Aquarium Spots in Tokyo Area

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    Tokyo Sumida-ku Oshiage 1-1-2 Tokyo Sky Tree Town/Sola Machi 5/6 F
    This aquarium is located in the 5th and 6th floors of Tokyo Soramachi(R) inside Tokyo Skytree Town(R). It has attracted attention for exhibits that break the mold of typical aquariums. These include the Tokyo Daisuiso, which recreates the waters of the Ogasawara Islands, a world heritage site. It also includes the Edorium, which displays goldfish in dreamlike Japanese-style spaces. At the Aqua Lab, visitors can watch the caretakers breed and research jellyfish. Visitors love watching the penguins swim in the aquarium's indoor open pool tank, one of the largest in Japan.

    Smaller than the one in Shinagawa and the ticket is quite expensive. Good for couples and families with kids

  • Sunshine Aquarium
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    Tokyo Toshima-ku Higashikebukuro 3-1 Sunshine City World Import Mart Bill/rooftop
    "This aquarium was designed to be an ""oasis in the sky."" Located inside Sunshine City, an Ikebukuro landmark, in addition to being visited by tourists from across the country and the world, the aquarium is also a favorite destination for couples, friends, families, and people of all ages. Along with exhibits modeled after actual coral reefs, lakes, rivers, and other scenery, the aquarium's new atmospheric jellyfish exhibit, remodeled and reopened on July 9, 2020, is also popular. In the aquarium's outdoor area, visitors can see seals and penguins swimming overhead as if they were flying through the sky."

    A cool location for an aquarium and lots of different animals, both fishes and mamals. We visited in the evening which was nice because we were almost alone there, staff exepted.

  • Tokyo Sea Life Park
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    Tokyo Edogawa-ku Rinkaichou 6-2-3
    This is an aquarium inside Kasai Rinkai Park where guests can see Bluefin tuna swimming around up close—an unusual feature by global standards. Said to be the most popular aquarium in eastern Japan, it recorded 3.55 million visitors when it opened in 1989. There are a main building with its glass dome, a freshwater fish exhibit and an external area, and many attractions such as the large donut-shaped tank where Bluefin tuna swim around and Japan’s largest penguin exhibit. The facility also displays countless varieties of unusual sea creatures such as fish from the coastal waters near Australia and the polar regions.

    Tokyo Sea life is a large sea aquarium with multitude of fish from all over the world. Shark and ray swim in huge tanks, exotic topical fish in small ones. There is an open air section with adorable...

  • Shinagawa Aquarium
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    Tokyo Shinagawa-ku Katsushima 3-2-1 Shinagawa ward park
    This is an “ocean and river” themed aquarium deeply tied to Shinagawa City, located in “Shinagawa Kumin Park” in Shinagawa City, Tokyo. The aquarium exhibits familiar fish and underwater creatures in a tank reproducing the nature along the stream of the rivers that flow into Tokyo Bay, the tidal flats and the sea of Tokyo Bay. In a tunnel tank with a total length of 22 meters, you can enjoy “a walk” in the ocean surrounded by 900 fish. Don't miss the performances at the stadium, including a comical sea lion show and a powerful dolphin show. The nearest station is Omorikaigan Station.
  • Tamagawa Fureai Aquarium
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    Tokyo Akishima-shi Miyazawacho 3-15-1 Tamagawa Kaminagare Water Reclamation Center
    About 25 minutes by bus from JR Tachikawa Station, this small aquarium is located in the Tamagawa Joryu Water Reclamation Center and uses recycled drainage water. There are four tanks with river fish including minnows, char, and sculpin. While the tanks use treated wastewater, there is no problem with water quality. In fact, the facility is known for educating the public on river basin drainage systems. It's open from 9:00 to 16:00 on weekdays, except holidays and Japan's New Year period. Entry is free and reservations are not required.
  • inokashirashizembunkaen suiseibutukan
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    Tokyo Met. Musashinoshi Gotenyama 1-17-6
  • Toyomi Osaka Na Museum
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    Tokyo Chuo-ku Toyomicho 5-1 Toyomi Center Building 2F

    無料で入れるスポットです。 キレイで椅子もあるのでのんびり過ごすことが出来ます。 特別展示コーナー 月替わりでテーマに取り上げ展示しています。 おさかなシアター 展示に合わせた映像を流しています。 食育コーナー チャレンジコーナー 図書コーナー 水産や魚に関する本がたくさんあります。 The...

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