Other Shopping Spots in Yamagata Area

  • Shonai Kanko Bussankan Furusato Honpo
    34 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Pref. Tsuruokashi Nunome Nakadori 80-1
    This store is located on National Route 7 in Nunome, Tsuruoka City. It houses mostly shops selling local specialties and souvenirs with shops selling seafood from the Sea of Japan and crab directly sourced from fishing ports. There is also a restaurant serving seafood and local cuisine using the fruits of the seas off Shonai.

    レストランのほか、お土産品や、鮮魚なども取り扱っており、とても充実しています。 新潟から酒田に行く際は、高速であえて鶴岡で降りていつもここに寄ります。(実は鶴岡の先から有料道路になるためってのもありますが) 物産館とは別棟・別経営になりますが、平田牧場の直売所もあり、こちらもあわせて見るとさらにいいです。 地元庄内交通グループ系で民間の経営のようですが、道の駅と名乗ってもいいレベルの施設です。

  • Sankyo Warehouses Sakata Yume no Kura (Sakata City Tourism and Product Hall)
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    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Sakata-shi Sankyomachi 1-1-20
    Standing near the Nagasaki Ohashi Bridge, Sankyo Warehouse, built in 1893, is still used as an agricultural storehouse today. A portion of the warehouse was remodeled and opened as Sakata Yume-no-Kura, a tourism facility and collection of shops selling local products. The Hana-no-Yakata museum presents the history of Sakata City and its culture through exhibits and informational panels. The facility has an open terrace and restaurants serving light meals, and visitors can enjoy Tsuya-hime soft serve ice cream and Tama-konnyaku, local specialties. There is also a corner selling seafood products, Shonai rice, and other top Yamagata souvenirs.

    The entrance to the store offers a range of local sakes, some you can taste for 100yen or so. Inside the store there are seasonal and long-selling sweets from famous sweet shops from all over Sakata...

  • Farmer's Market Yotteke Popora
    8 Reviews
    Yamagata Pref. Higashineshi Chuouhigashi 3-7-16
    This is a farmer's market carrying fresh local produce. It is located across from Omoriyama park along Prefectural Route 122 in Chuohigashi, Higashine City. Here you can buy agricultural products of fruit, vegetables, and flowers, as well as freshly harvested rice, milled right on site, gelato made from local fruits, and other handmade crafts. During the peak cherry season, mid-June through mid-July, at least seven varieties of cherries are always available from over the 20 varieties grown.


  • Kiyokawaya (Tsuruoka Interchange Shop)
    11 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Pref. Tsuruokashi Misakimachi 33-21
    With its large billboard, you can't miss this local souvenir shop just a way from the Tsuruoka Interchange off the Yamagata Expressway. This shop sells creative products made from the dadachamame bean grown on their farm. The dada pie, and the exquisite milky cream roll, the White Paris Roll, are some of the original products sold here. The dadakko soft cream cone is the most popular, and is only sold here at the Tsuruoka Inter Shop and the Sakata Station Store. This barrier free, all-white shop showcases their products in a relaxing spacious atmosphere suggestive of a cultural souvenir museum.

    鶴岡ICの近くにあります。 きれいで天井が高い店内は見やすくて買い物がしやすいです。 少しずつ他店と品揃えが違うのでそれもまたいいです。 カフェが併設されており晴れた日には鳥海山がきれいに見えるそうです。

  • Kiyokawaya Tsuruoka Main Shop
    6 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Pref. Tsuruokashi Suehiromachi 5-1 Tsuruoka Station front Marika West Hall 1F
    The main shop of this specialty product shop is located in front of Tsuruoka Station. First founded as a tea house in 1666, this veteran shop boasts over 350 years of history. They sell seasonal Yamagata fruit including cherries and La France pears, simple flavored dadakko yaki manju sweets made with local dadacha soybeans, and original sweets like their White Paris roll cake which they've sold over 300,000 of in total.


  • House Kiyokawaya
    4 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Pref. Tsuruokashi Babachou 8-13 Tsuruoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Center 1F
    This souvenir shop is in the Tsuruoka Chamber of Commerce Building on Prefectural Route 47 in Babacho, Tsuruoka City. They sell specialty products such as sweets made with dadacha soybeans, vintage sake, and Yamagata wine. The shop also functions as a workshop space, hosting various activities in their open kitchen.


  • Zao Souvenir Center Marushichi
    3 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Yamagata-shi Zao Onsen 955-9
    This souvenir shop is on prefectural route 14 in Zao Onsen, Yamagata City. It has a wide selection of souvenirs centered around Zao specialties, and includes Yamagata's famous sweets and local sake. The shop also has a hot spring source, and uses the water in their own original products like Zao Onsen Soap or Yu no Hana bath salts. Their house-made cherry jam is also quite popular.


  • Green Village Sankyokan
    2 Reviews
    Yamagata Sakata-shi Sankyomachi 1-3-1
    This farm-direct sales shop is on prefectural route 353 in Sankyo-machi 1-Chome, Sakata City. They sell a variety of morning-fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as hand-made deli dishes, processed foods, and more. The mochi made with Sakata Mezuru mochi-rice, and jams and juices made from Shonai-grown fruit, are all quite popular. They hold a variety of seasonal events, as well, like the Cherry Fair in June.


  • Hoteiya Shoten
    1 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Mogami-gun Okuramura Minamiyama 499
    This souvenir shop is located in Minamiyama, Okura Village, Mogami County. They sell various souvenirs including Hijiori Kokeshi dolls, as well as books on the history and sightseeing spots around Hijiori Onsen and more. The famous hot spring steamed buns known as “Hijiori Hotei Manju” are also sold there, and are a popular souvenir from Hijiori Onsen.


  • Sun Pure (Roadside Station Tendo Onsen)
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Pref. Tendoushi Kuwanomachi 2-3-43
    This local specialty shop is attached to Roadside Station Tendo Onsen, along National Route 13. It offers seasonal vegetables and farm produce; cherries, pears and other fruit; processed goods; local specialties, and crafts as souvenirs. The shop also has a dine-in corner to enjoy your purchases, and they serve fresh ita-soba (served dry in a tray for dipping) made from Yamagata grown Dewakaori buckwheat.
  • Izu Kokeshi Traditional Toy Shop and Workshop
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Pref. Obanazawashi Kamiyanagiwatarido 376-1
    A kokeshi wooden doll workshop located near to the entrance of Ginzan Onsen in Obanazawa City. As well as selling original kokeshi, wooden crafts, and souvenirs, visitors are welcome to look around the workshop too. With prior booking visitors can have a go at painting a kokeshi doll or wooden top.
  • JA Tsuruoka Melon Direct Market
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamagata Pref. Tsuruokashi Barashinden 1-4
    This is a tourist farm located about 20 minutes by car from JR Tsuruoka Station. The Shonai sand dunes, with good drainage is one of Japan’s leading melon producing areas. At JA Tsuruoka Saigo fruit and vegetables sorting facility, visitors can experience all-you-can-eat sweet and fresh Shonai sand dune melons for about a month in July with reservations. The types of melons are Andes Melon and JA Tsuruoka’s original melon called the Tsuruhime Melon and Tsuruhime Red Melon. Both the Tsuruhime and the Tsuruhime Red melons are large and have high sugar content and visitors can enjoy their elegant sweet aroma. Visitors can also experience harvesting melons and melons are sold on site at the same venue.
  • Sasano Folk-Crafts Museum
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Pref. Yonezawashi Sasanohonchou 5208-2
    This is an artisan gallery located along Prefectural Route 245 in Sasanohoncho, Yonezawa City. At this gallery you can watch the skills of an artist as he creates carvings using this over 1,000 year old Sasano Ittobori single-knife technique. Some carvings are available for sale as well. The best part of this gallery is watching the artist wield a single blade, called a sarukiri, over a piece of wood without ever separating the carved pieces from the wood to fashion the final Sasano Ittobori carving. Reservations can be made to join a workshop for hand painting the finished Sasano Ittobori wood carvings.
  • Shirakaba Store
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Yamagata-shi Zao Onsen 710
    This souvenir shop is found at the entrance to the onsen town on prefectural route 21 in Zao Onsen, Yamagata City. They offer handmade Igamochi, Zao Onsen's famous treat. These feature three mochi dumplings filled with house-made sweet bean paste, and topped with yellow rice grains to look like the tiny yellow flowers of the rice plant, all atop a large bamboo leaf.
  • Tanaka Kokeshiya
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Yamagata-shi Zao Onsen 875-12
    This kokeshi wooden doll specialist is on Uwa no Dai Minami-dori Street, in Zao Onsen, Yamagata City. They sell traditional kokeshi in Zao's traditional style, called Zao Takayu style. They also offer activities like painting your own kokeshi. Reservations must be made up to the day before, and the maximum group is 15.
  • Kikuchi Hojudo
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Yamagata-shi Domachi 2-23-6
    This metal casting workshop is on prefectural route 172 in Domachi 2-Chome, Yamagata City. This venerable shop makes Yamagata Domono cast metal in a tradition going back around 400 years, when it was initiated by Yamagata Castle Lord Mogami Yoshiaki. In addition to traditional tea ceremony items like wazuku stands and iron kettles, they have a variety of teapots and frypans with modern designs, and their “Kyukyoku (ultimate) no nabe” iron rice pots, which took three years to develop and make rice even tastier.
  • Hiranoya Candles
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Sakata-shi Hamada 1-11-23
    This candle shop is in Hamada 1-Chome, Sakata City. Founded in 1696, this venerable shop carries on the Shonai traditional craft of painting pictures on candles, or e-rosoku, and still paints them by hand. In addition to e-rosoku, they also have items like round flower candles that float in water. They also offer classes on painting your own candles (reservations required).
  • Farmer’s Market Tawawa
    Yamagata Sakata-shi Horenji Chigaya Harigaya
    This farm direct sales shop is on national route 344 in Chibariyaji Horenji, Sakata City. It offers farm produce like locally sourced fresh vegetables and fruit, dairy goods produced on the Chokai Highland, and products made from local specialties. They also have a variety of seasonal events like their Founding Festival and Mountain Vegetable Festival in spring, or Thanksgiving Festival in November.
  • Shinjo Higashiyama Yaki Yahei-Gama Kiln
    Yamagata Shinjo-shi Kanezawa 1441
    This pottery specialist is in Kanazawa, Shinjo City. The kiln goes back seven generations, to the late Edo period, and still makes and sells pottery for tea, flowers, dining, sake and more in the Higashiyamayaki style, which is marked by a clean, pale blue glazing. They also have a full program of pottery activities including hand-shaping, painting, electric potter's wheels, and more to try (reservations required).
  • Mayu no Sato
    Yamagata Shinjo-shi Tokamachi 6000-1
    This farm direct shop is inside Shinjo City Ecology Garden Gensan no Mori, in Toka-machi, Shinjo City. They offer a selection of morning-fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and other produce, as well as eggs, chicken, pickles, and deli items. They also sell hand-made processed foods, local crafts, and more. They also hold various seasonal events, like “Saturday Soba Noodle Day” which they serve hand-made soba by experts every Saturday from December through March.

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Although often overlooked, Yamagata prefecture by no means lacks appeal: the Yamadera temple trail through the mountains, deliciously tender Yonezawa wagyu, and over 100 steaming hot springs, most notably Zao Onsen, await visitors. When winter comes, the snowcapped peaks become dotted with skiers by day and onsen-goers by night, while summer brings the celebration of juicy Yamagata cherries.

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