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Botanical Garden Spots in Yaizu / Omaezaki / Oi River Area

  • Sapporo Beer, Shizuoka Brewery
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    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Yaidushi Hamatoume 708-1
    This brewery in Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture is said to be the brains of Sapporo Beer because it is the site of their R&D department, the Sapporo Engineering Academy. While they do not conduct factory tours, there is a biotope garden in the facility which is maintained by the employees themselves. There are around 90 varieties of plants and a variety of animals that live in the garden making it a relaxing spot.


  • Rose Hill Park SHIMADA
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Shimadashi Noda 1652-1
    A rose garden in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture with 8,700 roses of 360 varieties from around the world, which you can see blooming all year round. Inside the park, in addition to the rose garden there are a large almost 1,000 square meter greenhouse as well as smaller greenhouses. Festivals are held in the spring and the fall when the roses are at their peak. There are also classes held on how to prune and cultivate roses.

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With the giant Pacific Ocean to the south and the great Mount Fuji to the north, Shizuoka prefecture is blessed with some of the best views the country has to offer. The white sand beaches of the Izu Peninsula are a rare find on mainland Japan, neighbored by beautiful cliffs, tumbling hills, and natural hot springs. As Japan’s largest producer of green tea, the age-old tradition of tea drinking is ubiquitous in Shizuoka, from the miles of tea fields to the old tea houses hosting traditional tea ceremonies.

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