Market Spots in Osaka Area

  • Izumisano Fishermen's Cooperative Association Open-Air Market
    52 Reviews
    Osaka Izumisanoshi Shinmachi 2-5187-101
    This market is located in the corner of Izumisano fishing port, which looks out to Kansai International Airport. Fresh seafood is sold here on the very same day that it is caught. A special feature of the market is Hiruami fish caught in the afternoon, which are then put up for auction from around 2 p.m. Thanks to this afternoon auction, it is possible to see the auctions taking place without having to go to the market in the early hours of the morning. Also in the market are sushi bars and various restaurants with menus bursting with fresh seafood, and in the nearby barbeque (seafood grill) restaurants, you can cook your own ingredients bought at the market.

    Located 30 minutes from Kansai airport by taking Nankai train, get off at Izumisano station and another 15 minutes walk. It is a fish market co-ops you can buy or just take a look at colorful fish...

  • Sakai-shi Gyoren Toretore Market
    Osaka Sakai-shi Sakai-ku Ohamanishimachi 23-banchi
    This market is open every Saturday and Sunday on the grounds of Sakai Dejima Fishing Port in Ohama Nishi-machi, Sakai Ward, Sakai City. The market consists of a number of shops selling local seafood, as well as stalls serving seafood rice bowls and other foods. In an adjoining barbecue area, you can use a shichirin brazier to grill up fresh-caught seafood, dried fish, meats, and vegetables. Seasonal events are also held here, such as the Port of Sakai Festival in November.
  • Fuke Fishing Port Fish Market
    Osaka Sennan-gun Misakicho Fuke 2917 Fuke Fishing Port Fuke Fishery Cooperative Office Mae
    This fish market is held at Fuke Fishing Port in Fuke, Misaki Town, Sennan County, Osaka Prefecture. Open from 3:00 p.m. on days when the fishing boats go out, here you can purchase fresh seafood caught and auctioned that very day. You can also find famous Izumi horse mackerel from the Fuke Sea here. The market is closed on the day before a holiday and Saturdays.
  • Tadaoka Port Market
    Osaka Senboku-gun Tadaokacho Niihama
    This market is held on the fifth Sunday at Tadaoka Fishing Port in 1-Chome Niihama, Tadaoka Town, Senboku County, Osaka Prefecture. Here you can purchase fresh-caught seafood as well as fish paste products and other processed foods. You can also enjoy delicious food, such as donburi rice bowls made with Tadaoka's famous shirasu whitebait. The market also conducts flea markets and other special events.
  • Machi no Minato Maguro Park Sakai
    5 Reviews
    Osaka Sakai-shi Kita-ku Nakamuracho 607-1 Sakai Chuo General Wholesale market Uchi

    First, this is the main restaurant for a public market. Initially, this was a public market that was bought out by a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. You are literally in a huge supermarket and...

  • Shinsekai Ichiba
    Osaka Osaka-shi Naniwa-ku Ebisuhigashi
  • Osaka Chuo Wholesale Market
    Osaka Osaka-shi Fukushima-ku Noda 1-1-86
  • Tenma Ichiba
    Osaka Osaka-shi Kita-ku Ikedacho
  • Osaka Kizu Wholesale market
    Osaka Osaka-shi Naniwa-ku Shikitsuhigashi 2-2-8
  • Morning Market
    Osaka Shijonawate-shi Shimotawara 1485

Osaka Areas


While Osaka prefecture is the country's second smallest prefecture, its capital, Osaka City, is the country's third-largest and arguably one of the most popular in the Kansai region thanks to its vibrant nightlife, the Osaka people's openness, and its much-loved cuisine, which has earned it the nickname "the nation's kitchen."

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