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Other Shopping Spots in Hiroshima Area

  • Toretta Miyoshi
    Hiroshima Pref. Miyoshishi Higashisakeyamachi 10438
    This farmer’s market in Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture offers a variety of foods including local seasonal fruits and vegetables, processed products, and more. Visitors can also enjoy dishes made with plenty of locally-sourced ingredients at the market’s all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. The market also serves as a venue for a variety of exchange activities. It features a cooking classroom where a variety of programs including food education seminars and cooking classes are held.
  • Domen Shoten
    Hiroshima Pref. Akitakatashi Midorichouhongou 4627 Kagura Monmen Yuji Murauchi
    At this souvenir shop inside Kagura Monzen Toji Village, you’ll find a selection of rare Akitakata folk crafts and delicious seasonal food items. Inside the shop they sell a variety of unique ice cream flavors including Jomon ice cream and wild rice ice cream. Get souvenirs, and try some dessert after enjoying Akitakata gourmet cuisine in the Village.
  • Kaieki San-no-Seki
    Hiroshima Pref. Kureshi Shimokamagarichou Shimoshima 2358-1
    A local specialty shop in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Come and find local specialties and processed food from Shimo-Kamagari Island including hijiki and citrus fruits. Also, try their popular Jako-tempura which isn’t fried until you order it. It sells out quickly and is popular with tourists.
  • Shakushi no Ie
    10 Reviews
    Hiroshima Pref. Hatsukaichishi Miyajimachou 488
    A shop specializing in Miyajima shakushi (shamoji—rice scoops) located in Miyajima Town, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Based on an association with the phrase “meshitoru,” which can mean “to scoop up rice” or “to seize,” Miyajima shakushi are viewed as lucky talismans which aid in achieving victory and better fortunes. Miyajima shakushi began being made as souvenirs for visitors to Itsukushima Shrine at the end of the 18th century based on the teachings of an ascetic monk. This shop carries a wide variety of shakushi, from ones meant for actual use to decorative shakushi, shakushi with people’s names on them, and shakushi which can be used as a post card. Customers can also special order their name imprinted on a shakushi.

    宮島杓子(しゃもじ)の始まりは、江戸時代に光明院の修行僧が、七福神の弁財天が手に持つ楽器の琵琶の形が杓子に似ていた事から、御神木で杓子を作り、それを宮島参拝のお土産として売り出す事を薦めたのが、発祥なのだそうですね。 ちなみに杓子はご飯を抄い取ったり、飯取る事から敵を飯取るとの語呂で勝運・幸運・福運の縁起物として宮島から広まっていったそうなんです。 どおりで杓子で応援する地元の野球やサッカーが強い...

  • Tomo Higoya
    3 Reviews
    Hiroshima Pref. Fukuyamashi Tomochou Tomo 595
    Famous for its sea bream fishing nets, Tomonoura in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture is where you can find Tomo Higoya, a shop which specializes in sea bream miso. The shop opened in 2013 in an old Edo period merchant house. The sea bream miso is a local traditional dish made by simmering sea bream from Setouchi with locally produced miso and mirin, sake, and soy sauce, etc. The smell of Japanese peppers in the miso arouses a taste that can be enjoyed in various ways such as with rice, or eaten together with a glass of sake, or with ochazuke (boiled rice with tea). They have three kinds of flavors, red, white and sesame. Other things the shop sells include rolled sushi with sea bream miso and laver boiled in soy sauce.


  • Hiroshima Dream Plaza
    13 Reviews
    Hiroshima Pref. Hiroshimashinakaku Hondori 8-28
    A tourist facility located in the Hondori Shopping Arcade in Naka Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture. As well as tourist information and brochures on events and things going on in the prefecture, Hiroshima Dream Plaza sells all sorts of sightseeing tickets and specialty products. The shop has a wide variety of unique Hiroshima souvenirs from different parts of the prefecture. They also hold different events in store such as fresh vegetable markets and sales of seafood, etc. Lots of local residents as well as tourists come here to shop.


  • Fuji Honpo
    Hiroshima Pref. Onomichishi Setodachousetoda 502-1
    This souvenir shop is located in the Shiomachi shopping area of Ikuchi-jima Island, part of Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. It’s about a three-minute walk from the famous tourist spot Kousanji Temple. It stocks several products made from lemons, which the island is famous for. The original lemon soy sauce and lemon dressing are especially good. Long-selling products that have made popular souvenirs over the years are the lemon-chan noodles, which features special lemon-flavored noodles in a special-made soup, and lemon rice crackers.
  • Kawahara Geneido Hall
    Hiroshima Pref. Hatsukaichishi Miyajimaguchi 1-5-15
    Over a century old, the Kawahara Geneido Hall is the patronized kiln for Miyajima ware, designated as a Traditional Craft for Hiroshima prefecture. Roughly 50 varieties of Miyajima ware are on display in the form of tea cups, flower pots and teapots, etc. You can experience painting, and even make your own Miyajima plate or cup. Three minutes on foot from JR Miyajima Station.
  • toto Handling Futaba Books Laforet
    Hiroshima Hiroshima-shi Nishi-ku Kanonhonmachi 2-chome 8-22
  • toto Handling Futaba Books MEGA
    Hiroshima Hiroshima-shi Asaminami-ku Nakasuji 4-chome 11-7
  • toto Handling Futaba Books GIGA Hiroshima Ekimae
    Hiroshima Hiroshima-shi Minami-ku Matsubaracho 2-22
  • toto Handling Keibunsha Saijo
    Hiroshima Higashihiroshima-shi Saijo Doyomaru 1-5-7 Yume Town Higashihiroshima Annex 2F
  • toto Handling Keibunsha Core Kasuga
    Hiroshima Fukuyama-shi Kasugacho 5-1-3
  • toto Handling Keibunsha Shinhama
    Hiroshima Onomichi-shi Shinhama 1-chome 2-17
  • toto toriatukai nishimura Joy Yagi
    Hiroshima Pref. Hiroshimashi Asaminami-ku Yagi 2-3-40
  • toto Handling Futaba Books Itsukaichi Fukuya
    Hiroshima Hiroshima-shi Saeki-ku Itsukaichi Ekimae 1-chome 4-5 Itsukaichi Fukuya 2F
  • toto Handling AEON MALL Hiroshima Fuchu Soleil Lottery Uriba
    Hiroshima Aki-gun Fuchucho Osu 2-1-1
  • toto Handling Keibunsha Core Kannabe
    Hiroshima Fukuyama-shi Kannabecho Kawakita 1533 Frespo Kannabe Mall
  • toto Handling Keibunsha AEON Mihara
    Hiroshima Mihara-shi Shiromachi 2-13-1 AEON 2F
  • toto, Party Fuji Saka Lottery
    Hiroshima Pref. Akigunsakachou Heiseigahama 3-2-11 Parti Fuji slope site

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There is more than meets the eye awaiting any Hiroshima-bound traveler. Kicking off in Hiroshima city, the Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima Castle, and Shukkeien Garden offer a couple of days of exploring; however, the real beauty lies along the southern coast of the prefecture. There, a series of islands spreads across the Seto Inland Sea: from the mysterious sea-submerged Great Torii Gate at Miyajima Island to the first half of the islands that connect Honshu to Shikoku via six spectacular suspension bridges.

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