Aquarium Spots in Okinawa Area

  • Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
    22 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Okinawa Pref. Kunigamigunmotobuchou Ishikawa 424 (inside Ocean Expo Park)
    "This aquarium is located within Ocean Expo Park on Motobu Town. A number of species are raised in one of the world's biggest tanks, including whale sharks over eight meters in length, and large reef manta rays. In addition, the seas of Okinawa are replicated in meticulously crafted exhibits, such as the shallow seas with spreading coral or the deep ocean. Also, the restaurant ""Ino"" offers a lunch buffet with an ocean view (there are breakfast and a la carte times as well), which you can make use of without entering the aquarium. There are dolphin shows (free) to enjoy in the ""Okichan Theater"" outside too."

    Situated beside the large aquarium tank. Food isnt the best though, mainly to fill your stomachs while you are visiting the aquarium to avoid travelling far for lunch.

  • Miyakojima Marine Park
    226 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Okinawa Pref. Miyakojimashi Hirara Karimata 2511-1
    This latest popular spot on Miyakojima Island is where you can interact with rich marine resources. It is possible to observe and experience the underwater world wearing ordinary clothes in different ways every day with the changes in weather and ocean conditions. You can gain new discoveries and lessons by coming into contact with the current ocean world. The centerpiece ocean observation facility is spacious, and you can see colorful tropical fish, octopuses and sea snakes from the 24 windows that are 1.5 meters high, 50 centimeters wide and 12 centimeters thick.

    Activities and costumes were fun. Fish were scant. Saw more in the lobby of the park. Atmosphere like the photo. Idea fascinating but unless youre going to snorkel, this was a good alternative...

  • DMM Kariyushi Aquarium
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Okinawa Tomigusuku Toyosaki

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Let go of your image of a busy, ordered Japan and replace it with crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, and relaxing folk music: You've arrived in Okinawa. A world away from the high intensity of Tokyo, Okinawans appear to live a laid-back beach life on this paradisiacal tropical island that lies in the middle of the East China Sea almost 1,000 kilometers south of mainland Japan's most southern tip. Home to a spattering of islands, prepare yourself to discover underwater caves, star-shaped sand, and an island culture sometimes unrecognizable from mainland Japan.

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