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Other Shopping Spots in Akasaka / Azabu / Roppongi Area

  • Crystal Planet (Tokyo Tower Store)
    3 Reviews
    Tokyo Minato-ku Shibakoen 4-2-8 Japan Radio Tower Building 2F
    A gift shop and boutique located on the second floor of Foot Town underneath Tokyo Tower a five-minute walk from the Akabanebashi Exit of Akabanebashi Station on the Toei Subway Oedo Line. The shop carries a wide variety of Tokyo Tower souvenirs, delicate and elegant Japanese goods and accessories, snacks and desserts, and more. The shop also offers an abundant array of original merchandise sold no place else, such as its Tokyo Tower Memo Pads, and Tokyo Tower mini models. In addition, the store sells a selection of healing crystals and power stones.

    Efter att ha betraktat Tokyo Tower blir ett besök här en rätt bra avrundning på turen. Souvenirer, Hello Kitty, hantverk, mat, kakor mm. Rena och moderna ytor. Helt klart värt ett besök.

    Tokyo Minato-ku Shibakoen 4-2-8
    This official Tokyo Tower merchandise store is located on the third floor of Foot Town underneath Tokyo Tower a five-minute walk from the Akabanebashi Exit of Akabanebashi Station on the Toei Subway Oedo Line. The aisles of the huge store are widely spaced, ensuring customers can enjoy a leisurely and comfortable shopping experience. The store is filled with items you'll find no place else, such as exclusive Tokyo Tower merchandise featuring popular cartoon and comic book characters. Many of the store's products were developed in collaboration with famous stores and brands from across Japan and the world, making this a great place to look for souvenirs as well as gifts.
  • toto Handling Lottery Shiba Center
    Tokyo Minato-ku Shiba 5-23-13
  • toto Handling Bic Camera Akasaka-mitsuke Sta.
    Tokyo Minato-ku Akasaka 3-1-6 Tokyo Metro Akasaka-mitsuke Station Building
  • toto Handling Fuji Pharmacy
    Tokyo Minato-ku Roppongi 4-11-9
  • toto, takarakuji Rothaus daimon Sta. Mae
    Tokyo Met. Minato-ku Shibadaimon 2-4-5 Sugihara building
  • toto, takarakuji Rothaus Akasaka TBS mae
    Tokyo Met. Minato-ku Akasaka Success 3-13-7 Akasaka Building 1F
  • toto, takarakuji Lotto Shop shushokanteimae
    Tokyo Met. Minato-ku Akasaka Nagata-cho 2-2-21 legal profession building parking
  • RivoliAntiques
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tokyo Minato-ku Shiba 5-29-16
  • Ao Hanando Akasaka
    Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Nagatacho 2-chome 14-3
  • antique Alto
    Tokyo Minato-ku Shirokanedai 3-19-3
  • Fuji Export
    1 Reviews
    Tokyo Minato-ku Shibakouen 4-2-8

    We had excellent service from Fuji Export at Tokyo Tower where we purchased yukatas for myself and my husband. Great interaction with the staff. Wed like to send them a photo of us wearing the...

  • Kakimigiemonkama Tokyo
    Tokyo Minato-ku Akasaka 6-19-44
  • Tokiyo
    Tokyo Minato-ku Nishiazabu 2-25-13
  • Imamura Store
    Tokyo Minato-ku Akasaka 4-chome 12-7
  • Yoraku
    Tokyo Minato-ku Shibakouen 4-2-8
  • Kimonorisaikurugiyarariyu
    Tokyo Minato-ku Shirokanedai 5-17-5
  • Recycling Boutique Azabu JUBAN
    Tokyo Minato-ku Azabu-juban 2-8-17
  • Kimonoyarofutei
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Shibuya-ku Ebisu 3-48-2
  • Fork cheese
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Minato-ku Minamiazabu 5-16-10

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