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Leisure / Hobbies Spots in Yonago / Mt. Daisen Area

  • Tottori Flower Gallery (Hanakairo)
    117 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Pref. Saihakugunnambuchou Tsuruda 110
    One of the largest flower parks in Japan, located in Nanbu Town, Saihaku County, Tottori Prefecture. The park’s spacious grounds, commanding a view of Mt. Daisen, are host to the Flower Dome, a 50 meter in diameter, 21 meter tall giant greenhouse; a European garden; a gigantic 10 thousand square meter garden; and aquatic flower beds; and visitors can enjoy flowers year round. There’s also a one kilometer long viewing gallery circuit with a roof, ensuring that visitors can enjoy the park’s flowers in comfort even on rainy days. The park also has a shop and restaurant where you can enjoy local cuisine such as Japanese pear soft serve ice cream and Daisen G Beer. The park also holds periodic night illumination events.

    On a very hot day we decided to walk around rather than take the train, which circulates every 15 minutes around the park. This was a mistake as we tired pretty quickly but there were a few places...

  • Asian Museum Inoue Yasushi Memorial Museum
    Travel / Tourism
    Tottori Pref. Yonagoshi Oshinoduchou 57
    This is a memorial hall of the literary master Inoue Yasushi who served exchanging cultures between Japan and China. It is also a museum of the history of Tottori Prefecture which has had close relations with Asian countries since long ago. In the memorial hall, there is a display of the model of Inoue Yasushi’s study and items that he used for writing. The museum displays more than 2000 pieces of valuable Persian brocade in the “Persian Brocade section” which is said to be one of the three largest collections in the world. Also, in the “Mongolia section”, you can see displays that show the life of the Mongolian nomads. The facility offers a lot to see.
  • Daisen White Resort
    22 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Pref. Saihakugundaisenchou Daisen 96 Service center
    This ski resort is one of the largest in Western Japan and consists of four areas called Kokusai, Goenzan, Naka-no-hara, and Ue-no-hara. The resort offers slopes with an ocean view. If you look down from the lift, you can see the Japan sea and the Oki Islands. There are nine styles of slopes that can be enjoyed from beginners to advanced skiers. Also, there is a kid’s area called “Taka-piyo” land that can be enjoyed by families with children.

    Was snowboarding there 2 times this year! There are good rental stores for clothes and equipment, ski and snowboard school for those who are doing it for the first time, and restaurants. It`s pretty...

  • Kaike Hot Spring and Swimming Beach
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Pref. Yonagoshi Kaikeonsen
    This beach next to Kaike hot springs, located at the base of Yumigahama Peninsula, has a beautiful stretch of sandy beach and pine trees. The beach has high quality of water that is good enough to be selected as one of the 88 most excellent beaches in Japan and in the summer, many people visit to swim in the ocean. At night, squid fishing boats beautifully light up the coast line and visitors can enjoy the contrast to the day time scenery.
  • Sohou Furusato Kan
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Pref. Yonagoshi Kaikeonsen 3-1-1 Yonago City Tourist Center
    The Sohou Furusato Kan exhibits mainly dolls from the Edo period as well as dyed textile fabrics, jewelry and furnishings changing seasonally. The items were a collection of Masako Sakaguchi of Yonago City, taking half a life time to accumulate. Visitors can experience the valuable traditional culture.
  • Daisen-Oki National Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori prefecture, Shimane prefecture, Okayama prefecture
    This national park spans the three prefectures of Tottori, Shimane and Okayama and consists of the four regions of the mountainous area from Mt. Daisen to Mt. Hiruzen and Mt. Mitoku, the coastal region of the Shimane Peninsula, Mt. Sanbe area, and the Oki Islands. The park is gaining popular with mountain climbers because of its many famous mountains such as the highest peak in the Chugoku region, Mt. Daisen and Mt. Sanbe which is characterized by its varied landscapes. In addition, the area is visited by many worshippers making the pilgrimage to many historical sites surrounded in myth dotting the area such as Izumo Taisha Shrine and Hinomisaki-jinja Shrine. There are many campsites, camps, climbing roads, and information centers in the area, and it is used as the base for sightseeing and climbing. The Daisen Information Center provides multilingual brochures.
  • Yonago Waterbirds Sanctuary
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Pref. Yonagoshi Hikonashinden 665
    Yonago Waterbirds Sanctuary is located around 15 minutes' drive from JR Yonago Station; the sanctuary itself is around two minutes' walk from the parking area. The sanctuary, which is an important habitat for wild birds, occupies a part of Nakaumi Lagoon where the Ramsar Convention is registered. Every year, Yonago Waterbirds Sanctuary is visited by around 1,000 Tundra Swans (Bewick's Swans), more than anywhere else in Western Japan, as well as by an average of more than 75,000 geese and ducks. The sanctuary is also a vital habitat for many endangered plant and animal species, including Potamogeton pectinatus, a submerged aquatic plant, and the Appasus, an aquatic insect. At the Sanctuary's Nature Center, visitors can listen to explanatory talks by park rangers and volunteers, and can use the telescopes and binoculars installed in the Nature Center to view the birds. Various special events are held at the Sanctuary, including Nature Watching Fairs, etc.
  • Gegege no Yokai Rakuen
    88 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Pref. Sakaiminatoshi Eimachi 138
    A miniature “yokai” (Japanese folk monster) theme park located behind the Mizuki Shigeru Memorial Museum, a popular tourism destination in Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture. Here you can meet Kitaro, Nurikabe, Medama Oyaji, and other yokai characters which appear in Shigeru Mizuki’s hit manga comic, “GeGeGe no Kitaro,” in statue and cutout form. Park facilities include the children-oriented “Kitaro’s House;” various commemorative photo spots; and Yokai Nakamise, a shop selling yokai goods and merchandise. At the Yokai Chaya café, you can enjoy a popular yokai latte or a local burger.

    no special but just for buying souvenir or cafe only but well enough for take rest and taking photo.

  • Youkai Shrine
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Pref. Sakaiminatoshi Taishoumachi 62-1
    A shrine standing along the Mizuki Shigeru Road, a popular tourism destination in Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture. The shrine is dedicated to a 300 year old Japanese zelkova tree and a three meter tall block of granite yokai (Japanese folk monster) which was put into his heart and soul by manga artist Shigeru Mizuki. The grounds are filled with statues of yokai characters from Mizuki’s hit comic, “GeGeGe no Kitaro,” such as an Ittan Momen-themed torii gate and Medama Oyaji purifying fountain. The automated fortune dispenser, in which small yokai figures deliver a mikuji fortune slip, is a popular feature of the shrine. The shrine also sells popular souvenirs such as yokai ema votive tablets, protective charms, and protective seals.
  • Morinokuni
    27 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Pref. Saihakugundaisenchou Akamatsu 634
    This general outdoors facility is located in Daisen Town, Saihaku County, Tottori Prefecture. Situated amidst the magnificence of Mt. Daisen’s natural scenery, this facility contains western Japan’s biggest field athletics camp, a dog park, about 20 different types of playground equipment available for rental, a food court, a barbecue area, and more. There are also interactive nature tours, an ice cream-making experience using Daisen milk, and other casual activities. Everyone from children to adults can enjoy spending the day basking in the beautiful outdoors.

    My friend and I were looking to try a nature tour of sorts and happened upon this “Mori no Kuni” online that offered bike tours. The campground it is based out of is incredibly cute with great...

  • Kitaro Ghost Warehouse
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Pref. Sakaiminatoshi Taishoumachi 38
    This amusement center is about five minutes away on foot from Sakaiminato Station. It is located at the site of the former “Sakaiminato Kairiku Unso (Ocean and Rail)” warehouse, which featured manga artist Shigeru Mizuki’s ghost illustrations on the exterior and has now been converted into a good-luck “power spot.” The nearly 100-meter-long path inside the warehouse features exhibits on about 30 types of spirits that play tricks on humans. At the exit is a mystical stone said to repel evil, and there’s also a votive picture in the shape of Kitaro’s wooden clog and a charm said to contain the spiritual force of the Kitaro family, so visitors can pray for good luck if they wish.
  • Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Pref. Saihakugunhoukichou Sumura 353-3
    The Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography showcases the works of world-famous photographer Shoji Ueda, who was born in Tottori Prefecture. Ueda’s photographs of subjects set against the backdrop of the San’in region’s big skies and imposing sand-dunes won renown as the “Ueda-cho” (“Ueda style”). There is plenty to see at the Museum, including the pond, which reflects an inverted image of Mt. Daisen, and the Museum Cinema, which is decorated with the world’s largest camera lens. The Museum Shop sells an extensive range of souvenir gifts.
  • Sakai Daiba Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Pref. Sakaiminatoshi Hanamachi
    Sakai Daiba Park is a park centered round the remains of a coastal defense fortification that was one of eight such forts established in Tottori domain during the Edo period, and which has been designated as a National Historic Site. Within the Park there is also a hexagonal white wooden lighthouse; at certain times of year visitors are allowed to look round inside the lighthouse. Sakai Daiba Park is famous as one of the best places in Sakaiminato City for viewing cherry blossom; with around 350 cherry trees, the Park is a marvelous sight when the cherry blossom is in full bloom in spring.
  • Daisen Museum of Nature and History
    10 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Saihaku-gun Daisencho Daisen 43
    A 15-minute drive from the Yonago Interchange on the Yonago Expressway. In this museum, situated at the foot of Mt. Daisen, visitors can learn about the history and plant and animal life of Mt. Daisen, a designated national park. The history, culture, and diverse seasonal plants and animals of the mountain are introduced on the first floor. Since ancient times, Mt. Daisen has been an object of worship, and through dioramas and projection mapping, visitors can experience the history and culture of the mountain and surrounding area. The second floor presents the story behind “Japan's Largest Livestock Market Born of Jizou Bodhisattva Worship,” which was included in the Japan Heritage list in 2016.


  • Yume Minato Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Sakaiminato-shi Takenouchidanchi
    "A park built on the site of 1997's Sanin & Yume Minato Exposition. Its slogan is ""The port where the Sea of Japan and Mt. Daisen are most beautiful."" Features include the 43-meter high Yumeminato Tower; Minato-onsen Honokami, the only hot spring facility in the city; and the Sakaiminato Fish Center, one of the largest seafood specialty stores in western Japan. Benches are located throughout the park and it's perfect for a stroll while feeling the sea breeze and taking in the view of Mt. Daisen, the highest mountain in the Chugoku region. The area around the park is a famous fishing spot, drawing anglers throughout the year."
  • Horse Riding Club Daisen Riding Center
    6 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Saihaku-gun Daisencho Akamatsu 2459-130
    Whether it's your first time on a horse or you're an expert, this riding club is open to riders of all levels. They also have a cafe restaurant and a cottage to help you enjoy your riding experience to the maximum. For beginners they recommend a plan where staff leads the horse by a tether. Children two to five years old can ride with their parents, and they provide help mounting and dismounting. Once you get used to it, you can set out on their trekking course over mountain trails and roads. Practice with the reins inside the riding area, and then a guide will accompany you for worry-free horseback riding while enjoying the view.

    乗馬体験が気軽にできます。 小学生の時に1度自分も楽しんだことがあるので、今回娘と親戚の子を連れて伺いました。 ポニーでこの値段は高い!と思ったので、ひき馬を楽しみました。 いつか馬を操作する体験やトレッキングもいけたらいいなと思います。

  • Daisen Orchard
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Yonago-shi
    A tourist farm where visitors can enjoy several kinds of Asian pears, including the Nijisseiki variety. With a climate well-suited to pear cultivation, Mt. Daisen has become Japan's leading pear-growing region. Other varieties available include Hosui, Kosui, and Shinko. The pears grown on the approximately eight-hectare orchard are fresh and juicy with a pleasantly crisp texture. With a high sugar content, their freshly picked pears are utterly delectable. The orchard is usually open from mid-August to early November. It's easily accessible in about ten minutes toward Oyama from Yonago Interchange on the Yonago Expressway.
  • Bar Tempest
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Yonago-shi Asahimachi 37
  • Bar Desperado
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Yonago-shi Kakubancho 2-30-2F
  • arrows
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tottori Yonago-shi Mannocho 134-1F

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Tottori prefecture is Japanese seasonal diversity at its best: Huge sand dunes cover the north coast, making for the perfect summer beach trip complete with the unexpected addition of camels; November brings the delectable snow crab, while winter around Mount Daisen, the Chugoku region's highest mountain, promises snow sports and magical views.

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