Market Spots in Aichi Area

  • Uotaro Main Shop
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Aichi Pref. Chitagunmihamachou Toyoka Harago 32-1
    A shop and restaurant where you can enjoy an abundance of fresh seafood from Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay. The seafood market area stocks some 400 varieties of seafood and marine products. In addition to buying seafood for home use, there’s also a barbecue area, cafeteria, and stalls serving delicious seafood treats. In the beachside barbecue area, you can grill fish, shellfish, meats, and enjoy dessert as well. The cafeteria has tables and tatami mat seating where you can enjoy a slow and relaxed meal. The market’s food stalls serve a variety of casual dishes you can enjoy on the spot like oysters cooked in the shell.
  • Minamichita Toyohama Fish Garden
    Aichi Pref. Chitagunminamichitachou Toyohama Aifude 33
    The Minamichita Toyohama Fishing Port boasts the largest catches in Aichi Prefecture. The market is filled with fresh seafood, all of it just brought into the port. The market also has a cafeteria where you can enjoy delicious, fresh-caught seafood. An abundant selection of other products and treats can be found here, too, such as ebi senbei shrimp rice crackers and dried fish. The market can be reached via Umikko Bus from Meitetsu Line Kowa Station or Utsumi Station.
  • Isshiki Sakana Hiroba
    Aichi prefecture Nishio shi Ichimachi Kobuki ship Koto 176
    A tourism facility located close to Isshiki Fishing Port in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture where you can buy fresh, seasonal seafood, seafood products, and produce. Restaurants can also be found in the facility serving seafood rice bowls, eel rice bowls (a local specialty), and other seafood dishes. The facility has parking for large busses and is frequented by tourists looking to pick up a few souvenirs and presents to bring back home.
  • Yanagibashi Central Market
    Aichi Nagoya-shi Nakamura-ku Meieki 4-11-3
    "A market located in Meieki 4 Chome, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City. Since it was established in the late Meiji period, the market has supported the culinary lives of local residents as the ""kitchen of Nagoya."" The 13,420 square meter grounds of the market are occupied by some 300 establishments, including the Marunaka Shokuhin Center, the heart of the market, and visitors can purchase seafood and all manner of foods here. A beer garden also opens up on the roof of the Marunaka Shokuhin Center from spring through summer."
  • Gamagori Fish Market
    4 Reviews
    Aichi Pref. Gamagorishi Hiroishichou Asaoka 47-1
    This seafood market, looking out over Mikawa Bay, is located in Hiroishi Town, Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture. The market mainly sells freshly caught fish from the port, homemade sun baked dried fish, and processed seafood products. Popular as a souvenir and famous throughout the country is the Mikawa Bay dried young sardines, clams, and the round greeneyes fish. There is a place where you can scoop up as many clams as you like with your hands which is popular both with children and adults. Lots of specialty products from Aichi are sold in the market such as shrimp crackers, boiled fish-paste, Hatcho miso, and kishimen (flat noodles).


  • Morozaki Fishing Port Morning Market
    2 Reviews
    Aichi Pref. Chitagunminamichitachou Morozaki Hayashizaki A landmark
    It depends on the weather, but in general the market opens around 8:00 am. The products sold here are offered at very reasonable prices. Each shop sells fresh seafood brought in that very day. You’ll also find an abundant variety of other ocean treats such as dried fish and nori. The jumbo deep fried shrimp, only offered on weekends, is also popular. Children can also have fun here; special events are held where the market’s mascot, Fugu-kichi, makes an appearance.

    This is a typical morning market for the locals to do shopping for seafood. But there are also other local foods for purchase like vegetables fruits etc. Only open in the morning. thereafter, follow...

  • Owari Higashi Chiho Wholesale market
    Aichi Seto-shi Minamiyamaguchicho 640
  • Saturday Morning Market
    Aichi Nagoya-shi Midori-ku Okehazama Shinmei 1513
  • Tue. Yu Ichi
    Aichi Toyota-shi Matsudairashigacho Maruyama 5-1
  • Morning Market
    Aichi Nisshin-shi Kanikocho Ikeshita 213-1
  • Saturday Morning Market
    Aichi Nagoya-shi Midori-ku Norikura 2-chome 223

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Aichi is a prefecture of great natural beauty with Nagoya city at its heart, a busy hub home to a labyrinth of underground shops and the 17th-century Nagoya Castle. Castles are easy to find in this history-rich prefecture, but the highlight for history buffs has to be the Museum Meiji-mura, where preserved buildings from the turn of the 20th century are displayed in all their grandeur in an outdoor museum.

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