと立ち寄ってみました。 タイミングのためか、一人だったからか、工場見学は説明なしで一人で機械やら樽やらを見て回りました。 そしてなぜか工場の奥の方に貧乏神神社があり、太い木を棒で3回叩いて3回蹴りを入れ、最後に貧乏神に大豆を巻くといった部屋がありました。 工場にはお土産屋さんも併設されており、味噌や甘酒、漬物などを購入することができます。

  • Kametaya Sake Brewery
    21 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Shimadachi 2748
    This sake brewery is located in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. You can purchase specialty products from the Shinshu region and taste different sake. Besides being able to tour the main building with a reservation, you can also tour the storehouse when brewing is not conducted from April to October. In addition, it has a parking lot for large buses, and is visited by many large groups.

    The owner is teh sixth generation sake brewer. A tour around the family house reveals history of sake trade in the region. And off course sake tasting. We bought deliscious sake jam and of course a...

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Nagano prefecture is an exciting mix of mountains, hot spring monkeys, and preserved Edo history. At the heart of the Japanese Alps, Nagano is one of the country's most popular destinations, whether in winter for its snow sports and the much-loved Jigokudani Monkey Park or in the warmer months for discovering the undulating hills on foot. For fantastic Edo architecture, head to the Kiso Valley for a 60-kilometer stretch of quaint wooden buildings that marked the Nakasendo route 200 years ago.

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