Market Spots in Ibaraki Area

  • Nakaminato Osakana Ichiba
    Ibaraki Pref. Hitachinakashi Minatohonchou 19-8
    Nakaminato Osakana Ichiba, located in about 10 minutes’ walk from Nakaminato Station, is a fish market. There are seafood product shops which sell fresh fish landed at the fishing harbor in Nakaminato, processed food and dried seafood such as mirinboshi (seasoned dried fish) and restaurants where you can enjoy a seafood rice bowl and a monkfish hot pot in winter only. A list of seasonal fish in Nakaminato is shown on the website so you can find out in advance when your favorite fish is available.
  • Tsuchiura Fish Market
    8 Reviews
    Ibaraki Pref. Tsuchiurashi Nakamuranishine 9-3
    "A restaurant and seafood shop. The shop can be reached by taking a 15-minute ride on the bus leaving near the west exit of Arakawaoki Station on the JR Joban Line and walking five minutes from the ""Tuchiura Sangyo Gakuin"" stop, or by traveling from the Sakura-tsuchiura interchange on the Joban Expressway and taking a left turn at the Sasagi intersection. Stocking its wares direct from ports across the country, the establishment offers seafood that is fresher and more delicious than other places. Particularly popular restaurant selections include the ""Sanshoku-don"" rice bowl topped with sea urchin, ikura salted salmon roe, and negitoro minced tuna with Welsh onions; the ""Kaisen-don"" seafood rice bowl; and the ""Yakizakana Teishoku"" set meal, which includes the chef's most recommended seasonal fish flavorfully broiled. On Saturday's, the restaurant offers all-you-can-eat fresh tuna."

    This place was very good to have a budget seafood lunch a few years ago but its food & service quality has obviously gone to poor since it starts getting featured in TV shows and becoming one of...

  • Oarai Maiwai Market
    4 Reviews
    Ibaraki Pref. Higashibarakigunoaraimachi Minatochuou 11-2 Oasama Seaside Station 1F
    A 10 minute drive from the Mito-Oarai Interchange. A market located inside Oarai Seaside Market Station (formerly Oarai Resort Outlet) selling local specialty products. Offering fresh vegetables from local farms, seafood, local products, light meals, souvenirs, and an abundant variety of other select goods, the market is a frequent destination for both tourists and locals alike. The market also carries a wide selection of merchandise for the hit anime “Girls und Panzer,” which is set in Oarai. The foods made with select Ibaraki ingredients are particularly recommended. Popular souvenirs include dried fish, the market’s own dried sweet potatoes, and dried seasonal vegetables.

    鹿島臨海鉄道って、、 全部高架なんですかね。。 経営だいじょうぶなんすかね。。 千葉県の某私鉄のほうが不安感大っすけど。。 ってちょいと思ってしまいます、途中駅の唯一街?の大洗にございますー まいわい市場です。。 ここ、前はアウトレットがあったけど、、 お店がほとんど撤退しちゃったんですかね。。 地元野菜とか売ってます。。 なんと、干しいもが 280え...

  • Oarai Seafood Market
    Ibaraki Pref. Higashibarakigunoaraimachi Isohamachou 8253-56
    Located in Oarai Town, Higashiibaraki County, Ibaraki Prefecture, this seafood market offers row after row of fresh fish just caught in Oarai Port. You can enjoy the great products of Oarai from each season, famous Oarai clams in spring, iwagaki oyster in summer, returning bonito in fall, and anglerfish in winter. Also popular are the home-made dried fish and freshly-broiled fish you can eat right there.

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Just a stone's throw from Tokyo, Ibaraki is a coastal prefecture that has mastered juxtapositions, where old shrines meet new scientific discoveries and traditional gardens are frequented by the inventors of some of the newest technology. Head to Mito City's Kairakuen - one of Japan's Three Great Gardens - in spring to experience the cellestial blooming of fantastic cherry blossoms at the annual sakura festival.

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