Market Spots in Yamagata Area

  • Sakata Seafood Market
    Yamagata Pref. Sakatashi Funabachou 2-5-10
    This is a seafood market located near Sakata Port in Funaba-cho, Sakata City. The locally caught fish from the Shonai coast is what is mostly sold at the Kanbara Seafood (Sakata Seafood Market) on the first floor. On the second floor, one can enjoy seafood bowls and set menu courses for a reasonable price at the Kaisendonya Tobishima diner. The view from the wood deck overlooking the Sakata Port, truly a fishing depot, is something to behold.
  • Sakata Minato Ichiba (Market)
    Yamagata Pref. Sakatashi Funabachou 2-5-56
    This trade facility is near the Sakata Kaisen Ichiba seafood market in Funaba-cho, Sakata City. Opened in 2010 with the aim to be the 'the kitchen for the community,' this market offers fresh foods to both its residents and visitors. This market houses shops offering seafood, vegetables, dried foods, local sakes and products, and souvenir, and houses eight shops serving simple meals of seafood bowls, ramen, and more.
  • Hijiori Onsen Morning Market
    Yamagata Pref. Mogamigunokuramura Minamiyama 451-2
    This morning market is held at the resort of Hijiori Onsen district with its 1,200-year history. Between late April and late November, it's held daily from about 5:30 am (although this may change with the season). They sell fresh agricultural products such as seasonal vegetables, as well as wild vegetables, handmade items like Shiso rolls, and more.
  • Atsumi Onsen Morning Market
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    Yamagata Tsuruoka-shi Yuatsumi
    This Asa-ichi (morning market) is held at Atsumi Onsen Asa-ichi Hiroba in Atsumi, Tsuruoka City. From April through November, it runs every morning from 5:30 to 8:30. This morning market has a history going back to the Edo period, and it's filled with goods like local crafts, fresh local produce like the Yakibatake Atsumi Turnip, marine products, and more. The Hiru-ichi(afternoon market) event is also held every fourth Saturday of the month during that period.


  • Sakata no Morning Market
    Yamagata Sakata-shi Nakamachi 2-chome

Yamagata Areas


Although often overlooked, Yamagata prefecture by no means lacks appeal: the Yamadera temple trail through the mountains, deliciously tender Yonezawa wagyu, and over 100 steaming hot springs, most notably Zao Onsen, await visitors. When winter comes, the snowcapped peaks become dotted with skiers by day and onsen-goers by night, while summer brings the celebration of juicy Yamagata cherries.

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