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Other Shopping Spots in Nagano Area

  • Berami Doll Shop
    Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Chuou 3-7-23
    This doll shop continues to sell Matsumoto oshie-bina, Japanese hina dolls made using raised cloth, a tradition which dates back to the Edo period. This is the only shop in Matsumoto City which still makes oshie-bina dolls. In addition to hina dolls, the shop is filled with oshie-bina doll decorations themed after the Seven Gods of Fortune and the folktale for Momotaro. Berami’s hina dolls are placed on a bamboo skewer and are the perfect thickness, winning them popularity for the ease with which they can be set up and used as decorations. A 12-minute walk from JR Matsumoto Station.
  • Hananoya Shukuba Branch
    Nagano Shiojiri-shi Narai 738
    A 10-minute walk from Narai Station on the JR Chuo Main Line. This shop, located in Shiojiri City, specializes in wooden containers and magemono circular boxes. Magemono are made across the country, with each region's bearing a unique design; the shop's magemono have sides made with Kiso hinoki cypress and covers made with Kiso sawara cypress. All of the shop's boxes and containers are handmade, and, as they are used over the years, the lacquer on areas which are frequently touched will gradually grow brighter and change color. Sure to make a delightful souvenir or gift, Kiso magemono boxes are not only beautiful, they're practical as well - when used as a bento box, they keep rice in its optimum state, preserving the flavor and ensuring it tastes delicious even when cold.
  • Kirakusha
    30 Reviews
    Nagano Kiso-gun Okuwamura Nojiri 160-27 Roadside Station Okuwa
    A local specialty products shop located inside Roadside Station Okuwa situated along National Route 19 in Nojiri, Okuwa Village, Kiso County, Nagano Prefecture. The shop sells produce straight from specially contracted farms, Kiso woodwork, local foods and liquors, and other area specialty products. There's also a light meal corner. An adjoining restaurant in the station serves dishes made with Kiso beef and Shinshu salmon.


  • coto.coto
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Chuou 3-4-19
    This is a gallery on Nakamachi Street in Nagano Prefecture’s Matsumoto City, an area full of storehouses with thick earthen walls distinctive for their black namako (raised plaster stripes) on a white background. Based on the concept of “enjoy and live with art,” it displays and sells various artists’ arts and crafts. The interior with its simple construction and white color scheme is a space like that of a studio with a harmonious balance of old and new items. They carry a large number of miscellaneous goods that indicate the energy of the young artists who crafted them, and the gallery also host events on an irregular schedule.
  • Karuizawa Bussankan
    12 Reviews
    Nagano Pref. Kitasakugunkaruizawamachi Karuizawa 571-2
    This souvenir shop located in Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku County, Nagano Prefecture is immediately recognizable thanks to the large statue of a cow placed near the entrance. Inside the shop are food products such as Shinshu-produced dairy products, jams, and honey as well as miscellaneous goods, and many tourists visit this shop to purchase Karuizawa souvenirs. The take-out jersey milk soft ice cream and rich bottles of milk are popular as gourmet treats to accompany a stroll.

    旧軽井沢にあるお土産店です。 ジャム、はちみつ、ごはんのお供になるような野沢菜とワサビのあえもの、おやき、おソバなどの販売をしています。 ばらまき土産にぴったりのお菓子も。 こちら一軒で、お土産は揃うと思います。

  • Chuo Mingei Showroom
    Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Chuou 3-2-12
    This show room for Matsumoto Mingei Kagu (Matsumoto Folkcraft Furniture) is located approximately 15 minutes on foot from Matsumoto Station and is a building of earthen storehouse construction befitting a castle town. The Western-style furniture made with wood from the tough and tenacious Japanese cherry birch is very durable and the longer it is used the more its appeal increases. In addition to displaying and selling nearly 400 pieces of furniture including chairs, tables, and desks on a regular basis, they also carry many folk items from around the world that are sure to add color to everyday life.
  • Marutaya
    Nagano Pref. Kisogunnagisomachi Aduma 2207
    Located in Nagiso Town, Kiso County, Nagano Prefecture, this shop specializes in wooden products and is located in Tsumago-juku of Nakasendo, which used to offer respite to many travelers. Often listed in guidebooks, it is a famous shop selling tableware or kitchen goods like “circular boxes” made by masters. Popular items include the “soba steamer” and the “menpa” for keeping rice delicious and unharmed. While there are wooden items with old origins, many products can be used in the microwave, carefully crafted to combine convenience with long-lasting durability.
  • Kurohime Dowakan / Dowa no Mori Gallery
    10 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Nagano Pref. Kamiminochigunshinanomachi Nojiri 3807-30
    This literature museum opened in 1991 amidst the Kurohime Highland in Shinano Town, Kamiminochi County, Nagano Prefecture, and is a facility which houses and displays fairytale and picture books from across the world. There are around 2,000 items related to German author Michael Ende, famous for “Momo,” and a permanent exhibit of the collection of Japanese representative storybook writer Miyoko Matsutani. The Fairytale Forest Gallery introduces works of artists with connections to the local area. Outside is the relocated mountain villa of picture book artist Chihiro Iwasaki, and it is possible to tour inside too.


  • Suzuki seal engraving shop
    Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Ote 4-3-18
    Located in “Nawate Dori” —a shopping district of Ote, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, this shop deals in various goods, from brands to antiques. All of the seals are handmade by the owner, a level one master seal carver. Rare in the country, this shop even makes brands by heating the seal and pressing it into Japanese confectionery or wood. Original brands can be ordered. You can do a trial “tenkoku” if you make a reservation; it takes about one hour to complete with instruction.
  • Galerie Steine
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Nagano Pref. Aduminoshi Hotakariake 7360-17
    A gallery standing in an area filled with holiday homes in Hotakaariake, Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture. Surrounded by conifers, the location is rich in natural beauty. Focusing on arts and crafts pieces, each month a different special exhibition is held, and the gallery boasts six exhibition rooms. The items on display are also for sale, and include bowls, accessories, and knickknacks crafted one at a time by artisans. There is also a café space in the back. Different coffees and teas are selected to go with the current exhibition.
  • Icchodo
    Nagano Prefecture Kitasaku-gun Karuizawa Town old Karuizawa 775
    This furniture factory was founded in 1927 in Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku County, Nagano Prefecture. It is a long-established store that has been making furniture for the Mampei Hotel and missionaries for many years. The Karuizawa Bori (carving) furniture, which has been developed as Western-style furniture for villas, blending Western influences with traditional Japanese techniques, is characterized by the delicate hand carvings popularized by its cherry blossom motifs. As well as furniture such as chairs, tables and shelves, they also display and sell small items suitable for souvenirs such as trays and hand mirrors.
  • Karuizawa Hotchi Ichiba
    Nagano Pref. Kitasakugunkaruizawamachi Hocchi 2564-1
    Karuizawa Hotchi Ichiba is a shop which sells agricultural produce from Karuizawa. Chiefly they sell branded vegetables like Karuizawa Kirishita vegetables and other products such as processed foods and other goods. There’s also a restaurant where you can get some Shinshu specialties. In the cafe restaurant run by the local cheese factory you can try some local food and cheese dishes. The tofu shop sells sugar-free drinking tofu which is a popular tofu sweet. As well as a spacious lawn and event space they also have a cooking room where you can have a go at making soba noodles. Advance reservations are necessary for soba making classes.
  • Kamikochi Souvenir Shop
    25 Reviews
    Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Adumi Kamikouchi 4468 Kamikochi Goshoku Hotel Annex 1F
    This shop is a souvenir shop located next to the Gosenjaku Hotel. The shop sells jam and other things which are served at the hotel, and they also sell their own original products too. Popular products on sale are the 5HORN baked cheese tarts and financiers. As well as cakes there are also Kamikochi Kappa croquettes and beef oyaki (Japanese dumplings). Additionally, the shop sells a plethora of souvenirs and special merchandise.


  • Galerie Kaigetsu
    2 Reviews
    Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Chuou 2-2-6 Takami Bookstore 2F
    Galerie Kaigetsu displays and sells products that are used in our daily lives. The gallery has a very relaxed atmosphere so you can fully appreciate all the pieces of work. There are a wide range of items including pottery, woodwork, lacquer ware, glass, accessories and dyed products. Temporary exhibitions are held once or twice a month depending on the season. Sculpture and painting exhibitions are sometimes held too.


  •  Lacquer Art Hanaikada
    Nagano Pref. Shiojirishi Narai 579
    The owner was attracted to the lacquerware made nearby and opened this shop after studying at Kiso Lacquer Institute. His original works and local artists’ works are displayed and available for sale. Inside you will find utensils, clothing, accessories, wild vine baskets and more. Among the recommended items would be the “sugisara”—born from its use of Natural Monument Yakushima cedars, which were felled by the typhoon. The lacquerware includes many everyday easy-to-use pieces.
  • Toiroya
    Nagano Pref. Aduminoshi Hotakariake 2186-112
    Toiroya is a dyeing workshop, part of the atelier 10 colours shop. In addition to the interior products like shop curtains and tapestries, they also have coasters and book covers. They also sell fashion accessories such as stalls and bags. Toiroya stocks a range of original products which can only be purchased at the shop and nowhere else. Customers can also customize the shop curtains and panels anyhow they like.
  • Yamatoya Paper Shop
    Nagano Pref. Komoroshi Honmachi 3-1-4
    Founded as a Japanese paper wholesaler in 1858, Yamatoya Paper Shop is also famous for being a place where poet and author, Toson Shimazaki, used to come to buy his paper. The shop sells mainly Japanese paper products like letter paper, envelopes, mizubiki-saiku (items made from decorative string), and betrothal gifts. They also stock stationary and office supplies. And there is a gallery where events are occasionally held.
  • Home Village Echo Norikura
    Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Adumi 4306
    There are all sorts of Norikura souvenirs on sale here at Home Village Echo Norikura. Products made with the mountain Japanese plums, found growing only Norikura Highland, are very popular. The shop sells a wide variety of original products made with the Japanese plums such as jam, wine, ice-cream and others. The plum has a refreshingly sweet and sour taste. The butterbur miso and mountain asparagus miso made by mixing wild edible plants, found widely in the mountains of Norikura, with Shinshu miso, go well together with rice. The local sake, take no izumi, is a limited edition junmaishu (sake made without added alcohol or sugar) made with the famous clear waters from the Northern Alps (Hida Mountains). They also stock confectionery and handicrafts.
  • Harayama Banboo Ware
    Nagano Pref. Naganoshi Togakushi 3393
    Harayama Bamboo Ware is a Nemagaritake bamboo goods specialty store located in Togakushi Chusha in Nagano City that has been around for over 150 years. They craft and sell bamboo sieves used to serve soba, baskets, and other goods, and they also offer visitors a chance to try making their own bamboo goods at the adjoining workshop.
  • Okinado Kura no mise
    Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Chuou 3-4-16
    Located along Nakamachi Street in Chuo, Matsumoto City, this is a branch shop of “Okinado”—a long-standing Japanese confectioner which started in the Meiji Period. They sell Japanese treats like “metoba no tsuki” and “mugirakugan.” The store, using an old warehouse, has a gallery that displays old wooden patterns for Japanese traditional sweets and even pieces of pottery from local artists in Nagano.

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Nagano prefecture is an exciting mix of mountains, hot spring monkeys, and preserved Edo history. At the heart of the Japanese Alps, Nagano is one of the country's most popular destinations, whether in winter for its snow sports and the much-loved Jigokudani Monkey Park or in the warmer months for discovering the undulating hills on foot. For fantastic Edo architecture, head to the Kiso Valley for a 60-kilometer stretch of quaint wooden buildings that marked the Nakasendo route 200 years ago.

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