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Leisure / Hobbies Spots in Mito / Oarai / Hitachinaka Area

  • Hitachi Seaside Park
    4 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Hitachinakashi Mawatari Onuma 605-4
    A national park located in Hitachinaka City in Ibaraki Prefecture. The spacious grounds, totaling some 200 hectares, are filled with huge flower gardens. The nemophila in summer and bassia in autumn are particularly attractive seasonal plants. When in bloom, the park’s 4.5 million blue nemophila seem to bleed into the sky, creating a stunning sight. The fluffy bassia in autumn turning the area scarlet. The park also has a cycling course and barbecue area, making a perfect place for the whole family to enjoy an entire day together.

    大きなガラスの向こうに、水に浮かんだ花壇と太平洋が広がっていて、とてもきれいな景色です。 環境はすごくいいのに、カフェの客捌きが悪く、買うのにすごく待たされました。 ちょうどアートフラワー展をやっていたので、通常より混んではいましたが、コーヒー1杯買うだけで20分待ち…。

  • Aqua World-Ibaraki Prefectural Oarai Aquarium
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Higashibarakigunoaraimachi Isohamachou 8252-3
    This aquarium is located along the coast of Oarai Town, Higashiibaraki County, Ibaraki Prefecture, and is among the largest in the country. Sea mammals and oceanic/freshwater fish from around the world and Oarai Sea are kept here. Exhibits are divided into nine zones, like “The Encounter Sea” and “Seas of the World.” You can watch a variety of living creatures, like popular penguins and sunfish, or see the impressive shark tank. The dolphin and sea lion shows are particularly lively and popular.
  • Mentai Park Oarai
    68 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Higashibarakigunoaraimachi Isohamachou 8255-3
    Located in Oarai Town, Higashiibaraki County, Ibaraki Prefecture, this is a theme park focusing on mentaiko (seasoned cod roe) and run by Kanefuku Co.—a well-established mentaiko shop. The interior includes a mentaiko plant that you can observe through glass, and a wholesaler where you can buy mentaiko directly. A great place for kids and adults to spend the day with mentaiko. The food corner has popular eats like “mentaiko onigiri” and “mentaiko ice cream.”

    入り口を入るとすぐに試食の列。 新鮮なできたての明太子にかぶりつく! 最高です!!! もうスーパーで安売りしてる明太子が食べれなくなってしまいます。※要注意※

  • Kasama Geijutsunomori Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Kasamashi Kasama 2345
    This park integrating traditional Ibaraki crafts into the natural environs is located in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture. In addition to the Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, this expansive park is the setting for 17 artisanal works set in the hinoki cypress Tonomori grove, and the Crafthills Kasama where ceramic and craft workshops can be enjoyed.
  • Oarai Sun Beach Resort
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Prefecture Higashi Ibaraki-gun Oarai-cho Harbor
    This beach spot is known for its spacious, clear and far-reaching shallow beach, located in Oarai Town, Higashiibaraki County. It’s quite popular with families, couples, and friends, as it has complete facilities including beach houses, restrooms, and showers. It is also a “universally-accessible” beach, with special wheelchairs for beach travel and life jackets, so handicapped and elderly persons can enjoy the beach too.
  • Sun Green Asahi
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Hokotashi Momiyama 602-6
    A large farmers market boasting some 500 registered farmers located in Ibaraki, a prefecture with an abundance of agriculture. The market is located a 20-minute drive south along Prefectural Route 51 from the Mito-Oarai interchange on the Higashi-Mito Road. The market sells a variety of safe, healthy agricultural products from farms in Ibaraki Prefecture. Ibaraki grows the greatest quantity of melons in Japan, and, when in season, visitors to the market will find varieties such as Andes Melons and Quincy Melons sold at low prices. Accordingly, during this time, the market bustles with visitors come to buy tasty melons. The market is also conveniently located near Hokota Beach on the Otake Coast as well as Kashimanada Seaside Park.
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Kasamashi Kasama 2257-5
    A gallery and boutique containing porcelain and glassware from around the country with a focus on Kasama ware and Mashiko ware. The establishment is situated across from the south promenade of Kasama Geijutsunomori Park. The establishment primarily displays pieces the owner, Junko Oshima, fell in love with at first sight. Inside, visitors will find animal-themed pieces, pieces created with novel colorings, and other rare and highly individual pieces. The establishment also holds monthly exhibitions of artists from Ibaraki and other prefectures. Carrying one of the establishment's pieces for sale in your hands will help you to experience its unique aura.
  • Dog-run Hinuma
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Higashibarakigunibarakimachi Shimoishizaki 2848-50
    A dog park with natural grass lawns boasting over 14,800 square meter grounds located a seven-minute drive from the Mito-minami interchange on the Kita-Kanto Expressway. Here owners and their dogs can enjoy the great outdoors together. The park's natural grass runs include an area called mega-dog-run with a climbing ramp and platform as well as areas for large, medium, and small breeds. In addition, the park has one of the largest dog pools in the Kanto region as well as Japan's first inclined dog pool. Plus, there's a cafe and restaurant-the most popular item on the menu is the Japanese-style barbecue. Perfect for taking a break and filling up an empty stomach, the restaurant also has an outdoor terrace which can be used for parties and events.
  • Forest Park Melon no Mori
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Hokotashi Ambou 1623-1
    A leisure facility where visitors can pick melons and eat Japanese-style barbecue located in Anbo, Hokota City one hour from the Mito interchange on the Joban Expressway. Visitors can pick melons from spring to fall and also dig up sweet potatoes and barbecue Hitachi beef. Surrounded by forest, visitors can take in the natural beauty while savoring fresh-picked, ripe Hokota and other melon varieties. The facility has a greenhouse in case it rains as well as a daycare center and other facilities, ensuring even families with small children can have fun here. The facility also offers opening day pizza and sweets.
  • Minami Kajuengei
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Hokotashi Kamigama 365
    A fruit farm and farm-fresh shop located a 15-minute drive from the Mito-Oarai interchange on the Kita-Kanto Expressway where visitors can taste delicious produce grown with rich local soil and purchase a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. The farm is open from late May to early November. On the farm's spacious grounds, visitors can pick melons in early summer, corn in mid-summer, and sweet potatoes in fall. The farm has a rest area able to accommodate large groups, ensuring visitors can take their time and enjoy the rural delights of farm life. The farm has been featured on TV and in magazines and other media.
  • Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum
    22 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Kasamashi Kasama 2345 Kasama Art Forest Park
    "A prefectural art museum located inside Kasama Geijutsunomori Park a five-minute drive from JR Kasama Station. Dedicated to the concepts of ""excitement,"" ""understanding,"" and ""fun,"" the museum presents the history and techniques of Kasama ware. The museum's standing exhibition consists of pieces by recipients of the Order of Culture and Living National Treasures. The museum also displays famous pieces by potters closely connected to Ibaraki Prefecture in addition to holding special exhibitions of primarily pottery from within the prefecture and beyond. Bright and with a quiet atmosphere, the museum also has a shop and restaurant, making it easy to visitors to take their time, have fun, and enjoy the works of ceramic art on display."

    If you are looking for good quality Japanese crockery& ceramics, this is a nice place. They have a good range, some super pricey but many are good to start or complete a collection. I hear there are...

  • Ibaraki Prefectural Archives and Museum
    52 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Mitoshi Midorichou 2-1-15
    "A facility which serves as both an archive and museum located a two-minute walk from the ""Rekishikan Kairakuen Iriguchi"" bus stop on the bus leaving from Mito Station on the JR Joban Line. The facility presents the results of research into materials and artefacts connected to the history of Ibaraki. The facility's spacious grounds also enclose an Edo period farmhouse and Meiji period Western-style school house which were dismantled and moved here. The facility's standing exhibit focuses on the history of Ibaraki. Easy to understand videos, graphic panels, and other exhibits present the prehistoric, ancient, near-modern, and modern history periods of the prefecture. The facility also holds lectures and activities for elementary and junior high school aged children."

    If you are interested in Japan history, this place is not a bad place. Though Japan is not very big islands, it has long and complex history. Every place has every history. I had not known history in...

  • Ubanofutokoro Marine Pool
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Hitachinakashi Tonoyamachou
    A saltwater pool which utilizes the ebb and flow of the tides located in the direction of the Pacific Ocean traveling from Hitachinaka Seaside Railway Minato Line Tonoyama Station in Ibaraki Prefecture. Because the pool is filled with natural seawater, visitors can find small crabs walking along the edge and fish swimming in the water. The pool is enclosed by an embankment, ensuring there is no danger of being swept away by a wave and making it possible for children to swim and have fun in safety. There are also three pool areas for toddlers, children, and adults, making the pool a great place for families. The pool is open from mid-July to mid-August.
  • Kairo Gallery Mon
    1 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Kasamashi Kasama 2230-1
    A gallery primarily focusing on Kasama ware located on the Kasama Gallery Road a 20-minute walk from Kasama Station on the JR Mito Line. The gallery was opened in 2002 with the aim of being a space for exchange between artists in the country and around the world. Making use of a storehouse and gallery encircling a courtyard, charming wooden shelves scattered throughout the facility are covered with pottery. Harmonizing with the surrounding nature, the gallery makes use of natural lighting to show off its wares. In addition to displaying pieces by a selection of permanent artists, the facility also has a solo exhibition space whose contents changes every two weeks.


  • Kasama Tsutsuji Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Kasamashi Kasama 616-7
    A park where some 8,000 azalea plants spanning 25 varieties bloom en masse from mid-April to early May. The picturesque park also boasts a sweeping view of Kasama City. The park's mountain is perfect for hiking and the night view from the peak is particularly beautiful.
  • Kasama Nichido Museum of Art
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Kasamashi Kasama 978-4
    "An art museum located a three-minute walk from the ""Nichido Bijutsukan Iriguchi"" bus stop on the Kasama Loop bus in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture. The museum's large collection of artwork by domestic and international artists includes Renoir's ""Girl at the Fountain"" and ""Venus Victorious,"" Ryusei Kishida's ""Maruyama-kun,"" and Hiroshi Okutani's ""Fusei."" In addition to the museum's standing exhibition of French artists and a special exhibition hall, the museum has more unique facilities, such as an outdoor sculpture garden, and a palette exhibition which presents palettes used by various painters."
  • Fukasaku Farm
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Hokotashi Dainigorisawa 361
    A farm and farmers market situated along National Route 51 traveling north from the Itako interchange on the Higashi-Kanto Expressway in Ibaraki Prefecture. The farm grows extremely sweet melons and fruit tomatoes using natural, effective microorganisms agriculture, a style of agriculture which combines a careful balance, of rich, healthy soil and natural, beneficial microorganisms and organic matter. The farm also sells baumkuchens awarded the Monde Selection gold award, including strawberry and melon baumkuchens which harness the fresh, tasty fruits and knowhow of the farm.
  • Mito City Forest Park
    28 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Mitoshi Abotsukechou 588-1
    A park enclosing pine forest, mixed tree groves, and ponds. The numerous life-sized models of dinosaurs are popular with children. There's also large playground equipment and a petting zoo where children can play with goats and rabbits.

    名に違わぬ森林っぷりで、その分大きな恐竜像達もネタバレせず眼前に現れる楽しさがあります。 幼児も楽しめるのはロング滑り台くらいですが、かなりロングでまた日陰にあるので、これ一つでかなり楽しめると思います。小学生からはアスレチックも使えると思います。 山道もあり、また公式サイトにある地図のイメージよりかなり広いのでスニーカーでどうぞ。 シェーブル館のソフトクリームはヤギ乳20%入りで人を選びますが...

  • Oarai Museum of Bakumatsu-Meiji History
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Higashibarakigunoaraimachi Isohamachou 8231-4
    A museum located a 10-minute drive from the Mito-Oarai interchange. The museum was built in 1929 by Count Mitsuaki Tanaka, an imperial loyalist in the closing days of the Edo period who later became Minister of the Imperial Household. The museum displays paintings and calligraphic works by imperial loyalists from the late Edo to the Meiji period as well as their forbearers donated by the count, as well as items gifted to the museum by the Imperial Household and other artifacts such as handicrafts connected to the local Oarai area. The museum's collection includes numerous valuable historical items which belonged to or were created by prominent figures, including calligraphy by the last shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu, Yoshida Shoin, Yamaoka Tesshu, and Saigo Takamori.
  • Takeda Clan Residence
    6 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Hitachinakashi Takeda 566-2
    "A historic structure located next to Numao Shrine a 10-minute walk from the ""Takedahoncho"" bus stop. Takeda Ward in Hitachinaka City is where the Kai Takeda clan, the clan of the famous samurai lord Takeda Shingen, is believed to have originated. This residence for the Takeda clan is said to have been built near the location of the home of the progenitor of the clan-Minamoto no Yoshikiyo who, along with his son Kiyomitsu, was banished to Kai Province and took up the name ""Takeda"" after the name of the local area. The current residence is a reconstruction built in the early shoin-zukuri style as would have been used by the Takeda clan in the Kamakura period when they were a powerful local family. Inside the residence are exhibits such as a Takeda family tree, mannequins dressed in samurai costumes, and period arms and armor."


Ibaraki Main Areas


Just a stone's throw from Tokyo, Ibaraki is a coastal prefecture that has mastered juxtapositions, where old shrines meet new scientific discoveries and traditional gardens are frequented by the inventors of some of the newest technology. Head to Mito City's Kairakuenーone of Japan's Three Great Gardensーin spring to experience the cellestial blooming of fantastic cherry blossoms at the annual sakura festival.

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