Market Spots in Okinawa Area

  • Farmer’s Market Itoman “Umanchu Ichiba”
    133 Reviews
    Okinawa Pref. Itomanshi Nishizakichou 4-chome 20
    This is one of the direct sales locations of JA Okinawa. This market prides itself for its freshness, reliability and cheapness with the slogan of local production for local consumption. It has specialty products such as goya bitter gourd, carrots, acerola, passion fruits and mangoes, and it is open every day except for the first three days of the year and one day during the Obon holiday in the summer.

    to be honest I feel this market was more expensive than others I have visited on the island, possibly due to the visiting tourists so the prices have been hiked up. their was a agu pork sausage...

  • Motobu Handmade Ichi
    Okinawa Kunigami-gun Motobucho Toguchi 4 Motobu Municipal Market
  • Nago Municipal Ichiba
    Okinawa Nago-shi Gusuku 1-4-11
  • Fukugiya
    Okinawa Pref. Nahashi Kumoji 3-29-67
  • Okinawa tokusanshijo Jonah's
    Okinawa Pref. Tomigusukushi Toyosaki 3-84

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Let go of your image of a busy, ordered Japan and replace it with crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, and relaxing folk music: You've arrived in Okinawa. A world away from the high intensity of Tokyo, Okinawans appear to live a laid-back beach life on this paradisiacal tropical island that lies in the middle of the East China Sea almost 1,000 kilometers south of mainland Japan's most southern tip. Home to a spattering of islands, prepare yourself to discover underwater caves, star-shaped sand, and an island culture sometimes unrecognizable from mainland Japan.

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