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Observatory / Outlook Spots in Japan

  • Shinjuku Nomura Building Observation Deck
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Shinjuku-ku Nishishinjuku 1-26-2 Shinjuku Nomura Building 50F
    A building located at 1 Chome Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo. Restaurants, rental meeting rooms, and clinics occupy floors B2 through 5. The 49th and 50th floors are sky restaurant floors, and here you can enjoy a meal along with beautiful scenery.
  • Mt. Hakodate Observatory
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Hakodateshi Hakodateyama
    Mt. Hakodate Observatory on the summit of Mt. Hakodate affords views of Hakodate and its suburbs. The Mt. Hakodate Ropeway reaches the summit from the base in about three minutes. From the rooftop observation deck on the top floor, you can enjoy beautiful views of Mt. Hakodate, which have been given a three-star rating in the “Michelin Green Guide Japon” travel guide. Inside the observatory, there is a gift shop selling Mt. Hakodate-limited merchandise as well as a restaurant where you can enjoy the chefs’ signature Japanese and Western cuisine while gazing at the night view full of an infinite number of lights.
  • Nihondaira Yume Terrace
    Travel / Tourism
    Shizuoka Pref. Shizuokashi Shimizu-ku Kusanagi 600-1
    "Nihondaira Digital Broadcasting Tower is a 95.5 meter-high digital broadcasting tower that is situated on top of the Nihondaira plateau in the foothills of Mt. Fuji. Its official name is ""Nihondaira Digital Broadcasting Station."" The tower is a multi-station broadcasting tower responsible for broadcasting TV signals in Shizuoka Prefecture; it serves as the primary television broadcasting station for Shizuoka. Located as it is in a scenic spot near Mt. Fuji, great care was taken to ensure that the design of the tower blends in with the Nihondaira landscape. As the tower is not a tourist facility, it is not possible to go inside, and visitors should not attempt to climb the tower."
  • Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building Observatory
    133 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Osaka Osakashi Suminoe-ku Nankoukita 1-14-16 within the Osaka prefecture government office
    This observatory is approx. a three-minute walk from the Nanko Port Town Line's Trade Center-mae Station. It is on the top floor of the Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building, which is also called Sakishima Cosmo Tower. The panoramic viewing space is 252 meters above ground, and is a circuit style with 360 degrees of full glass. You can overlook the Osaka Bay area, Awaji Island, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Kansai International Airport. Watching the changing scenery from dusk to night while sitting in the west side box seats is popular.

    However for photographers please bring some clothes or "Ninja Refu" available at Yodobashi as the reflection of the light is annoying. Can view Abeno Harukas, Tsutenkaku from far, and also the...

  • Yokoyama Observatory
    Travel / Tourism
    Mie Pref. Shimashi Agochougata 875-20
    This 203-meter high observatory is located in the southern part of the Shima Peninsula. It is situated on the ria coastline of Ago Bay. There are about 60 small islands in the bay, and the observatory gives you a commanding view of their beauty. It offers three decks that give you a view in all directions of the Shima area. Halfway up Yokoyama to the observatory is the Sozo-no-Mori Yokoyama rest house. There is a promenade leading to the observatory that takes 30 minutes. The area is also famous as a cherry blossom viewing spot, with the “Yokoyama Sakura Festival” held in the early spring.
  • Mt. Rokko
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Pref. Koubeshi Nada-ku Rokkousanchou Ichigatani 1-32
    Mr. Rokko has a variety of leisure facilities including a golf course, snow park, botanical garden and outdoor obstacle course. The mountain-top’s Rokko Garden Terrace has a fashionable café restaurant and shops selling miscellaneous goods and souvenirs, and there is also the Rokko-Shidare Observatory that looks almost like a single bush. Mt. Rokko is also a famous place to enjoy the night scenery, and looking down from the observatory close to Rokko Sanjo Station is a continuous night view that looks across Kobe’s townscape all the way to Osaka Bay, which has been chosen as a Japanese Night View Heritage spot.
  • Umeda Sky Building Kuchu-Teien Observatory
    Travel / Tourism
    Osaka Osakashi Kita-ku Oyodonaka 1-1-88 Umeda Sky Building
    An observatory facility located at the top of the 173 meter high Umeda Sky Building skyscraper located in Osaka City’s Kita Ward. Visitors can enjoy a 360 degree panorama of the streets of Osaka from the open air Sky Walk circular gallery, and many tourists both Japanese and international alike come to this famous spot to view the setting sun and Osaka’s nightscape. At night, the area is lit up by small, foot-level lights, creating a magical atmosphere. There is a fence at the site where lovers can attach a heart-shaped padlock to vow their love for one another, a popular destination for couples on dates. There is also a café on the 40th floor where you can take a break while enjoying the view.
  • Enoshima Sea Candle
    Travel / Tourism
    Kanagawa Pref. Fujisawashi Enoshima 2-3 (Enoshima Samuel Cocking Sononai)
    Built in 1951 as a viewing platform and lighthouse, the Enoshima Sea Candle was the first private lighthouse in Japan. The building was renovated in 2003 as part of the events celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Enoshima Electric Railway. Providing sweeping views of the sun setting into the ocean and Kamakura’s nightscape from 100 meters above the sea, the tower is quite popular with visitors. At night, the Sea Candle and surrounding area are lit up, creating a wondrous spectacle.
  • Bicchu Matsuyama Castle sea of clouds Observatory
    Travel / Tourism
    Okamaya cho, Takahashi-shi, Okayama-ken
    This observatory is located in the Okumanda-cho area of Takahashi City. Known as a popular place for seeing a sea of clouds, it is also called the Sea of Clouds Observatory. The clouds occur from late September to early April from dawn to 8 a.m. in the morning (depending on conditions such as weather), and you can see the fantastic sight of Bizen Matsuyama Castle floating in the sea of clouds.
  • Mt. Moiwa Mountaintop Observatory
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Chuou-ku Fushimi 5-3-7
    Observatory in Sapporo, Chuo Ward. View the city of Sapporo from 531 meters up Mt. Moiwa. A popular location for dates to observe the city at night. The observatory has resting areas and benches, as well as a restaurant which offer different foods depending on the day and year.
  • Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill
    554 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Toyohira-ku Hitsujigaoka 1
    Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill is one of Hokkaido's best tourist attractions. Sheep are kept on the rolling hills where the lush greenery dazzles the eyes, and the heart is warmed by the idyllic countryside scenery. A statue of Dr. William Smith Clark who served as the first vice-principal at Sapporo Agricultural College (now Hokkaido University) can be seen on the observation deck. It’s a popular place to come and have your photograph taken. At the Hitsujigaoka Rest House you can have some Mongolian-style mutton barbecue food.

    This place is very famous in Japan. You often see photos of Clark's statue on the cover of travel guides or on posters. You have a nice view of Sapporo from this hill, with green fields in the front...

  • Ozekiyama Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hiroshima Pref. Miyoshishi Miyoshimachi
    A municipal park located close to Ozekiyama Station on the JR Sanko Line. An observatory on top of a small mountain in the park offers a sweeping view of Miyoshi City. The park is also a renowned destination for viewing cherry blossoms and autumn foliage and many people come to the park to enjoy its seasonal scenery.
  • Observatory in Jumonjiyama Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Pref. Kureshi Toyohamachoutoyoshima
    An observatory with an eight-meter-tall dome in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture located on the summit of Mt. Jumonji, the second tallest mountain on Toyoshima Island in the Tobishima sea route. From the observation platform you get a panoramic view of the various islands dotting the Seto Inland Sea. On clear days you can even see the far-flung mountains of Ehime Prefecture.
  • Mt.Takatani Sea of fog Observatory
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Pref. Miyoshishi Awayamachi
    "This observatory is located on 490-meter-high Mt. Takatani in Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. The observatory is famous for its ""sea of fog,"" a phenomenon which can be seen from October through March when weather conditions are right. The observatory also offers a sweeping view of Miyoshi City; the nightscape visible from here is also spectacular. During the sea of fog season, many tourists come here."
  • Akiyoshidai Karst Observatory
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamaguchi Pref. Mineshi Shuhouchouakiyoshi Akiyoshidai
    "This is an observation deck located in the southern part of ""Akiyoshidai Higashidai"". The second floor has a circular shape and visitors can enjoy a panorama view of 360 degrees from the lookout. In addition to overlooking the Karst topography of Akiyoshidai and grasslands, the boundary between the forest and grasslands can be easily seen. The observation deck is also wheelchair friendly. "
  • Kagikake Pass Observatory
    Travel / Tourism
    Tottori Pref. Hinogunkoufuchou Okawara
    This is a key hanging pass that overlooks the southern slope of Mt. Oyama, located at an altitude of 910 meters. The scenery of the exposed mountain surface contrasting with the beech and maple forest stained red and yellow, is magnificent. Many people visit during the autumn season.
  • Kimendai Lookout Rest Area
    Travel / Tourism
    Okayama Pref. Maniwashi Hiruzenshimotokuyama 1109
    This observation deck, at an altitude of 900 meters, is located in the middle of the Hiruzen Daisen Skyline. It is a scenic spot overlooking the magnificent mountains of Mt. Daisen, Mt. Karasugasen, Mt. Zouyama and Mt. Giboshi. At sunrise and sunset during the autumn when the difference in temperature is great, visitors can enjoy the beautiful contrast of the morning sun over the sea of clouds.
  • Minato Park
    24 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Ibaraki Pref. Kamisushi Higashifukashiba 10
    A park located in the center of the Port of Kashima, one of the largest artificially excavated ports in the world. At night from the top of the park's 52-meter tall observation tower, visitors can get a sweeping view of the glittering factories operating in the Kashima coastal industrial zone. On New Year's Day, the park is open from 6:00 a.m., and the sight of the first sunrise of the new year emerging from beyond the industrial zone is stirring.


  • Hangetsuyama Observation Deck
    Travel / Tourism
    Tochigi Pref. Nikkoushi Chugushi
    This observation deck in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture is famous for its seasonal scenery and its sweeping views of Lake Chuzenji. The deck also features a walking trail starting from the parking lot where visitors can enjoy hiking. Many people stop by while taking a drive on the Lake Chuzenji Skyline.
  • Lake Chuzenji Observation Deck
    Travel / Tourism
    Tochigi Pref. Nikkoushi Ashiomachi
    From this scenic observation deck in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, you can look out over Lake Chuzenji and Mt. Nantai. Known for its lovely scenery and beautiful autumn colors this is a popular spot to take a mid-drive stop for couples and families.

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